This gun is a rubber band shooting gun, but is unbelievable. It is incredibly strong and can hold all 8 #64 bands and is semi-auto. This is all based off of  rivera364's gun in the instructable named KNEX RBG REPEATER TRIGGER. Give credit to him for the idea :) 

It has the strongest stock I've ever built and looks cool. p.s.   some of you think that the stock looks flimsy.... trust me it's not. i wouldn't say it's the greatest stock if it was like that...

Step 1: Step 1

 I will explain everything in the image notes, so read them!
<p>Awesome mechanism! Used this in a K'NEX RBG (rubber band gun) war, and it worked great! Here's my version:</p>
Makes a boss pistol :) 5/5 but could someone explain 2 things to me real quick? <br>1) where is the rate button/way of placing a rating on an instructable? <br>2) what does a stock do?
Awesome stock!!!!<br /> I&nbsp;think it looks really cool!<br />
most people don't like the bending<br />
well it looks like it bends but if you build this you will agree its the srongest stock ever. i thought it was gonna be a complete fail when i was building it then when i was done i was like.... WOW.&nbsp;
I do think it's pretty strong indeed, by the way thanks for subscribing<br />
epic! 5*<br />
no problem!<br />
&nbsp;thanks for the 5 star rating whoever that was :)

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Bio: I fricken love knex sooooo much.
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