My grenade launcher. Launches the X4.

Step 1: The Top of the Barrel

The top part of the Barrel.

Step 2: The Bottom of the Barrel

The bottom part of the Barrel

Step 3: The Ram

The big ram.

Step 4: The Side Plates

Make two of each, and attach to both sides as shown.

Step 5: The Pseudo-Magazine/Club

This a false Magazine that is best used as a club.

Step 6: The Small Frontal Bit

A tiny piece.

Step 7: The Demented Frontal Shell

The front part.

Step 8: The Handle

The part to which one holds on.

Step 9: The Front Side Plates

These will connect steps 7 and 8.

Step 10: The Bottom Brick

This piece sits at the bottom.

Step 11: The Hinge-y Trigger

These hinge-y parts will become the trigger.

Step 12: The Top Brick

The top part.

Step 13: The Other Plates

Plates that protect the trigger.

Step 14: The Back Brick

This part sits at the back

Step 15: The Pull-Down-Er

This activates the weapon.

Step 16: The Stock

Your shoulder rests here.

Step 17: The Handle and Connection

Your hand rests there. Also, connect.

Step 18: How to Use

To Load, Pull back the Giant Ram and pull up. It should snap into place, If not, try again. Also, don't overload on rubber bands... If you do, the grenade will explode upon firing.

Step 19: Regular Fire Adapter

If you want to fire regular rods, make this and place it in picture 2 when needed. When not needed, place in picture 3.

And then... you are done.

whats in between the 2 yellow connectors at the top of step 15?<br>plz reply
wouldn't the grenade be better with blue spacers?Even if it makes it harder to find the pieces you would get better results surely?<br>
&nbsp;If you want the rating of this gun to go up, and potentially even over 4 stars, all you have to do is make the second picture on the intro the main first picture :)<br /> <br /> also 5 stars<br />
I have a feeling he doesn't really care about ratings. He's running with the ball machine crew on ibles.
ball machine crew?!
should make the bottom hlaf an actua rod firing gun with mag and sorta looks lyk a longer weirder p90-but has lots of potentiol
cool, it works as a shotgun if you over band it!
i have build an other knex granadelauncher myselfs. it is powerfull, and has an true trigger. + it can hold lots of ruberbands without breaking the rod. should i post mine?
sounds nice. post it, please.
look at the date, i have recyceled my grenadelauncher almost 5 months ago.
I dont like how you have to bend the black/grey rods in the firing pin, they could break and you would be short two or mor pieces.
cool neon green connector! amazing!
u look young how old are u?
something wrong with that? It doesn't matter how old you are when it comes to something you like to do.
No. He seems older, probably just his brilliant mind....
14 now, but still.
Lol. Old habits die hard.
That they do.
I'm 22 and I love K'nex.
How far does it shoot the X4s?
im building it tomorrow(no school[yay!!!!]),so i will reply again so that you know.not that you might not have built it in 7 months.
I haven't, so let me know if it works well.
my website:<a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.freewebs.com/supermodeler">http://www.freewebs.com/supermodeler</a>sorry about spamming, trainy. i just like it. lol.<br/>
i wont be able to, i dont think i have enough little green/black thingies.
Awesome. I have to say that I've never seen a bendy rod used as a firing pin.
umm... thats not a bendy rod, its the strong black rod lol.
then thats a lot of stress on it. look at step 18, the second picture and see how much the rod bends. i would think a strengthened rod wouldn't bend that much.
yea. the strong rods arnt that strong. you need to equalise the rubberband power on it. not have it all in one direction. the bendy rods are green and purple.
I also have some clear bendy rods that look the same as the clear strong ones.
No, actually the rod has to be bent for the machine to function.
hmm. then why did you use a strong rod? i would have just used a grey.
It would have bent too much.
ahh yes i see, and the bendy rods stay bent and would have not worked. ok.
i've also seen black bendy rods too for one of the rollercoaster sets. i have some.
too many pieces!
this things cool, has anyone done a piece count because i dont want to take my current gun apart if i cant build it.
that thing looks pretty cool. If there is one thing i like about all your knex instructables thought, are the names. Creative!
i have to say that this is a really cool gun i've never seen a grenadelauncer like this
one question. when you make it fire regular bullets, about how far does it shoot? i'll probably make, because those grenades are pretty awesome, and to have something that can shoot them will be pretty awesome. +1, did i already say that?
It actually doesn't fire them that far... but you can load up like 10 bullets without the adapter and just fire a huge spray.
sweet. i'll make soon (by that i mean whenever i have time to mess with my knex
pretty cool +1
i. am gonn make this! when i have time..
Dude, the est GL I have seen yet. +1
Dude, awesome job! I so want to make this. Great pictures, everything's awesome, hopefully I will have enough pieces to make this. +1 rating.
very cool, but i think its overkill for a grenade launcher.

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