Picture of The accidental pocket jet engine...
Yep, that's right a baby jet engine, it takes in air and uses fuel to heat and therefore expand the air, this particular engine is more a functioning model, it produces little thrust in real terms, it is however a lot of fun and makes one interesting ornament, albeit a dangerous one.

Continue on and see, by the way here's a video to go with it.

Step 1: Tools and materials

Picture of Tools and materials
*File (possibly avoided)
*A lighter

*A metal pen barrel
*The cap of a bic pen
*Some wire (I used bare steel wire)
*A jet lighter nozzle (If you don't have one I'll soon have an instructable showing you how to make one)
*A lighter reservoir (I used one off another jet lighter that had three nozzles, converted it to one for power)
T0BY1 month ago
Isn't it a blowtorch?
ceraman5 years ago
is this a really jet engine or just a decorative model? i want to make a practical one. but i think that's not work in this way.
rbetel ceraman3 months ago

I would say this is more of a small rocket than a jet.

killerjackalope (author)  ceraman5 years ago
This one won't produce serious thrust, for the size and valveless pulse jets probably the best option, I have plans to build a jet engine with useful thrust but at the moment I'm working on some high voltage projects
KipH6 months ago

What is the jet nozzle made of I can't find a video of how to make it.

hey this is sweet and I want to build it but im not sure how if I can use a regular lighter or not and I don't know where to poke the holes.

hey this is sweet and I want to build it but im not sure how if I can use a regular lighter or not and I don't know where to poke the holes.

could you add fans or turbines to this
how do you ignite the fuel air mixture
techno guy4 years ago
Where can I buy a jet lighter that is cheap and durable?
Homedepot in the welding section for 3$
walgreens for 5
I bought one at a local gas station for around 10 bucks. little reservoir though
killerjackalope (author)  techno guy4 years ago
The funny thing is dollar store ones have pretty much the same innards as more expensive ones - try to get one with a metal body as they tend to have less integrated parts inside.

For your nozzle question, this guy got it before I did...


On the other 'ible you asked about making a nozzle for a lighter - I doubt you'd get one to fit and work in a lighter unless you machined one just like a manufactured one...
coonass7 years ago
Hot DAMN! This is unreal! Ever tried putting this on a flat bed HO scale rail car, setting the whole thing on HO rail tracks and re-creating a rocket sled? Just curious. You should be able to put a micro scale of some sort in front of the assembly so the jet sled/rail car pushes against it and allows you to measure your thrust in ounces or grams. In fact, you could calibrate a system like this by cutting the explosive charge off of a model rocket engine, putting THAT on your rail car and measuring the thrust as I described - then comparing that to the rated thrust of the engine. That would give you a comparison. By measuring several different sizes of model rocket engine, you could work out a conversion factor to allow you to calculate the actual thrust from the readings on your scale just by calculating ratios of real thrust to measured thrust. If you're serious, of course, you'd need to burn up several examples of each thrust level model rocket engine to reduce the impact of observational error and/or chance mishap on your calculations. Good work, dude!
The jet here dosen't put out much thrust. Not even enough to move itself
Or use model rockets specifically designed for cars - cutting off the explosive (recovery) charge prevents any thrust, if I remember rightly.
carefull what you do with the explosive charge out of a model rocket engine(specificaly C6-3s and higher). Trust me, I would know that a 3rd degree burn all over the bottom of your hand hurts like hell, and takes really long to heal. Just a word of caution :)
killerjackalope (author)  coonass7 years ago
It's not quite at that stage but soon it will be...
I built one of these out of some gas pipe fitting. And it was quite successful.
I was thinking about using an old 30-06 bullet casing cut to size. might be thick enough to handle the heat better?
I'd say a 30-30 round.
Aron3133 years ago
Thats sick!! put it on a small plane!!!! or do what coonass said!!!!!!
techno guy4 years ago
How do you make a jet lighter nozzle?
bio-logical4 years ago
i can't seem to find any kind of tube in some of the devices you have said like a jet lighter or what not, so is it possible to find them in bar-be-que lighters?
jbman8404 years ago

sarey for the spelling i have dislexeya
your desine is intresting and prity cool i am going to make a jet engine useing and plasma torch you see plasma is som would say is the 4th state of matter and i will spin the plasma with magnetick felds and at the rite speed i will reles it and if all gos well it willl give a woping 66% afishinsee
Ki1o4 years ago
I wonder if it would be possible to make a mini afterburner to add thrust to it.
Tobor 2.04 years ago
every try adjusting it so it creates more thrust
tzq33tdq4 years ago
i've been wondering how to make a jet engine for some time now and i have finally found out how.
killerjackalope (author)  tzq33tdq4 years ago
There are a lot of better options than this one, it's more or less just a model, no serious thrust...

