The Weekly Challenge: Motors

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This Week's Challenge:
Make anything using a motor.

1st Place

5 Minute DIY Motor by blinkyblinky

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Animatronic Talking Christmas Tree - Part 1 style
In this Instrutable I will show you how to turn a regular cheap decorative artificial Christmas Tree into an awesome animatronic robot platform for the geek in the family. In the second installment, ...
Hacking The Spy Video Trakr III style
In the previous Instructable, "Hacking the Spy Video Trakr II" (http://www.instructables.com/id/Hacking-the-Spy-Video-Trakr-II/), you learned how an electronic relay works, how to make conversion cabl...
Flying Santa Ornament style
Hello! For the holidays, I was trying to think of some unique and original yet simple way to make the decorations under the tree different then most.  What i came up with is pretty cool.  It takes a s...
Here you see a large alternator providing 50 Cycle AC Power and is driven by a 60 Cycle motor. Called a Motor Generator used to test equipment I occasionally design for England, Europe and Australia.
Light seeking robot ATLAS_15 style
Hey guys this is my first instructable,in wich i'll teach you how to make a light seeking robot.This is a project i've made ,because i like robotics, and i'm starting with it, so it's a simple way to ...
Rotating Black Light Shade style
I have found there is a serious lack of available methods to "pulse" a fluorescent black light tube. So with the help of my father, I created this "Rotating Black Light Shade." Materials used: A card...
Geared Motor Servo Conversion style
hey! This is a quick little project i did one night after work! I was itching to solder something, so here it is! My cure for boredom!  You will need the following: 1 x Servo 1 x Screwdriver 1 x S...
the party starter style
A desktop motorized musical disco ball.  Great for holiday parties, impromptu dance-offs, and Tuesday afternoons.   Bling, Music, Arduino, and glitter covered styrofoam; this Instructable has got what...
5 Minute DIY Motor style
When I make a project, there are four things I look for. Low cost: If the project is going to cost me a million dollars (exaggerated a little bit) I won't make it.  Easily accessible material...
Super Simple Electric Scooter!! style
Yes, today we build a friction drive electric scooter that is powered by an 18 volt cordless drill!! Personal Story: My parents wouldn't let me buy my own electric scooter, so I built one out of stuf...
Desktop Humidifier Prototype style
With winter here the air is dry and my family needs humidifiers running at the house. At work on the other hand i have no humidifier. I have a very small office and a full sized humidifier would not b...
Voice Activated One Bird Clock style
Firmly say "Time" and this bird will count the hours by bobbing forward and the minutes (in multiples of five) by bobbing backward.  He does a little "wobble" between hours and minutes so that you w...
Motorized Pen Shaker! style
Tired of shaking you're pens like crazy trying to get the ink to come out?  Say hello to the Over-kill-pen-shaking-contraption-2000! Whats over-kill you ask?  The fact that I'm using a starter motor!...
Tin Can Candle Powered Carousel style
This Instructable describes a simple way to make candle powered carousel out of a tin can.                                               T...
Cheap and Simple Tattoo Machine style
Here is my first instructable... Sorry if my english is not very good because i´m from Argentina. And sorry if the quality of the photos is not good, that's because i have taken it with a phone...  ...
Spinning Sparkling Candle Carousel style
Have you ever seen these sweet spinning candle carousels? They used to be quite popular in Europe, but I've only seen them a few times in the US. I decided to try to make one this holiday season by up...
A large cast iron ( 12" jaw )  wood planer powered by a Repulsion-Start  Induction-Run motor. This is a class of motor that overcomes the induction motor's low starting torque and incorporates the la...
Super Simple Unipole Motor style
This is my version of a unipolar motor example that has very few parts, and is arguably the simplest motor to construct. It uses no coils! These are the parts needed: battery                         ...