The Workspace of Ilpug, or How I learned to Stop Being a Slob And Organize Somewhat

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This is where I work, usually.

My work area is crammed into the laundry room in my small and slightly junky house.

The pictures are fairly self-explanatory.

This is merely the latest design of my work area, because I obsessively rebuild it to fit more stuff in it.

Any questions?
AppleP13 months ago

What time? Hammer time!

teeker953 years ago
Can you please give some info on those hanging wire bins? Where did you get them, what kind of weight can they hold, etc?
bobzjr teeker953 years ago

Years ago, I cannibalized a refrigerator that was being replaced. I took out the wire shelves and the heavy duty vertical standards that the shelves were mounted with.

I installed the shelves on a sturdy surface in my basement. Worked great! It held a ton of weight with no problem. I put many full gallon cans of paint on the shelves.

I don't think the regular wire shelving you see would hold as much weight. But just in case you know of an unused refrigerator - hey this could work well....

I've been trying to add a picture to this message - but I believe the system is not functioning properly right now - I've tried on 4 different computers!
bobzjr bobzjr3 years ago
Fridge Shelves (2).jpg
ilpug (author)  teeker953 years ago
I think they were from Home Depot a long time ago. They were originally designed to hold socks and stuff in a closet, but use them to hold random stuff. They hag freely off a bracket on the wall, and seem to hold a good amount of weight, not that I try to put super heavy stuff on them. I don't know if you can get them now, but they were part of a whole closet organizing kit.
l8nite3 years ago
looks a bit like my 12x12' library / computer room/ tv room / studio / shop
ilpug (author)  l8nite3 years ago
Sounds awesome, let's see some pics!
l8nite ilpug3 years ago
lol, there's barely room for me to turn around let alone take pics ! I have several ideas for rearranging/organizing so perhaps I'll do an ible on that with before and after shots
freeza363 years ago
I would give to have that workspace