Step 9: Bill of Materials

Here you will find the complete parts list you need to create the project yourself.

Bill Of Materials

Controller board

Arduino Duemilanove module
ULN2003A Driver IC * 4
4094 Shift Register * 3
5mm red Led * 2
1K Resistor * 4
1N4004 Diode
2 Pin PCB Mount Screw Connector
3 Pin PCB Mount Screw Connector
26 way header
8 way header * 2
6 way Header * 2
16 Pin IC Socket * 7
Controller PCB

Display board

5mm blue LED * 117
360R resistor * 25 (can be 680R - see step 4)
36R resistor * 25 (can be 270R - see step 4)
26 way ribbon cable * 30cm
26 way IDC Connector
150mmx150mm fiberglass / perspex mounting board - or Display PCB

Button board

Red Pushbutton
Black Pushbutton
Veroboard - 3cm x 2 cm
wire (3 strand) - 30cm

Stencil board

150mm x 150mm single sided fiberglass PCB material
150mm x 30mm fiberglass PCB strip horizontal baffle * 10
14mm x 30mm fiberglass PCB strip - vertical baffle * 10
Hot Melt Glue

Power Supply

12V DC, 500mA Wall Wart Plug Pack.

cvaast3 years ago
Where did you buy your shift registers? I just can't find the right ones, the 4049 are almost everytime inverting buffers.
drj113 (author)  cvaast3 years ago
The shift Registers ate CD4094 - not 4049.

Don't worry, I live in fear of when I order 100 of the for the kits that I make up, that I will make the same mistake.


Chiefston4 years ago
Does anyone have a place they have found 26 conductor ribbon cable with a 2.54mm spacing? It seems impossible to find online! Is it possible to combine multiple ribbon cables into a larger one (as in using two 13 conductor ribbon cables side by side in a 26 conductor IDC)? Also, could I buy a ribbon cable with more than 26 conductors and then remove the extra conductors with a hobby knife? Thanks in advance for any assistance
drj113 (author)  Chiefston4 years ago
All of the ribon cable I have used in the past has had 0.05" spacing, allowing it to be used with standard headers that has 0.1" spacing with two rows.

You can certainly use wider cable and reduce the number of connections.

Thank you Doug! I have realized the error of my ways, and am now clear on how ribbon cable and IDCs connect. I was trying to use .050 ribbon cable with a .050 IDC, and I also bought .050 unshrouded header, which is WAYYYY too small for newbie soldering.
Your quick reply is much appreciated!
Schmidty8504 years ago
Can you enlighten me on where you got your 360R resistor and 36R resistor?
drj113 (author)  Schmidty8504 years ago
ebay. The 36 ohm and 360 om are standard 5% sizes.

you may like to consider using 680 ohm and 360 Ohm resistors with a 12Volt supply - the more recent clocks that I provide kits for use these values, and they are beautifully bright. - Just substitute 360R for the 36R and 680R for the 360R - overall they reduce the current appplied.

T.Rockwell5 years ago
WOW. nice instructable!! i know nothing about electronics, and really entertain a strong likelihood that due to your detailed and thorough instructions, i could build this!!! this is still one of the coolest things i have seen in instructables! one quick question if i may.... What do you estimate the total cost of all of the components to be? just some rough idea.... thanks again for a great one........ i think id like to combine your ideas into a steampunk version.....
drj113 (author)  T.Rockwell5 years ago
Hi, As an idea, there is about $80-100 worth of bits in the project, excluding PCB costs. The kits that I sell for modules are priced so I can basically cover costs, and make PCBs (with a little left over for the next project :-) ) I would love to see a steampunk version - One person made an awesome round clock face, and mounted theirs in a kind of old fasioned mantlepiece clock cabinet!