The World's Cheapest Frizbee





Introduction: The World's Cheapest Frizbee

This is fun and cheap and fun.

Step 1: Get the Stuff

All you need is...
1.a hand
2.a soda top thing
3.mad skills

Step 2: Firing

take the soda cap thing and dig it into your middle finger.Aim, and without moving
your hand,flick your finger out and the cap should spin like a frizbee. The more you
practice the more fun math can really be.



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    i love you

    wow kinda like a office toy rite

    How dare you say that to rimar2000!

    Sweet! works great! at first i was trying to dig the top into the middle of the tip of my finger but i found that it only works if i dig it in the tip of the tip of my finger. lol

    thats pretty cool!

    Thank You! This has taken over my life, and I have a huge collection of soda tabs. Awesome!

    But if you weren't finished, why'd you post it before finishing it?

    The computer i was on was is messed up and slow and when I pressed next step it published it