Introduction: The World's Cheapest Frizbee

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This is fun and cheap and fun.

Step 1: Get the Stuff

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All you need is...
1.a hand
2.a soda top thing
3.mad skills

Step 2: Firing

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take the soda cap thing and dig it into your middle finger.Aim, and without moving
your hand,flick your finger out and the cap should spin like a frizbee. The more you
practice the more fun math can really be.


ben88b (author)2011-07-12

i love you

kylekosan23 (author)2011-07-03

wow kinda like a office toy rite

paperairplanecreator (author)2010-11-07

math shall become fun!

dombeef (author)2008-12-30

How dare you say that to rimar2000!

kokosmack (author)2008-09-14

Sweet! works great! at first i was trying to dig the top into the middle of the tip of my finger but i found that it only works if i dig it in the tip of the tip of my finger. lol

mitul117 (author)2008-05-29

thats pretty cool!

Wasagi (author)2008-05-15

Thank You! This has taken over my life, and I have a huge collection of soda tabs. Awesome!

TomMcKiller (author)2006-10-30

i wan't finished

But if you weren't finished, why'd you post it before finishing it?

The computer i was on was is messed up and slow and when I pressed next step it published it

TomMcKiller (author)TomMcKiller2006-10-30

plus it is finished now

rimar2000 (author)TomMcKiller2007-11-02

Tom, I was changed idea. Comparative with others that came later, this instructable is impeccable. If I have offended you, I request you know how to forgive me.

trebuchet03 (author)TomMcKiller2006-10-30

Computers are indeed dumb.... they only do EXACTLY what you tell them to do... so I guess its time for a driver change ;)

hmmm.....mistake? give the guy a break, he looks like hes 13 anyway, you shouldnt expect him to do everything perfect. and my dad missclicks things ALL the time anyway, and hes 37!

ARVash (author)2007-09-25

Rimar is an elitist, what he fails to realize is that stupid simple instructables are what make this site beautiful. I can look up anything, even if I have the competence level of a banana. Try adding a couple of pictures of how far you can shoot it... any ways I can protect my finger from getting cut, shooting techniques. It's a clever idea, I really like this instructable (especially as a first). V-- Observe the be nice policy, just because Rimar was being a troll, just let it roll off. Don't worry about them we'll flag them if they're bad. :D. Keep rocking dude!

rimar2000 (author)ARVash2007-11-02

You are in the certain thing. I thought that Instructables was a place where one could find ONLY serious things, even being amusement. But after a time I have realized that it is not this way. It is necessary to accept the reality. Comparative with others that came later, this instructable is impeccable.

WesDoesStuff (author)2007-11-01

i don't know if you could tell but i was defending your instructable.peace

Arbitror (author)2007-10-26

Guys be nice. I go with bowakowa

bowakowa (author)2006-11-04

COME ON PEOPLE! This kid is exploring a new media and learning as he does it. Why yall gotta be such haters? Are you afraid we'll run out of server space? Rock on, little dude. Cure cancer for us, okay?

ARVash (author)bowakowa2007-09-25

Don't forget to make the cancer curing instructable with it!!

ARVash (author)2007-09-25

Comments like these are far more destructive than any instructable that you find yourself too good for. Many of the early "crappy instructable makers" later are inspired to create some of the best instructables out there. If you think an instructable is poorly made, mark it negative and move on, If it's spam; flag it so. Calling it a "stupidity" is hurtful and unnecessary, observe the "be nice" policy. I flagged your comment; as it was neither positive, nor constructive.

ARVash (author)2007-09-25

Instead of being added as a full instructable, this should be under the quick tips list, but nj nonetheless.

andy60 (author)2007-08-05

wow its fun cheap AND fun!! lol i really like it thanks :D

bicyclelifestyle (author)2006-10-30

For a moment in step 3 I thought it said 'how fun meth can be'. Its the only kind of frisbee tweekers can afford.


iman (author)2006-10-31

these are awsome I do this all the time you can get these to go fast enough to leave welts :)

TomMcKiller (author)iman2006-11-19

no way how?

iman (author)TomMcKiller2006-11-28

just a lot of practice

James (pseudo-geek) (author)iman2007-06-30

and muscles the size 2 liter pop bottles....

cracker94 (author)2007-04-01

seems pretty cool but woodnt pushing the thing tht far into your finger cut it?

Wetwillie1800 (author)2007-03-18

I figured out you can aim w/ your index finger. (Pointer finger for you dumb people, 2nd finger for you really dumb people)

casvandegoor (author)2007-03-17

looks funny, i will try!

thedomainer (author)2006-12-18

man i dont get it i always buy the 2 lter pop any way....

dalton2021 (author)2006-12-11

how do you dig it into you finger nail

Dieffsta (author)2006-12-09

just give the dude a break

tnriverfish (author)2006-12-06

perfect! I had been looking for a game to play with the jr high youth. like this one a lot. thanks

Tazzz (author)2006-11-14

I like it! Fun, cheap, easy.

akimbo m (author)2006-10-30

Hey if you are a new user, please excuse some of our user base, its just some event that occurs in many other young communities as well. Anyway, thanks for contributing an instructable. I'm not too sure how the little cap could fly, but I guess its something that can be done on a boring office day. Enjoy :) And keep making

WesDoesStuff (author)2006-10-30

As stupid as it is it's stil an instructable. There are instructables for everything (boiling water).

Neodudeman (author)2006-10-30

umm.. i really hope this isn't finished.

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