Picture of The ZVS driver
Everybody who is interested in high voltage herd about  the zvs driver for the flyback transformer.
2x IRFP250 n-fet
2x 12v zenner diodes
2x 470ohm resistors
2x 10kohm resistors
2x 400v fast diodes
1x inductor 200uH
1x 250v capacitor 0.68uF or higher

Step 1: Assembly

Mount mosfets on a large heatsink,
Solder everything togather
GioC13 months ago

i'm planing to use power supply from my old xbox(360) to power my ZVS, that i haven't finished yet, but

will this be the proper power supply for it or not?

Alex1M64 years ago
Nice guide. Have you ever tried yours on 24v or higher? I find there is quite a difference between running a ZVS on 12 and on 24V.

theVader75 (author)  Alex1M64 years ago
no i didn't but now i want to build a supply for it
Lead acid battery's work well for this, that is what I used.
FriXs Alex1M65 months ago
anyone tried rc accus yet with 60c/120c max? would they get destroyed?
theVader75 (author)  Alex1M64 years ago
yes they do but i dont have so much money to spend on a project
skozima1 year ago
このサイトの中の商品でIRFP250 N-FET の代用できるものを教えてください。
skozima1 year ago
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このサイトの中でIRFP250 N-FET の代用できるものはありますか?
leviterande2 years ago
Hi, I want to power a SGTC with this ZVS driver, my question: what about the dangers of burning the mosfets and flyback secondary from the SGTC kickbacks? or shouldnt I be worried?
Homepwner3 years ago
O.K. I built one of these on a plywood board and it worked beautifully at 24 volts from 2 car batteries. I hooked the secondary leads through A DVD disc and it exploded. I replaced every part of the first zvs driver and it didn't work, I built a 2nd, 3rd and fourth model, different methods, every time, and always new parts. Now all I get is an inductor that arcs and hisses or one of the Irfp250's heats up, ready to explode. I upgraded to 5W 470 ohm resistors,1-5 watt zener diodes, a .68uf non electrolytic capacitor rated @630 volts. I've wound 3 different inductors with different types of wire and different ferrite cores. I don't know what to do.....
anyone want to have a look at my latest proto board mounted unit?
Use a commercial inductor instead that you know it will not saturate, which sounds like what might have caused your circuit to latch up. It needs to be the powered iron type and have a saturation current rating of about 10 amps or more.
Hi, I did purchase a few new components last summer and found a combination that worked for me.
Less science based than trial and error :) I made a 4'tall jacobs ladder and although I wish I had made an instructable at the time....I at least made a long video on YouTube showing the layout... check it out if you want...and feel free to criticize. This setup oddly keeps cool except for the capacitors in the charge tank.
Thanks for the feedback!
That is really nice, I like how you have it all on a piece of wood and there is an switch mounted just in case ( :

What is the longest you have had it running for?
Thanks! I did use your instructables as partial inspiration for this build so I appreciate the compliment!
I have run it for 3-4 minutes. I really expected the Mosfets to get hot. They don't even warm up! The two capacitors connected to the primary windings do warm up fairly quickly.
The Zvs circuit shows only one cap....
I found that 2 caps heated up slower when connected in parallel..
The capacitors see very high peak currents which is why they along with the primary winding get quite warm (becuase of the resonant tank they form).

I have had MKP capacitors melt open before after long runs of my driver, lol.

These are the sort of capacitors they normally use in this type of application, and they normally have many in parallel. But if you want to see some real work capacitors then type in "induction heating capacitors" into google images. Huge things!
I would try using a power supply with less current. Generally, car batteries have a good deal of current available and that can lead to things popping. The reason it's not working might be that your MOSFET's are instantly frying. I don't think IRFP250's are rated for that much current. If you must use car batteries as a power supply, get some more robust MOSFET's.
guruji13 years ago
How much voltage and freq it gives out?
dog digger3 years ago
The schematic (one) does not make sense. It's just a schematic for a tesla coil
oops, my bad