Anybody who likes a good steak sandwich can appreciate the ease of steak-umms. I love a good steak-umm sandwich and over time I've developed what i believe to be the world's best steak-um sandwich!

This particular recipe is a little spicy but the spiciness is balanced out with sweetness. This makes for a delicious sandwich!

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Step 1: Ingredients/Tools

All you need to make this is:
  • 2 pieces of steak (The sheets of steak-umms are packaged by twos in between wax paper)
  • Half a small-medium sized onion
  • Butter (For greasing the pan and sautee'-ing your onions)
  • Tabasco sauce
  • Worcestershire sauce
  • Rolls
  • Sugar (Trust me when I say that this makes the recipe)

  • A small frying pan
  • A knife
  • A stovetop
  • Plastic or wooden fork/spoon for stirring
  • Paper towels
<p>a better idea is to figure out how to make homemade steakums steaks as some of us live outside the US and they dont have them international. ripped up steakums just isnt doing it for me lol </p>
Personally I stay away from "Smeat", but then again: Donor kebab... (looks nice, but I like onions browner) L
Yum, doner sauce, especially Canadian style, seems to be "curdled" milk of some sort, milk reacted with an acid like lemon juice. I prefer the true turkish or greek tzatziki yougurt-cucumber sauces.
<p>i think doner sauce is type of tahini sauce </p>
I use steakums and simaler types of sliced steak pretty much the way you did here and sams club sells a more philly cheesesteak type of meat. I like to add steaksauce and hotpeppers to the cooking mixture. To drain I move all the meat mix to one side of the pan and let the pan tilt off the burner while the cheese melts, this leave enough grease for flavor. Ive found that thin sliced roast beef makes a really decent cheesesteak especially if you add some steaksauce as it warms up. I know..thats an expensive cut but its cheaper than going out! White bread works in a pinch but I prefer to toast it, you can also use half of a pita shell , taco/burritto tortillas or an artiusian wrap
Sounds really good, I'll have to try roast beef sometime because that sounds delicious.
I guess this is a reasonable facsimile of a Philly-style cheesesteak if you needed a fix in an emergency. I find that those prepared frozen steak sheets are too processed and full of preservatives. Try to make a real cheesesteak sometime but be warned it is a cholesterol bomb where you do not degrease it and the cheese and bun are warmed up by the mess of a big pile of meat and onions on the grill. Part of the experience is the juice and grease oozing out of the end of the sandwich. Yum anyway.
When I had my appendix out, I puked steak-umms. *shivers*

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