I was going through Instuctables and saw some amazing stuff.  I just wanted to do something that was just as amazing.  Hopefully I have a file you can use.  I used my Epilog laser engraver (Epilog Mini 12x24 45 watt).  This project took 12 hours to design, 60 minutes to cut out, and 30 minutes to glue together. This project is geared towards someone with access to a laser engraver or CNC machine.


1) 2 sheets of 12x24x1/8" of press board
2) 1/4" wood dowel 18"


1) Super Glue
2) Razor Knife
3) Laser Engraver (ideal)
4) Corel Draw x4 (ideal)

also check out the MPG file video

Step 1: Drawing Plans

Pick or print out the file you prefer to use.

Cut out the pieces by whichever means available to you (laser engraver or CNC is ideal). 


Very nice!
vlooiw3 years ago
This was just great to do!!!! Thank you very much.(Woodraulic loader) If you have similar projects available, i would just love to buy this from you. I am new to laser cutting, and surely have a lot to learn still!
This is very good work, All dear , would you please if you have more CDR or DXF file for 3D puzzles Animals, Vehicles and Aircraft please send them on waleed_waheed@yahoo.com
hack818 (author)  Waleed Waheed3 years ago
Sorry ive been so buzy design an working on other jobs
I not have had time to do 3d puzzles
Everyone want stickers printed an one off laser cut designs
Soon as I have one I will send it
Re-design4 years ago
First class job on project and the instructable.
hack818 (author)  Re-design4 years ago
Thanks it was a fun build.
That car looks awsome!!!
techdeck124 years ago
i also think its outstandingly brilliant thanx
hack818 (author)  techdeck124 years ago
thanks im in the works of building more , made a few other prototypes
techdeck124 years ago
i forgot my other account soooooooo
jpdoege4 years ago
Any chance for AutoCAD2000 DXF? Looks like fun to build
hack818 (author)  jpdoege4 years ago
I do have a DXF file is it deffrent then a auto CAD2000 DXF?
also i have a eps file if that helps, for sum reason your having problems. let me know ill help the best i can
jpdoege hack8184 years ago
What version if AutoCAD are the DWG and or DXF created in. I have 2005 and can not open the above files that are posted.
Thanks for the help.
kcls4 years ago
You have a laser cutter? Lucky! Great job, it really does look like it's from a kit I would buy from a store... probably fits together better too!
hack818 (author)  kcls4 years ago
Thanks the project took a few days to do, And the laser took me yrs to save up for.( and still paying for it)
thepelton4 years ago
Neat! Got a copy. I was thinking however that I might make a variation on this that I could show at the local SF&RPG convention. Cosine.
hack818 (author)  thepelton4 years ago
hows it going , i do have a copy in the instuctions in corel draw also in a EPS file if you over looked them there on the frist page if that helps .if you do have problems let me know try to help best i can . Do you mind tell me what the SF&RPG convention

January 21-23
details at the link in the first line
Cosine 2011 in Colorado Springs.
You may have covered this in the text but I was wondering where I could have some wood like this cut to make some FIFO Food shelves and how much it would cost. A FIFO storage (See Attched Pic) is a container for storing can goods where the oldest cans are used first and the newest cans are placed on top and roll to the back and are used later. I want to build about 15 to 20 of these.
Grandpa can storage bin plan.jpg
hack818 (author)  Robotics_Geek4 years ago
Hello PDKarber
the wood i use in this project was 1/8" pressboard. i would think that would be to thin
to use for can food. I would use 1/4" or thicker board or even plexi glass. yes i did cut all my own parts . the local hardware store 1/4" pressboard was $16 or so for a 4' x 8' sheet . is this sum thing your looking at doing? if not im sure there sum one in the local area to help you with the project.

Looks like a table saw ,brad nailer , glue can do this project
good luck let me know if you need any help with design.

I had been using 1/8 inch (3mm) Baltic Birch Plywood for similar projects. It's available from Woodcraft.com, or from a local lumberyard. I can get it here in Colorado Springs in a five by five (152cm square) sheet.
Beautiful. Looks like a build kit or something. Theres just something about a laser cut project thats so interesting for me.
hack818 (author)  Tape-structable4 years ago
Thanks. I have been looking to build more, just time goes so quick when your designing