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This Week's Challenge:
Make anything robot-related.

To Enter:
Complete the challenge as specified above and share a link for a Photo or Step-By-Step Instructable in the comments below.

It took me all day to decide, but the winner is... ::drum roll:: ...Cardboard Robot by marc.cryan.

That said, I feel everyone did a great job this time around, so as thanks to everyone who entered, I will be awarding all of the runner-ups 3-month pro memberships.

1st Place


(see the official rules here)
Over the years I've found that this costume never fails to spark the interest of both young and old. It's no surprise either, it's various lights, buzzers and fans (for the wearer's comfort) always ma...
4.6K 6
My goal for Halloween was to create a bad ass homage to Robot Chicken. From my initial sketch through completion! I would like to thank everyone who supported and inspired me to create this costume!
3.3K 12
This year I decided to opt out from boring practice of buying standardized Halloween costumes for my kids and build ones myself. This Instructable is for the one I built for my son. I hope it is inter...
6.4K 20
I'm sure most people have heard of the most useless machine. When it is useless x useless he calls it useless squared. I built a simpler useless squared that does't use a DPDT switch nor does it use t...
9.9K 17
When i saw real steel i was deeply inspired to make the robots out of legos. This will show how to make a fully jointed ATOM WRB robot from movie "Real steel" out of Lego's. The Steps are in the pic...
18K 36
In this Instructable I will show you how to make a robot that will be able to move towards a near by light source. This project uses a very simple circuit, so just about anyone can make it. I still ha...
31K 63
This instructable describes how to remote-control Pleo (a friendly robotic dinosaur: http://www.pleoworld.com) with gestures using a pocket-sized setup. You can extend most parts of this instructable ...
5.9K 29
Robots: -Can hear or see, or both - kinda -Are strong, but break easily -Can robot dance The goal here is to build a robot, that is like a robot. It should be able to do human scale stuff, and look ...
15K 9
in this instructable i will show you how to make a very simple robot, using an arduino. this robot could be the base for a wide range of projects, i am planning on adding LDRs to mine so it can seek p...
8.6K 17
At this point you should have a robot that can think on its own, we need to be able to tap into its thought process. See what he sees. Make some of his decisions for him. in essence, we need to be abl...
49K 79