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This Week's Challenge:
Make anything using Sugru.

To Enter:
Complete the challenge as specified above and share a link for a Photo or Step-By-Step Instructable in the comments below.

Thanks to everyone who entered. We only had 9 entries, but I am kicking the prize up to the 10 entry level since we were so close. Don't forget to enter this week's Camera Challenge.

1st Place

Sugru Spiderweb by supersoftdrink

(see the official rules here)

Recently, I became aware of Sugru, however, I was not able to afford any at the time.  When I saw the Sugru Contest, and the offer for free Sugru, I was ecstatic.  I was lucky enough to get some free ...
3.3K 4
I am always switching between headphones and speakers on my desktop. This is nice and easy due to my audio hub, no plugging and unplugging required, but when the headphones aren't in use they are alwa...
3.1K 20
Placing Sugru on a flat surface like a window or a computer screen allows you to create a delicate, flat sculpture without too much headache. Once you've squashed your Sugru onto a clean, dry surface...
1.0K 3
In this tutorial I'm going to show you two different ways, to make a bouncy Rubik's Cube. I love to modify Rubik Cubes, but was lacking the time lately, that's why I wanted to make something special a...
11K 42
Sugru is great for window decorations. It clings to the glass but can be easily removed later. Things like spider webs are surprisingly easy to make. For this window decoration, I used: 1 1/2 packe...
2.8K 10
Going for a cute and functional Sugru project with this flower-shaped razor holder...
1.2K 8
Multitool + SUGRU = Fun. Sooner or later I´m gonna win a leatherman multitool, but while that day come I decided to hack my Old multitool and give it a juicy look. Hope you Like it rated and vote.
2.8K 12
Look what I did with a piece of copper wire and some sugru. Hope You Like it. Stuff Piece of copper wire. Pliers. Black Sugru. Black paint. Solderer.
6.9K 30
As anyone who still likes to enjoy their vinyl will know, dust is a bugger. It conspires with fluff to collect around the stylus, makes little crackly noises and generally irritates. I invested in on...
5.8K 32