The Accidental Pocket Jet Engine Parts





Introduction: The Accidental Pocket Jet Engine Parts

Parts that can be easily obtained for killerjackalope's jet engine. Includes body of jet, and the jet nozzel(probably not as good as what he is thinkin up )

Step 1: Materials

Ok, what you need is:

an old R/C car controler
needlenose pliers
a small hole puncher
old airsoft gun(or new cheap one)

Step 2: Break Antenna

First you need to break the antenna off, this will be what you use to make the jet nozzel.
then you have to poke four small and i stress small holes in the sides near the end. Then you have to make a "v" shape with the needle nos pliers at the end. This may be difficult to do depending on the metal it is made of. its should look like it does in the third pic below. you may want to leave a small gap between the bases to allow a little gas through, it is optional though, and i have not had any benifits from it.


Step 3: The Barrel

All you have to do for this is take apart the airsoft gun any way you want and remove the metal barrel from the gun. best to use a clear gun so you know it has one too, dont want to ruin a good gun. this will be the body of the jet and it works great too! can be cut down if its too long, and if its even bigger you could even make two with it!



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    Can you make your instructions a little more clearer for making a jet nozzle?

    this reminds me of a hobby blowtorch i have you pour methalated spirits in it and the vapors Make the flame !

    Hey, nice instructable! I also noticed the ruler. "fox valley savings" Is this fox valley in Australia?

    Have you considered giving it a direct O2 feed? You could probably crank it higher.. Electrolyze some water and pump it to your intake.. Its a nice job.. I feel sorry for ppl who waste money on toy guns etc just to get basic parts that can be substituted though.. I made some jet nozzles to give my butane torch (which actually uses cheap lighters as fuel cells) various flames.. I did quite a bit of research, I should still have a bunch of data still on my hdd.. (If I find them can you read *.djvu files?) I also ended up making a similar flame out of parafin, but that took alot of preheated O2.. Without the heat I couldn't fully burn the parafin as it melted, and got drops out the bottom.. I was running it through 20' hot coiled copper tubing Its pretty cool what can happen when your fuel gets to burn oxygen rich.. Any flame that can be strengthened by blowing on it is oxygen deficient, and thats just wasteful..:)

    You could use hydrogen gas along with pure oxygen , but it would get very hot because hydrogen burns with a very hot flame

    actually if i wanted to, i could just use a tank of oxygen i have back from when i was in welding, its a small one so it dosent have much in it but it will work. oh, btw run this by killerjackalop[e to if you havent already

    Well i did the nozzle and when i fired id up and it was just like i am igniting a lighter :O there was no "jet flame" help :( :( :(

    Is there any hole on the "v" thing? Please, reply.

    yes, there should be a small gap between the two pieces to allow the gas through.

    Ok, thank you :) i'm subscribing! :P