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This Week's Challenge:
Make anything using wire of any sort

1st Place

Bottle Light Bulb by Random_Canadian

2nd Place

Wire Snowflake by ChrysN
Tilt Switches Made from Bottles of Craft Beads by fjordcarver
Chain maille necklace from scratch by bmelton1

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Chain maille necklace from scratch style
I first found Instructables.com when I was looking for instructions on making a chain maille shirt.  It is therefore appropriate that this weekly challenge is the first I enter and is simply put "Wire...
Wire Tree Sculpture style
A very good present for Christmas!
How to Tie a
When I was growing up I had the privilege of living in the Australian bush and getting to know some true bushmen. People with the skills and resourcefulness that allowed them to thrive in an environme...
Wire Mesh Vase style
I made a vase from Chequer-plate a while back and it turned out pretty good. I still had the template so I thought I might try some other materials. Since I happened to have some mesh in my shed I dec...
Fast Easy Speed Vise Mod style
Vises have their vices as do I. One of my vices is I have too many vises. But I don't have very many genuine speed vises. Being as impatient as the next guy I get pretty frustrated when I am doing a p...
Wire Snowflake style
In this instructable I will show you how I re-purposed some computer wire to crochet a snowflake.  I disassembled an old keyboard a while ago to use for another project. I was happy to be able to put ...
Custom header connector cable style
Today I will show you how to make a female-to-female multipin connector cable for standard headers with help of some heat shrink tubing. You can use same technique for making male to male or male to f...
Make a Wire Dispenser From a Recycled Bottle style
Here is a quick and simple shop idea for storing jumbles of wire using a recycled bottle.
Copper Soldiers style
I had some spare copper left over from a rewire job.  I came up with the idea for articulates people I could use in my stop motions, Anyways to the build!
Soldering Iron Stand (Made Out Of Wire) style
Hello, I have a couple soldering irons, but no stand; I occasionally solder various stuff and i seem to always be using a make-shift, unsafe items to hold the iron.... When I saw this challenge it pro...
Tilt Switches Made from Bottles of Craft Beads style
If you are looking for a mercury-free tilt switch that you can make yourself on the cheap and quick as I was, then follow along and I will show you how to make some from little tiny bottles of craftin...
Really quick wire rope eye-splice. style
This is a handy trick if you ever find yourself in need of an eye in a wire rope and you don't have wire rope grips (bulldog grips) or the time or know-how to make a proper splice. This is what is kn...
Communicating with a Pro-Lite LED Display, Cable Construction and Protocol style
I had a Pro-Lite display that I had picked up cheap without any communication cable, or any software, lying around in my shop. At least I had the remote, but it was slow and I never thought I would ac...
Charlie Brown Christmas Tree from Copper Wire style
Wrapping up in a blanket and sipping hot chocolate to watch  A Charlie Brown Christmas was a Christmas tradition while growing up. It never seemed like Christmas without watching it, Frosty the Snowma...
Reduce Clutter by Twisting Wires style
Electronics projects can get messy in many ways, including having wires making it difficult to navigate the inside and/or outside of your project. This Instructable will show you how to quickly and ea...
Wire Dreamcatcher style
for this you will need: 26 gauge dead soft wire wire cutters a frame for your dreamcatcher ( I'm using a 4" stainless steel welded ring) a jump ring for the center beads... embelishments
Woven Telephone Wire Wall Hanging style
My dad and I made this wall hanging from telephone wire he had laying around. We used his loom to weave the wire. The hanging is roughly a 4 foot square. We first organized the wire by color using thi...
Barbed Wire Necklace and Bracelet style
Wear a nice Barbed Wire necklace, or bracelet.  Caution: I am not responsible for any injuries
Save Some Water...With Water!? style
The Toilet Buggy is a device that will save you a LOT of water from your toilet. Even better, there is a device at the top that, when you need to change the water, will enable you to take it out witho...
Solder Headers to Wire...Without the Hassle! style
Impress your wife by saying your going into jewelry. (Not really.) It's more like a compromise. If you're like me (and I think you are) you find that soldering wires to male headers is very annoying...
3 Channel arduino Powered Christmas Light Controller! style
For Christmas this year, I wanted to make a really cool project but didn't quite know what to make. As I was getting the Christmas lights out to decorate, there was an old busted Christmas light timer...
reusing bread wire ties style
Most of the time when you buy a loaf of bread it's got a little wire twisty sealing the bag. The same ties are used with cables and power adapters which come with electronics. I save all of my old tw...
organizing the wires and cables inside your computer style
Check out the author's website, Neatinformation.com, for lots of projects and other interesting articles. There are lots of power wires and data cables inside a desktop computer and they can be an i...
A Couple of Wire Coat Hanger Tools style
 Wire coat hangers have infinite uses.  I'll show you a few different ideas. They're nice and simple; they'll probably take you about 40 min. to an hour. First up, we have a 'Grim Reaper scythe' le...
Radio Wave style
Introducing the new Radio Wave. This new Product will revolutionize how sailors and water sport enthusiasts will listen to the radio, or just  put music to your ears in the shower. The radio wave is t...
Make Your Own Needle Threader style
A small but significant problem had while sewing is threading the needle.  Especially as you get up in years, and the eyes are not what they "should" be, when you are tired late at night but have a pr...
Make A StyroFoam Sculpting Tool style
I do a lot of work with styrofoam, and like to think of new ways to handle the foam easily and efficiently. To that end, I wanted to make a sculpting tool to add details to various styrofoam projects....
Wire Bracelet style
Hi, welcome to this instructable on making a wire and bead bracelet, the great thing about this is that it is totaly solder free so its safe to do with younger children as well as yourself, please do ...
Make a Thermopile from some Copper wire and Paper Clips style
For those who don't know, a thermopile is simply a bunch of thermocouples connected in series, which allows them to generate more voltage than a single thermocouple ever could. Simple enough right. G...
Chicken Wire Christmas Tree style
The holiday season is upon us once again, and as usual, it's extremely busy.  This year I decided I wanted to do something unique, I wanted to create a Metal Christmas Tree (no need to water it, no ne...
Just couldn't resist this walk down Memory Lane. I was a child during the 1970's and Chinese Jacks were one of my favorite games to play.  Small plastic rings looped together to form a little clu...
Clip Pin style
A familiar form in a new context. Clip Pin is a way to mount a clothes pin to something other than a clothes line.
Hammered Wire Necklace style
This elegant necklace will take a few hours to make and will draw admiring glances and compliments for the wearer everywhere she goes. It is a perfect handmade gift for any occasion. I have been wear...
Recycled Glass Bottle Cheese Tray style
You may have seen these beautiful items sold for $20 to $50, but if you are lucky enough to own a kiln, you can make them yourself for only the cost of the electricity. They make wonderful gifts and c...
Bottle Light Bulb AKA Bacardi Bulb style
This will show you how to turn an ordinary bottle into a light bulb. This is an experiment and there may be flaws but that is all part of the learning process. I used a Bacardi bottle for the bulb b...
Miniature Football Field Goal, Football, and Grass (Made out of Wire) style
I had some free time, so I decided to make a field goal, football, and some artificial grass. All this is done with wire. This is for the "Weekly Challenge: Wire" contest Items you will need - Solder...