The Workshop (2009-2011)





Introduction: The Workshop (2009-2011)

My 10' x 60' Hobbie Workspace.  I'm just south of Seattle, about 5 miles from the old Boeing Surplus store (may it rest in peace).  All play, no work.  I'm lucky enough to have a family business that I can share space with.  

What may seam like a small fortune in tools actually cost me very little.  Craigslist, eBay, pawnshops, garage sales, Goodwill, HF and dumpsters are awesome places to get cheap-ass tools.  For instance, my scroll saw cost me $10 at the pawn shop.  I tried not to laugh as I was walking out of the store.

If you get jealous of my pegboard tool cart then Click here!  to learn how to build your very own.



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    your work space looks like a store, I so just want to go browsing for the things I need. :)

    quick question and no offence please, but did you clean it up just to take the photos, or is it always this clean? and if so, come clean mine cause mines always messy. LOL

    I zero out my workspace at least a couple times a week. especially before an important project. If you aren't organized you aren't productive. Sometimes I would spend 20 minutes trying to find my damn carbide scriber or micrometer. Kinda stupid when I could have the whole shop cleaned in 15. I have since moved to a smaller shop with more stuff so staying organized is top priority. However I have spent years refining my process, every single tool and material/hardware variety has a spot so it is very easy to clean. I'm talkin lock washers, LEDs, pcv tubing all have specific places.

    Throw away trash, put away tool boxes, hang the pegboard tools, and organize the leftover hardware/materials, repeat every couple days.

    god I'm so far behind on answer everyone...thanks for the reply. sorry it took me this long to find it. I feel so ashamed.
    If I had that kind of room to add peg boards I think i would have it made. but right now where I'm living I'm using the dinning room as my craft area so I have a large window on one wall, a blank wall behind me and two open areas, so I'm limited to no hanging room space. Pretty much it's a 8 x 8 box. The dream to have a bigger work area...I asked santa but he didn't listen...lolol. anyway thanks for the reply, sorry mine was so late.

    Oooh! I'm envious. Wish I had tools and space like that. Your workshop looks good and well organized. You are obviously a craftsman. What are you working on lately?

    Thanks for showing us.

    I love hoarding too. I used to have a shop like that then moved and am in process of building up new one.

    Wow, that's a lot of tools!

    Man that's an awsome collection!! Great job, organizing is one of my great passions too haha.

    sensoryhouse has everything… at least in triplicate !!!…
    even the space … 

    how can I convince you to visit me with a modest cargo of you less used tools along with some of your space and help me create my own work sop which will be 4sq meters at the most !!!…

    sensoryhouse you don't know how lucky you are !!!…

    This is an awesome looking workshop i wish i had a workshop with all that equipment mine is so full of junk i can hardly get in little lone do any work

    Good Luck marvin311