This is one of the techniques that use every day. all you have to do is put the remote to your cheek and click the button why pressed against your cheek what this does is it sends the signal using you as a huge antenna.
It's honestly because the remote is further up and has less obstruction to your vehicle. It is physically impossible for your body to act as a radio with the key.
Stolen from kipkay
^ This. This is a proof http://kipkay.com/episodes/30-mini-hack-remote-booster/
Does not work. <br>Vehicles tested on- <br>Toyota Fortuner <br>Tata Safari <br>Mahindra 500. <br>
Ok I will only let you be a critic if you try it or google it I saw It on top gear uk
What's so funny
haha ...
Your skull takes the signal and sends it.it is like attaching a way larger antenna to the remote
Why does this work?
It won't work on every single one but it will for most
What car do you have then
No it don't
This doesn't even work
Make sure you have the remote touching your cheek when you click the button
Try it
Ya it does

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