The Widow is based on a statue that appears in several cemeteries around the world. After retiring several props this year we needed to create a few more to replace them. The Widow was a collaborative project of several crew members resulting in what we think is a stunning prop!

Step 1: Building the Body & Base

For the main structure of the body we used a wood frame, PVC pipe, chicken wire and bubble wrap.

Using the height of the wig head we measured and cut the wood frame pieces to create accurate body proportions. (Measuring to accurate human proportions is something we started doing several years back and makes a huge difference in the finished prop.)

After the wood was cut and screwed together at the base, a wood block is placed between the tops of two pieces of wood and then we thread a short PVC though the outside pieces and the block. The block created a pivot point for the head and the PVC pipe is where we attached the arms.

Once the frame was done we started to wrap frame in chicken wire to get the basic shape we wanted for the widow. (We went a little smaller on the shape than we actually wanted, since she will gain some bulk once draped in fabric). From there we attached the molded bodice from a Costco Swimsuit to the chest and cut it down to fit.

The base was create using a piece of 24"x24"x2" pink foam. We softened down the corners and routed out a 22"x22" insert in the middle that would allow her wood base to fit inside to keep her off the ground.

<p>Absolutely fantastic!!</p>
<p>How much (estimate) do the arms cost? Great prop! Thanks for sharing!</p>
We had to buy the whole body custom made and heavily modify it. I believe the body form cost about $200. I do not know anyone sells just arms.<br><br>Cheers!
<p>You Davises are incredible!</p>
<p>Thanks....we love sharing how we make this stuff....the more the merrier!!</p>
My hats off to you my dude! Awesome instructions too btw, thank you!
<p>Thanks so much!</p>
<p>You Davises are incredible!</p>
At first i thought this was a xostume lol could have fooled me this is amazing and so life like
<p>seriously cool and extra creepy at the same time, i love it</p><p>really like the way it look so authentic and almost looks like you airbrushed a skull on her shoulder</p>

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