In the instructable I will show you how to make a Whale Dispenser out of a tape dispenser. One day I was holding a tape dispenser (I really don't know why) and noticed it looked like a whale, then I thought I would add some stuff so it would. Soooo, I will show you how to make one to give to your Geeky office buddies, or just to make for yourself.  Note: This is my idea

You'll need:

-A tape dispenser
-A hot glue gun
-A ruler
-A few minutes

Step 1: Mouth and Eyes

First, cut out a mouth, the measurements should be about 6 in. x 1/8 in.. Then cut out two egg shaped eyes theses should be a little less then a half of an inch wide.

Step 2: Drawing and Gluing

Now draw some teeth onto the mouth, I  made them about an 1/8 in. apart. Next draw on your eyes as seen in the picture.

Step 3: The Spout

To make the spout take the tape out of the dispenser and trace the plastic piece and cut it out. Then draw a cloud on it, it might be easier to look at the pictures. Then cut out the cloud and glue it onto the plastic thing

Step 4: The Finished Product

Here are some pictures of what it looks like when its finished. Enjoy!

Ask if you have any questions

Hihi! Nice idea! I did it but kind of modified it. Thanks!
Very creepycute. (Can you imagine an army of these things staring you down?)
i was very tired when i read the title of this "ible, and without looking at the picture first, immediately reached the conclusion that this was a device that dispenses whales. Hooray! Whales for all!
Cool beans!
It looks just as cute and still functions as a tape dispenser if you don't bother with the water spout!
very funny . you must see art in everything around you =)
What a cool idea.
So fun and creative ;)<br />
i wanted to see something that dipensed whales
So cute!&nbsp; Now make it so I&nbsp;can still use it with tape in it!<br />
It doesn't look like any functionality has been compromised; as you can see in picture 2 of step 4, the water spout can easily be folded back into place.&nbsp; All that you would need to do is put the roll of tape onto that spool, and it is a normally functioning tape dispenser (that still looks like a whale)...<br />
yeah it can fold back in <br />
Yes, but I want it all! Spouting working tape dispenser.<br /> But I&nbsp;suppose it is extra cute for it to only spout when it needs tape.<br /> <br />
Love it!
Nice!<br /> <br /> L<br />

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