Pulse jets are a cheap way to start...
1154945 years ago
since you know how to make a jet engine i was wondering if you know how to make a mini gasoline engine because i am trying to make one. thanks.
killerjackalope (author)  1154945 years ago
Look at two stroke engines, the simplest type of piston engine if you're going to build one from scratch that's a good place to start.
fly_boy_bc5 years ago
Um... Jet engines have thrust. This is NOT a jet engine it is a camp stove or cigarette lighter. Suggestion :read read read. There ARE working jet engines AS SIMPLE AS THIS ONE but they actually produce thrust. No moving parts required. It's called a ram jet but I would reccomend a pulsejet since it has STATIC thrust.
Why are the pictures not showing!!!!!!! I'm trying to build one but I cannot see how you did yours.
Pyro-crazy6 years ago
Here are the new nozzle pictures again. Do you think these will work?
the images
rug Pyro-crazy5 years ago
how does those work if u could have a look and answer a questain i posted on how does a jet lighter work . thanks
if you jb weld a nut the size of the threads on the to the back it would make fo and easy removal, but it might eventualy burn up and fall off, if you know how and have the tools you cloud weld it on
killerjackalope (author)  Pyro-crazy6 years ago
Perfect looking one, looks just like the original ones I used, see the hole in the cross section, that's the one that needs to be outside the barrel with only the hole where the mixed gas and air comes out inside. Any objects you can find that stand the heat and make a good shape are game for experimentation, some people had luck with spent Co2 capsules by drilling holes in them - click view all comments and look at them for a few ideas.
Mario16 years ago
When is this "soon" going to be ???
killerjackalope (author)  Mario16 years ago
Very - I got sidetracked by a lot happening to me, plus other projects and tech work, I'm getting materials and such next week.
killerjackalope (author)  RocketPenguin5 years ago
Well I got somewhere with it then left it alone for a long time because it went a bit wrong and I still have nerve damage along the outside of index finger...  
 any idea when the instructable will be finished cos im eager to make another engine
Also when your engine is complete can we use it in RC vehicles?
killerjackalope (author)  FaqMan6 years ago
If it has enough thrust definitely, the new one's still in design, I realized I'd made a mistake in it and it couldn't work, it should work soon enough...
Can't wait till next week then.
zack2475 years ago
what if you attatched a heatsink to it? would that help with dissipating the heat?
Robotech1125 years ago
Mine just had a flame at first but i fixed it. Mine overheats quickly too
bos00045 years ago
can you put it in a model to fly or not?
myung-soo5 years ago
ok one question....do ja have to hold it so it dont "fly" a way or you just holding it?
this is so stupid, all your doing is injecting fuel into a chamber and mixing is with noncompressed air. there is no way this could produce thrust. All you've made is a lighter even with components from a lighter. I don't see why any of you think this is cool. go make an explosive or something.
 I made an instructable partially because so many people don't really understand jet engines as you imply. It shows people what all is needed in primitive and advanced jets. Not to mention, what constitutes a jet engine at all.
1 this is not "just" a lighter. if does not produce any thrust what so ever, it is still cool bcause it is a lighter on steriods. 2 explosives are illegal this is not
have u made the nozzle yet?
batyc5 years ago
you are a genius
how did you came up with it,now i can build it for my phisiks class
Colonel885 years ago
If you shorten the pen tube, will you make like one of those pocket burner things? Like, it has a pistol grip and a blue flame comes out the end, commonly used to melt metal or burn safes? It is really small looks like a glue gun. I forgot what it is called...
NIJU!5 years ago
 i think you should just buy a normal jet lighter i have one of the boring ones but there are some that make the best looking jet ever and the colour of the jet can be changed by adding different chemicals  
mechanixman6 years ago
You keep refering to "jet lighter". I was just wondering what is it? My guess is a wind resistant lighter. Thanks, mechanixman
 jet lighters are the best i will upload a vid for you of mine, i use it for lighting my sparkler rockets because it works in all weather and it is so hot it lights the sparkler fuse instantly. mine can melt coper wire so that it beads into a ball of coper it looks awsom when it cools. 
A jet lighter is what i would call this instructable.
23joeblack5 years ago
 i dont understand were the air holes are at the top.
could some one explain that for me?
sparkels5 years ago
i have a solution to the thrust problem i think. try to cut the pen tube to a smaller length so that the flame is at least 2 mm away from the exhaust end of the jet then try to fashion a a nozzle out of some thing like a washer. im sure if you poke a around on the Weber net you will find a blue print of a nozzle that you can scale down. so if some one wants to try that ut and let me know if it works i would appreciate it
vidhu5 years ago
ur freaking music from ur pc is so f-ing annoying!!
@vidhu - Get lost, troll.
im going to buy my supplys at walmart totally badass store
also for step 7 what didyou use to fuel it ? icant see any fuel tank?????????????
i did? lol
AnasJawed5 years ago
Great........but i would like to know that how power ful it is.............can it run a small plastic car if attached to????
cooptroop5 years ago
try increasing the fuel output that should give it thrust
akatsuki6666 years ago
I don't see where the air comression chamber is at. Im new at this stuff but i thought u need to compress the air to light the gas.
socrateez6 years ago
This is more of a ram-jet in design Except ram-jets are used when moving through the air at high speed already. They dont have turbines either. If you could strap that to a very small plane and get enough air cramming in, you'd maybe create thrust with it Or inject already compressed air with the fuel in proper ratio...
UbuntuNinja6 years ago
Can you tell me what a jet lighter is and where I could get one? Thanks!
killerjackalope (author)  UbuntuNinja6 years ago
The ones with blue flames that are windproof...
hello ! just to clear controversy can you mount it on a hotwheels car or something along those lines to show that the engine does indeed produce thrust. thanks again, mechanixman
Cool, but where do you get a jet lighter? Do you recommend a brand or type?
killerjackalope (author)  UbuntuNinja6 years ago
Emm, if it's specifically for this, cheapest one you can get... The nozzles are all very similar, the twin nozzle ones are cheap enough and give you a spare, the close the second port on the tank you can squeeze it closed with pliers...
What is the difference between a jet lighter and a fire lighter or a bic lighter? What stores could I buy a jet lighter at? Thanks for the comment about the ones with two nozzles...
wal-mart....they cost like $2-$3
one is wind proof and shoots out a jet once lit, the other is not wind proof and only burns the fuel (no jet) at ignition.\ both are very easy to find though.
A good name6 years ago
Hm... Do you think that I could try to apply the same principle to a copper pipe rather than a pen? The only thing I'd be worried about is how hot it would get... Cooling it would reduce the thrust, correct?
smokin_aces6 years ago
This project seems so cool :) but i was wondering where to get a jet lighter nozzle and a lighter reservoir form and how much will they cost?
it would be better if it had an after burner
thesecret-96-it would be better if it had an after burner ----------------------I put one on mine kind of hard to do though=]
True. That would be extremely hard to do. You didn't put an afterburner on yours.
afterburners are not hard to make, just a nozzle which sprays fuel, getting the exhaust temp high enough is hard to do
u did not put a afterburner on yours
softairdude6 years ago
ok so you have this. now explain to me what makes the flames not light the piece of rubber on fire wich in turn lights the tubing on fire and then the entire gas tank. I know that rubber isnt flammable but arent there things that could cause that to happen?
killerjackalope (author)  softairdude6 years ago
It's actually plastic from a Bic pen and it did eventually smoke with prolonged running, that's why I modified the original design to not include it...
kicker1096 years ago
If you Strapped that to a go cart and upsized the engine would it propel it?
if you could upsize it to the size of the go-cart maybe. its a very ineffecient design that deserves to be called a jet lighter not engine.
big Balla6 years ago
were can i find all the stuff to build this
Perhaps for lighting it you can use a long lighter thing with the peizo electric thinggy. That way you don't ight it to start, simply push a button. I'm a bad explainer.
can you tell me how to increase the jets power I need it for my robot
UbuntuNinja6 years ago
I am buying a jet lighter to follow this 'ible, and it has come down to two options. Can anyone recommend one or the other or determine if one is better suited to this 'ible? The two are:
1. Auto Flame Jet Flame Torch Lighter

