Step 5: Sculpting the Fondant Witch

I began by adding more onto her head and then again, exaggerated some of the areas that would later be her main features. (think bone structure) So I concentrated on the eyebrow bones first, then pinched her nose, then her chin.

Next, it was a matter of pushing and shaping her cheeks using my fingers and thumbs, then when I got her basic face shape, I used a fondant tool to add in the details, like her nostrils and her lips. Then I gave more shape to her eyes and more detail there. I also added little rolls of white fondant for the whites of her eyes, and also, that served to be more of an anchor for the led lights. Using the fondant tool, I carved in some wrinkles around her mouth, eyes and forehead.

Once I was satisfied with the shape of her face, I used gel food coloring to hand paint her eyebrows, gave her some eyeliner, and what's a witch without the black mole? So I stuck on a little ball of fondant and painted that black too. Then I used a moss green food coloring powder (also known as "petal dust") for the shading and a bright yellow for her cheek bones. 

So now, it was time to get her dressed. I used black MMF and covered her bodice and also made rolls and stuck them vertically on her skirt. This would help create the ruffles in her skirt later. Then I rolled out fondant, about 1/4 " thick, cut it and draped it over as a skirt. I made the twisted belt and attached that. 

Tip: when dressing your figure, cut out the clothing pieces as if they were pieces of a dress pattern. Then "dress" or apply them from the inside closest to the body outward.

Next, I started covering her arms with the green fondant. As you can see in one of the photos, I removed her "pinching hand" and stuck it into a styrofoam block to dry so that the fingers would hold their shape. Also, fondant gets pretty heavy, in fact, when I went to attach that arm, I ended up inserting a wire through the straw for added support...PLUS...I made her a little temporary crutch to hole her are up while it dried. 

The other arm went on much more smoothly because she had a walking stick for support. I made the stick first, letting it dry over night so that it would be hard. Also, this arm would be closer to her body, so I didn't have to worry so much about the weight, I stuck it right to her bodice, then after shaping her hand and forearm, rested them on the walking stick.

After the arms, sleeves, and hands were in place, secured and dried, it was time to add the cape. I used a fondant rolling pin with guide bands to roll out more fondant, this time making it only about 1/4" thick. I cut it slightly smaller at the top, leaving it wider at the bottom. I pinched in some folds at the top, then attached the top around her neck using an artist brush dampened with water. Next I did the hood, tucking it under and shaping it as I went.

A little touch up paint here and there and of course, I also had to polish her "fingernails" with black also. I wired her battery pack back on just to check her eye lights (not that it would have done me any good at this point if they didn't work, I just wanted to see how she looked)

At this point she was done, except for her hair. I waited several days for the fondant to dry and harden before attempting to add it. Even then, you'll have to be careful because even when dried, fondant is fragile and can crack, crumble and/or break on you. 

One last tip:
If your rice krispie treat base is too bumpy, it will show through the fondant. You can use regular icing as "putty" and smooth over all of the cracks. Just attach the fondant right after doing this so that the icing is still wet and the fondant will stick to it. 

