Step 6: Final Steps

The last steps we need to do, are to finish the connections to the controller board, and plug it into the display cable.

Then we need to attach the stencil in a way that we can remove it if we need to, and to install some diffuser to the back of the stencil (I originally used tissue paper - now I use a sheet of oven baking paper).  I used small blocks of Perspex glued to the stencil and attached with small screws through the side of the enclosure.  Start by using masking tape to ensure that the edge of the enclosure is not glued to the stencil.  Screw the four blocks onto the corners of the enclosure, apply some glue, and glue the enclosure to the stencil - Make sure that the enclosure is aligned so it is centralised on the stencil.  The attached photos will help you make sense of this.

After that, we need to add a socket for the power cable, and mount the buttons to allow us to set the time.

Then, we need to install the back onto the enclosure - again, I used small blocks of perspex and small screws, using the same technique that was used to glue the stencil..

That completes the clock - power it up, and you should see the display self test start up. 

Set the time, and enjoy it.