Picture of The Wooden Scimitar (Arab Sword)
This is the wooden scimitar (sword used by Arabs) that i've been working on in my free time.Please enjoy learning how to build it.One more thing,I was working on it already when I thought of making it into a n Instructables.You don't have to rate if you don't want to.This is my first Instructables.
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Step 1: What you need

Picture of What you need
Knife sharpening (instructables).bmp
You don't need much, just a hobbby/pocket knife and a sharpener (takes a while) I used a roof tile as mine. You always need something harder then the knife to sharpen it. Picture 2 shows how to sharpen your knife.

Step 2: Cutting

Picture of Cutting
De-bark your sword.It's more comfortable.Pic 2 (handle) looks rough but feels like silk :P . Try sanding it down. I used my knife on edge (vertical) and rubbed.

Step 3: Optional

Picture of Optional
I sharpened the end of my handle to use as a weapon. You could try it too. Little knob (on handle) is good finger gaurd if fighting :P .

Step 4: Ending Product

Picture of Ending Product
This is what it should look like :P .
lschraud7 months ago
That's just a stick!!!!
zombie12123 years ago
 so it's a stick? insult to arabs man
yea that is a STICK!!!!!!!!!!!!! i can carve a scimitar better than that, in less time probably
dudeman70075 years ago
is this a joke?
yutzwagon5 years ago
Nice for a start, but bring the size down a bit more sand it a little further. Right now that thing looks way too unwieldy, I would say cut the top off so it doesn't go any farther back than the hilt of the sword. After that, carve it into whatever shape you like, and post the results!
hey good instuctables but it look like just a plain old stick to me
Creator of Weapons (author)  yutzwagon5 years ago
Thanks for the advice but my parents already got rid of it becase my Baby Brother kept wacking people with it =/<br/>
Ha, that sounds like my little brother. And he's going into baseball... God help us all.
is it just me, or did you just strip the bark off a curved stick? very creative. It looks nice when you sand, plane, and paint them.
z-man62335 years ago
um im sorry but that is not really something you made its a piece of wood u sanded and it doesn't even look like a sword ad would never stand up to any kind of abuse 1 star (these are wooden swords or
thegamist5 years ago
this is a real scimmy !!!!!!!!!
Creator of Weapons (author) 5 years ago
You're the first to comment on my Instructable :P .Thanks for comment too.
bylerfamily5 years ago
Cool!Playing and building stuff with wood is fun.