Picture of The Yerjoking Pistol   *UPDATED New video of other guns*
This is my pistol, its a true trigger sort of, and i got the trigger from gotja, the pistol is about the average size of a normal pistol, the only thing that i sort of coppied was the trigger, anyway, the good things: erm...has decent range, accurate?
bad things: the trigger can't hold a hell lot of tension, the trigger is weird, and you don't pull it you sort of push it, (build it and you'll know what i mean) and you have to "pull" the trigger in order to pull the firig pin back, the gun fires grey connectors

Please ignore background, a new video with better quality and voice will be up shortly, i didn't realize i had sound on, because it was switched off, anyway, i now have a better pistol than this one, if you like it, say and i will post pictures and/or an instructable =]

The video below is for banana inventor

the video below this text is the other guns

Step 1: Peice count


Orange - 14

Yellow - 23

Blue hubcap - 1

Grey (one slot) - 7

Red - 7

White - 23


Green/black - around 66

Yellow - 1

Blue - 3

White/Silver - around 35

Other: 3 black hands/y clips

Total : around 186 Enough to make a few for dear victims, erm, i mean friends =]
admin7 years ago
Hey, this is a great instructable and is very informative. Just one thing is missing... pictures! It really helps a lot when trying to follow directions so you should consider taking some photographs. Once you do that and leave me a message when you have so that we can publish your work. Thanks! Thanks for the cool instructable and we hope to publish this soon!
DrWeird1177 years ago
Haters whose droning request for the list are much more annoying than block triggers. Copy and paste if you agree.
id have to dissagree with u on that also isnt it a little annoying that u copy and paste that saying everywhere?
Oh, well. Can't make 'em drink.

And maybe so, but y'know what's annoying? Adam West.
well i was i little harsh with my comment so my bad
i only dissagreed b/c 10 piece block trig guns should not should be added to lists like that so the maker of the gun will delete it.
also is adam west the guy on family guy? Cause i like that charactor on the show :)
He's a real person, too.
 oh well,  ur right hes probably pretty annoying in real life
yerjoking (author)  DrWeird1177 years ago
yerjoking (author)  DrWeird1177 years ago
My gun isn't a block trigger, and theres no use saying never mind when you just spammed my 'ible
It's not spam so much as a protest. I know it's not a block trigger, but I posted it on a knex gun. There's no offense to you, why should you care?
yerjoking (author)  DrWeird1177 years ago
I thought you were saying my gun was bad, which i know my gun is bad, but i don't really want people telling me, and i thought it was odd since you posted that on about 4 other guns, and all were block triggers, i just assumed you were saying it all to me
NO! sayiing it to block trigger haters
Did you died?
well, I_Am_Canadian has a new buddy, I suppose...
another one?!?
wow, im surprised he hasnt TOLD you!
Yeah, he has now...
Who are you?
Oblivitus7 years ago
This looks a lot like my new gun. You should check out my AP3.
cept ur guns dont stink like this one
That's not nice, lol.
yerjoking (author)  Oblivitus7 years ago
mine was posed a day after yours =], i didn't copy it though
I wasn't suggesting that you copied it, you can't be that fast, lol. Did you check out my gun though?
yerjoking (author)  Oblivitus7 years ago
i saw yours after i posted mine =]
but mine was pretty poop, i like yours alot
knexfan91826 years ago
..... some how my assault pistol looks half way what this looks like
yerjoking (author)  knexfan91826 years ago
Yeah but I bet yours is better.
No I think the bolt on mine doesn't go as far back but it looks really complex.
Could be a little longer, but very cool. 4.5 stars.
yerjoking (author)  bannana inventor7 years ago
thank you very much =]
your welcome
DJ Radio7 years ago
the pics are clear enough, but they aren't big enough to tell what is going on here...
yerjoking (author)  DJ Radio7 years ago
i'm sorry, but i'll take that advice for my next instructable
are there any other steps saying follow pic? Lol, no. It's an okay pistol. I don't really like the trigger or that it doesn't shoot really far, but I think it's good for modding. 3 stars.
yerjoking (author)  PineapplebobTheGreat7 years ago
and btw, its extremely easy to mod, i've made the magazine bigger, but i do not know how to make good true triggers, and have you built my pistol?
yerjoking (author)  PineapplebobTheGreat7 years ago
no, but i do have a really simple crossbow, its same trigger, but its more accurate ad powerful, but flimsy, but these are my first true trigger guns, and my first attempt, i know i can do better, but right now i'm building guns that i can use on my friends, and that can't exactly hurt them
lol the one conecter i only have a few of left