The World's Loudest Party Popper - The Most Portable Film Cannister Cannon

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I first saw the Film Cannister Cannon over on SciToys. First CameronSS and then Kipkay both posted versions here, but this version is small enough to be pocket-sized, and usable as the world's loudest party-popper. It is also made entirely of re-used components.

Step 3 includes a video summary of the instructions, plus a firing.

Mind the lights.

Step 1: What you need:

Picture of What you need:
This make is effectively free, using materials you can scrounge and tools you probably already have.

A 35mm film cannister - the tighter the lid fits, the better, so try for the translucent white ones. I've gone digital, but I can still get loads of the cannisters by asking nicely at my local Boots photo counter (it saves the staff walking out to the recycle bin).

The sparking-unit from a cigarette lighter. I'm not a smoker, but they're convenient for lighting Bunsen burners. This one, though, was actually confiscated from a pupil caught shocking people in the corridor.

A sharp knife - penknife, Xacto, anything that can make short, clean cuts in the cannister. I would not recommend using a kitchen knife - the relatively long blade makes them harder to control in short, fine cuts, and more dangerous if you slip.

Fuel. Some people use hair-spray, SciToys uses mouth-freshener spray, but my fuel of choice is methanol (denatured alcohol, available in the US as camping stove fuel or Heet).

As an option, you may want to fix the sparker in place. Several different glues will do the job - Serious Glue, hot glue, contact adhesive.
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But shocking people with piezo igniters is fun!
kinneil2 years ago
u can make a large 1 out of plumbing pipe and shoot frozen orange about 100m
Kiteman (author)  kinneil2 years ago
You need a spud gun - see the search box at the top-right of the page?
infob3 years ago
Done. Fun. Thanks.
Kiteman (author)  infob3 years ago
You're welcome - thanks for commenting.
powercow2443 years ago
my friend and I fill party poppers with airsoft BB's and tie a string to them and use them as claymores
ilpug4 years ago
these are great. they can also easily be modified into a small potato cannon.
Wafflicious6 years ago
What does kitewife think of these?
I think they're a blast!
Kiteman (author)  Wafflicious6 years ago
She just rolls here eyes...
hintss Kiteman4 years ago
who is this "eyes" you are speaking to? :P
Kiteman (author)  hintss4 years ago
I just looked at your profile. It sounds familiar. Do I know you in real life?
"Loves computers, free stuff, cool technology, exploiting the aforementioned cool technology, and making bad attempts at being funny (this was one of them)."

Doesn't that describe, like...every nerd in every school in every country?
Kiteman (author)  Lithium Rain4 years ago
hintss Kiteman4 years ago
not that I know of. my science teacher has a small lasercut catapult sitting on his computer, though...
Kiteman (author)  hintss4 years ago
Ah, I thought you were an ex-pupil of mine.
That's kind of funny lol!
 I remember beehard44 with one of those piezoelectric igniters. That was a truly shocking experience...

By the way, does Ethyl Alcohol (70%) work too.
so does hairspray
ethyl alcohol burns, hairspray on the other hand.... lol
Kiteman (author)  nutsandbolts_645 years ago
It should do, yes.

stranoster7 years ago
I can't seem to make the seal completely seal and all the gas comes out through there. I am using hot glue and when i put too much in it just clogs up the button. Do you have any helpful hints?
I've just added a wad so we'll see how it goes. Thanks for the great take on this project. I'm glad to know there are more people who go on scitoys than just me.
Kiteman (author)  stranoster7 years ago
You're welcome. As for the seal, just get another cannister and try that - photo developing shops will have hundreds you can have for free if you ask nicely. The translucent cannisters seal better than the black ones. As for the glue, try it without (you just need to put the clicker back each time), or try a blob of blu tac (I don't what that's called in the US, but it's the blue putty-like stuff used for holding up posters).
Thanks for the help, but I meant the seal around the button.
just use some 5 min. epoxy. that stuff is great!
Kiteman (author)  stranoster7 years ago
Simple answer to that - start again. This time, cut the hole small enough that the button only fits through with a snug fit. Gases will still escape, but not so freely as to spoil the bang. If you look closely at the pictures, I have a round button sticking out of a square hole. Clearly there are losses at the corners, but it works fine.
selaja Kiteman7 years ago
It is called poster putty
ha ha laugh out loud i am new here but already wetting myself and by the the way it an expression
Kiteman (author)  cheekycat087 years ago
LOL - welcome, Cheekycat08.

If you're looking for an even easier exploding project, try my Accidental Cannon - I've just been doing it with my Science Club, and we had to move outside because it was so loud.
I don't live in the US. I'm in Australia. I was just wondering now, why I can only ever seem to get one or two pops every time I make one. Its quite annoying. It still sparks and it still holds the liquid. The cap seal seems to be intact as well. Even if I change the liquid over it stops working. I made one with just the wires in the bottom of a white, good sealing one and it still only worked 3 times, even with a change of liquid. If you have any ideas, please post them.
Kiteman (author)  iceiclepop7 years ago
Sorry, that puzzles me. Have you tried shaking it to spread vapour around inside the pot?
woody5585 years ago
I made one of these but the sparker goes through the bottom instead of the side. When I tried to fire it, it did nothing. I took the cap off and checked to make sure there was a spark. When I sparked it, it made a small fire. I am using spray deodorant spray for fuel. Do you think there might be a hole in the canister? Should I glue it?
Kiteman (author)  woody5585 years ago
If you squirt in spray, you may be shorting the spark. Yes, block any holes you can, but when you squirt in the fuel, keep it away from the sparker (dribble it down the other side), put the lid on, then shake it to make ignitable fumes.
blrosenberg6 years ago
where do you get the sparker from and how
Kiteman (author)  blrosenberg6 years ago
As it says in step one, the sparker is from an old cigarette lighter - I just broke the lighter to get it out.
shipo10666 years ago
simple and very effective and only took me about 5 mins to make. many thanx.
Bartboy6 years ago
Mr. K Can you do a quick vid on how to get the sparker out, as I do not know how, even if it is simple.
Kiteman (author)  Bartboy6 years ago
No need for a video -

First, make sure the lighter is empty, otherwise a stray spark might create a fireball, and the gas can be dangerous if inhaled.

Second, peel away the metal parts around the top of the lighter. You may be able to pull the sparker out that way with a pair of pliers.

Otherwise, simply squeeze the lighter hard, with pliers, or in a vice, until the plastic cracks. Crack off enough plastic, and the sparker will come out in one piece, wire and all.

Or, as others have said, simply smack the lighter with something hard and heavy.
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