Beer is always been a great source of inspiration to me.

So here again. In this I'ble I'm going to show you how you can easily make a custom heavy duty toolbox from a plastic beerbox.
A few years ago I already made such a thing, using two beerboxes. It's still in use, of course, since it's very sturdy. It's made by me. Jokin'!

It's just a bit, well, too sturdy (read: heavy) and so I decided to make another one with (another) one of my favorite beer brands. The advatage of Jupiler TAURO - a deadly accurate strong blond beer - is that those boxes got a handy handle in the middle - a feature that opens a lot of possibilities...

Yes, in Belgium our beerboxes are still made from plastic and they are veeery tough - there are even guys who make whole houses with it! So using them for a toolbox is a logic idea. They are also quite spacy so you can store a lot of gear in it.
And they are lightweight.
AND they form a useful step on every worksite.

I'm a fan of beerboxes, totally.


Step 1: Closing the Bottom

I wanted to keep the physical integrity of the box intact and instead of removing the bottom completely (like I did the first time) I decided to make some 'puzzle pieces' to fill the gaps in the bottom.

Measure the size of the gaps and go mass production.
Copy the measurements on a piece of plywood and use a clock drill to drill the holes for the bottle spacers.
Don't throw the wooden discs away, you'll use them later.
Use a mitter saw to cut the 'puzzle' pieces.
Smash them in the bottom of the box. No screw no glue, just good old pressure.
That top cover for the box could be an instructable in itself! I can use that for a laptop pad.
<p>Glad you like it, thanx!</p>
We have the beer, you the Boxes! Sereously, i come from Germany and our Beerboxes havent got enough space for this kind of toolbox, but the idea is great :)
<p>Did you really write 'we have the beer'?! Where? Sorry man, just kidding! Thanx for that comment anyway and next time you guys are crossing the border again: get yourself some boxes! Kidding, again ;)</p>
You sure have a lot of cats! :P
<p>We stopped counting ;)</p>
<p>Heh. Haven't seen one of those boxes since I left Greece. Personally, I preferred to take them back and fill them up again. [grin]</p>
<p>I drank everything but beer in Greece. Most of the time it started with Ouzo, but after a while the world disappeared suddenly ;)</p>
<p>I love it!! I wish we had boxes like that here! Then again, I wish I had cats like yours... I'm allergic, but I absolutely love cats! They totally stole the show...</p>
<p>Thanx ;) I love to give them credit when there's reason to - even when it's just for being showgirl! It's always nice to see that there are some only interested in crafting activities, others in couch activities and others in sabotaging the activities of the first &amp; second...</p>

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Bio: I made a beer mug with only a knife & a hatchet. I think that says a lot about me.
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