Total time it took for constructing the witch was about 3 days, add on a week of drying time before the actual cake construction. 
wow.this is awesome. i decorate cakes as a hobby also. Actually i have about 10 in the cupcake contest. It just says you are featured. You werent a finalist or a winner?? thats crazy.
Thank you danlynne07, and I won second place ;) Got beat out by &quot;Dexter Slides&quot; LOL <br>
You have done a wicked job, i have been looking for this tutioral thank you so much
It looks great!
I agree totally with ArcherAndy!! YOU&nbsp;ARE simply amazing, dahling!!&nbsp; Can't wait to see what your next creation will be...keep us up to date!<br />
Wow!!!!&nbsp; DD, you have done it again.&nbsp; My mouth still hangs open when I look at pictures of the fire helmet cake that you made for Jim.&nbsp; I wondered, how could you top that?&nbsp; Then you pull this one out of your trick or treat bag of talent.&nbsp; If this display doesn't &quot;take the cake&quot; for the win, then someone is hard to please.&nbsp; This is simply amazing.&nbsp; I showed it to Staci.&nbsp; She said, &quot;How does she do that?&quot;&nbsp; I don't know how you do it, but you are great at it.&nbsp; Keep of the edible good work.&nbsp; I'm impressed!!!&nbsp; Again!!!!&nbsp; You are a pro.&nbsp; Quite being so modest.&nbsp; I would say you have earned the right to boast a bit, even though it's not your nature.&nbsp; Simply amazing!<br /> -Andrew <br />
&nbsp;So Andrew, did you like the cake? LMAO &nbsp;Seriously tho, thanks, I appreciate all of the kind comments! (give Staci hugs for me!) luv ya!
Your tutorial is amazing, DeeDee...you are not only an artist, but a born teacher, too!
I love this!!! It is amazing. I have been showing to everyone.
Very professional and exceptional work! Good Job!
This&nbsp;REALLY&nbsp;is&nbsp;an amazing cake.....great work !!!
&nbsp;Thanks Cara, it IS my all time fav to date :)
Well if your not a pro .... that Cake show should be looking to hire you... this is totally awesome.... wish i could do an tenth of that...........Love it...
Awesome Cake, you should have won on CC!!! Thanks for posting all this!!!! You are great!<br />
AWESOME ddpie! &nbsp;Your attention to detail is amazing!
&nbsp;nooooooooooo!! after seeing the whole thing being &quot;born&quot;...and you have to destroy it? so sad :(
&nbsp;Bravo!!! great instructions and visuals...you did an amazing job.&nbsp;
&nbsp;you make this all sound like &quot;I can do it too&quot;....hahaha, but I know better!!&nbsp;
&nbsp;i love the cauldron!!&nbsp;
&nbsp;I love the effects the pulled sugar had....brilliant!!!
&nbsp;i love these guys...such character!!
i'm just in awe. to see her go from almost looking alien like...into this cool witch.
&nbsp;this is so amazing...to see how she started. I love the straw arms. why does &quot;terminator&quot; come to mind? LOL
omg...that is so cool!! seriously :)
&nbsp;very impressive! the lights are the perfect size!!
&nbsp;Great visual content
That little guy is clearly afraid of the big meanie pumpkin.<br />
Not only an excellent baker, but part electrician, builder also. You are a &quot;Jane of all trades.&quot;<br />
How sad to see it all deconstructed. That witch is really scary looking. <br />
DD, Totally Awesome Haloween Cake. I love all the detail in the cake and your instructions also! You rock girl and I'll be shocked if you don't win the contest. I give this cake &quot;5&nbsp;STARS&quot; Good luck!&nbsp; Debbie
&nbsp;amazing. Not only a very cool project, but a very thorough instructable, GREAT job! &nbsp;what a cool medium to work in!
&nbsp;Thank you sarahfish, I was a bit nervous with this being my first instructable and all.&nbsp;
Truly amazing.DD you are the best.
DD, this cake is so very creative. You have involved so many processes, what a truly amazing masterpiece. <br />
I don't know what is more impressive... your imagination or your baking skills! <br /> A real work of art!<br />
Fantastic!<br />
&nbsp;thanks guys, I really appreciate it!
Once again DD, You have totally outdone yourself.&nbsp; This is a 'wicked' awesome Cake!!!&nbsp;&nbsp; <br />
<p>AMAZING!!!&nbsp; Love all the detail!</p>
DD I will vote for you anytime my family will also vote for you you are a truly amazing cake lady. ha ha great job. carolyn from bakespace<br />
I soo love this cake, it's unbelievable in every detail.<br /> Every step and all the effort and knowledge you put into the construction is amazing. You must win, girl!<br /> Dajana
Awesome cake!! Luv the lighting effects!!<br />
Great job!!!!<br />
this is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<br />
Amazing cake! This is a sure winner!!
Amazing detail in this cake - Great Job!!!
OMG! That looks amazing!<br />
Freakin Awesome... Are you a pro and do this for a living or is this something you did on the side?&nbsp;
&nbsp;Thanks cammel8! &nbsp;No, I'm not a pro, nor do I do it on the side. I only do cakes and sugar art as a hobby. ;)

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