Picture of The Wooden 6 Pack

I'm not going to lie to you ... I like beer ... nay .. I [expletive] love beer!

Sometimes (all the time) I want to carry several of these divine nectars to a friendy gathering (or anywhere). On a good day (usually a Saturday), I can carry three in one hand, but I need the other hand to open/shut doors, pick things up, etc. Then there is the issue of a bottle opener. You'd think I'd have one on my keychain considering my aforementioned love for the liquid sealed behind such a barrier, but that ring is already crying for mercy. I also value my teeth and never perfected the trick using a house key .. there must be an instructable on that .. I better look asap.

Step 1: Research And Layout

Picture of Research And Layout

I needed dimensions, so I needed beer bottles. They didn't need to be empty, but we don't need to talk about that right now.

Useful fact: 2 3/8" is the rough diameter of a beer bottle and the measurement I used.

Note: I'll list my final dimensions at the end.

KevinF11 year ago

This is very cool. Impressive. Assembled like a piece of fine furniture rather than a banged together box.

SteveS98 months ago

This has to be the most practical, beautiful and hilarious Instructable ever.

Thanks for sharing.

-BALES- (author)  SteveS98 months ago

HA! Thanks SteveS9

PhotoWayne8 months ago
Awesome! I just finished making a slightly different version. These really do make great gifts! I've got some pictures and instructions at http://www.photowayne.com/?p=62
LynxSys1 year ago

A very nice project, and an excellent housewarming present for my beer-brewing friends. I also like that the handle is tall enough that you won't beat up your knuckles on the sharp edges of the bottle caps like I always do when carrying a standard cardboard six pack.

jmyers11 year ago
This is great! I especially love the bottle opener.

This is definitely going to be on my "make for Christmas gifts" list. Nice work!

Love this idea and the wonderfully humorus manner in which it is presented. Thank you. I will have to build a variation.

mrspoom691 year ago

It's a little over kill on the wood thickness, must be rather heavy. I would have used solid wood at 3/8" or 1/2" thick, it would have been 1/2 as heavy.

-BALES- (author)  mrspoom691 year ago

It weighs 3 lbs 10.2 ounces to be exact. I'd be interesting in seeing your version.

Any thought to putting drain holes in the bottom plexi? Cause beers sweat sometimes, and I would hate to allow that water to pool against the wood. Just a thought. Otherwise, wish I had the tools to do this myself.

-BALES- (author)  phydeaux980381 year ago

I had that same thought and decided I'd wait and see since I can always add them.

scooter761 year ago

I've seen many wooden beer carriers like this, but never with your clever washer bottle opener. Top marks, and got my vote. Well done.

-BALES- (author)  scooter761 year ago

Thank you.

spaceraver1 year ago
When I was a kid, we could buy 12 beers that way, we called it a ironing iron. I will see if I can find some pictures..
-BALES- (author)  spaceraver1 year ago

Very interesting. I hope you find a picture as I didn't have much luck ... I did find a picture of Ironman Ironing though.

I entirely agree with @rolltidehank, now that's an idea that should be implemented on every table in Australia! Storage for beer with a handy tool. Too good.

The washer bottle opener is genius!


It's so great.!!!!