The white lightning assualt rifle has the ability to slam your target at either 20 ft + using a mag or 30 feet + using single shot it is the design that looks like a alien rifle good feel and has a mag that holds 6 shots it shoots anywhere from blue rods to grey rods and has a good stock and is single shot but a con is that it will jam if you don't load it right.

Step 1: The Barrel

fairly easy and i already took apart the gun so i can't make anythig better

Step 2: The Trigger,mag and Firing Pin

fairly easy sould be easy to understand

Step 3: The Handle,stock and Back Sights

eashy smeeshy

Step 4: Assembly

the following part will give you steps on the pictures

Step 5: Firing and Loading

easy if you follow the steps have fun shooting and remember to comment and you can mod if you like just show me first on my orange board first please
this is disappointing...I thought from the title that the gun that would distill moonshine
1st view 1st comment 1st 5 star rating!
wow seriosly!!! you're asome and plus u're like a knex legend
tyvm! this gun deserves it! i must build this, then i will mod it to have more of a frame/range, and then i will post a pic!
This gun does not deserve 5 stars. For it to be 5 stars it must be a new concept and be aesthetically pleasing. It seems you just want to become popular by giving everyone good ratings, for I noticed this is not the first time you have done it. I would also like to point out that you are not a knex legend, for you are relatively new and have not posted anything truly revolutionary, you just are popular because of your tendency to give high ratings. Finally the idea of telling everyone that you had the first comment is very childish. Sammyb
Why did you feel the need to say that? if people think i am a knex legend, then they think i am. i have had that a few times, and it is not solely up to you to decide. And i am not rating high to be popular, i just like a lot of guns. Methinks you are jealous of my popularity and high opinionated status. The Jamalam
I think your a knex legend.
I see you want a duel of big words, however I fear you still have alot to learn youngling. These are the images of my pseudo semi automatic, my rail gun, the first auto revolve revolver and a pump action shotgun with 8 rounds, all of which have been previously posted on this site. These were all posted more than 2 years ago. I am not jealous of your guns, but I do think they are quite good for a beginner like you.
beginner? i have been on instructables since may 30th - that's 4 months in a couple of days (w00t), and i have been playing with knex for about 7 years now. Thank you for your compliments, but i think i am way past beginner status - i posted my first gun 2 days after i joined, 1 day after i posted the slideshow and got 8 requests. Why would you delete them anyway?
Ive been herez 1 year and ~ 6 months XD
ure not a begginer
thanks man, try telling sam that. also, apply for my friends group! =D<br/>
ok and tanx my new light white lightning assualt rifle comming soon and it has interchangable stocks one solid stock and one flip down stock a grenade luancher and shoots the red rods with pointed tip
nice! can i have a picture?
here it is
oh cool! post it!
i won't be posting this anymore i had a super advanced version but i took it apart
i'll try to get it posted
my sis is the only one that can work the uploading to computer process and she's at freinds house and by the way i am canadian and at my side of the world it is 10:52 am
Sorry uoyr guns are very good
okay. if you have pics of the guns, post yours
I just thought that no-one was looking at them so I decided that there was no point in them being on the site anymore. I guess a beginner like you wouldn't understand.
i do understand that that was a stupid decision on your part. if they were revolutionary, why would you take them down because noone viewed them very much?
They are revolutionary.
hes not a begginer im a beginner at eleven years old and i have only played with knex since last year
I starting building with k'nex about 10 years ago and knex gunning a year ago before I even knew it was on the internet, I found this site about 9 months ago while I was looking for k'nex guns online to see if anyone else had ever made one and made a profile months later after making some of the guns here.
Jammy will CRUSH YOU!
lol ty
Sammy, jammy has posted way better guns than your pics. and i am pretty sure that he is not a beginner
any time.
Geez... To repeat it: We have a "be nice" policy. Please be positive and constructive. PS: This gun is way better then everything you have created. Is your knex crossbow pistol so revolutionary then?
I have not got such a gun
Oh, sorry, I mean that pistol in crossbow style made by J-Unit. I thought it was yours but it is just in your fav's.
agreed, but it deserves a good 3.5 *
but ure cool
whats so funny?
he tried to get you to rate higher by complimenting you and you didn't understand lol
oh... well in that case 5*! =D<br/>
lol C:
no he's just coool he can really set the bar when it comes to knex gun like yopu can really set the bar over the bar
agreed on the stuff about me?

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