Picture of The World's Cheapest Frizbee
This is fun and cheap and fun.

Step 1: Get the stuff

Picture of Get the stuff
All you need is...
1.a hand
2.a soda top thing
3.mad skills
ben88b4 years ago
i love you
kylekosan234 years ago
wow kinda like a office toy rite
math shall become fun!
kokosmack6 years ago
Sweet! works great! at first i was trying to dig the top into the middle of the tip of my finger but i found that it only works if i dig it in the tip of the tip of my finger. lol
mitul1177 years ago
thats pretty cool!
Wasagi7 years ago
Thank You! This has taken over my life, and I have a huge collection of soda tabs. Awesome!
Arbitror7 years ago
Guys be nice. I go with bowakowa
bowakowa8 years ago
COME ON PEOPLE! This kid is exploring a new media and learning as he does it. Why yall gotta be such haters? Are you afraid we'll run out of server space? Rock on, little dude. Cure cancer for us, okay?
ARVash bowakowa7 years ago
Don't forget to make the cancer curing instructable with it!!
ARVash7 years ago
Instead of being added as a full instructable, this should be under the quick tips list, but nj nonetheless.
andy608 years ago
wow its fun cheap AND fun!! lol i really like it thanks :D
For a moment in step 3 I thought it said 'how fun meth can be'. Its the only kind of frisbee tweekers can afford.
iman8 years ago
these are awsome I do this all the time you can get these to go fast enough to leave welts :)
TomMcKiller (author)  iman8 years ago
no way how?
just a lot of practice
and muscles the size 2 liter pop bottles....
cracker948 years ago
seems pretty cool but woodnt pushing the thing tht far into your finger cut it?
I figured out you can aim w/ your index finger. (Pointer finger for you dumb people, 2nd finger for you really dumb people)
looks funny, i will try!
thedomainer8 years ago
man i dont get it i always buy the 2 lter pop any way....
dalton20218 years ago
how do you dig it into you finger nail
Dieffsta8 years ago
just give the dude a break
tnriverfish8 years ago
perfect! I had been looking for a game to play with the jr high youth. like this one a lot. thanks
Tazzz8 years ago
I like it! Fun, cheap, easy.
akimbo m8 years ago
Hey if you are a new user, please excuse some of our user base, its just some event that occurs in many other young communities as well. Anyway, thanks for contributing an instructable. I'm not too sure how the little cap could fly, but I guess its something that can be done on a boring office day. Enjoy :) And keep making
As stupid as it is it's stil an instructable. There are instructables for everything (boiling water).
Neodudeman8 years ago
umm.. i really hope this isn't finished.