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This Week's Challenge:  K'nex Guns! - click here for the K'nex Projects Challenge.
Share your K'nex pistols, rifles, crossbows and cannons. Here's some epic examples of amazing K'nex guns:

K'nex guns sure are awesome, and you guys did not disappoint!
Choosing just one winner was difficult as there are some deep divisions between K'nex Gunners on the best triggers, ammo, elastics and construction methods. The winner was chosen based on clarity (pictures and construction) and appeal to viewers not already familiar with K'nex gun construction.

1st Place

SIHM2 by Seleziona

Get ready to take off, the next Weekly Play Challenge is Paper Airplanes!

All entries must be published and posted in the comments below posted by 11:59pm September 25, 2011 PST

50 entries tier: Handheld Video Inspection Camera + 1 year Pro Membership + Instructables t-shirt + Sugru pack
100 entry tier: Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX9V + 1 year Pro Membership + Instructables t-shirt + Sugru pack