2. Colibry 752 Jet wind-resistant

A third option i am considering is the torch lighter advertised at thepockettorch.com.

UbuntuNinja6 years ago
How much thrust does this thing put out and how loud is it? Also you said that you were making another one but that you messed up or something. Is there an instructable on how to make that one? How does it compare to the one on this page? I need to make one that is not very powerful or loud? Thanks! I have no experience doing this type of thing!
killerjackalope (author)  UbuntuNinja6 years ago
Umm that one was reasonably noisey but not much for the thrust, the ew one will eventually be working, having a hard time with money and everything else right now...
I was wondering if it gives off a little push so you can put it on a R/C car or boat I've been trying to rig rocket engines to one but i want something that is reusable and all i'd have to do was change the lighter
killerjackalope (author)  Jesusjuice9177 years ago
Umm that's lighter revervoir is actually refillable but at the moment it develops little to no thrust, I think I'm going to try my hand at a pulse jet for your pocket.
where did you get the lighter reservoir and nozzle ... a jet lighter? ... i want you to make an instructable showing how you got the nozzle out and made the reservoir please.
killerjackalope (author)  masterj6 years ago
Have a look at my 'ible on jet lighter repair, it shows the innards of the lighters very clearly and how they're put together, would that suffice?
BEAST146 years ago
this is awesome, if you were to make the hole where the thrust came out a little bit smaller would it increase the thrust??? If it will I'm going to put it on a micro RC car I have....
pneu66 years ago
Make the nozzle on the end smaller and it should produce more thrust.
bobobob12306 years ago
this is really amazing, kudos. i would love to see it thrust.
killerjackalope (author)  bobobob12306 years ago
I have been working on lots of different ideas and crazed machines including the odd jet project, my main worry is that it'll kill me since I have some plans for a bigger engine and that tiny wee bugger managed to sear the flesh on my hand from the top of my index finger to the back of my thumb with a hiccup - that's why the liquid fuelled one is still in the works, it's more or less just a fast way to burn a house down.
haha, wow, well all in the name of science i guess
killerjackalope (author)  bobobob12306 years ago
Aye science seems to be a cruel and painful mistress though... After I make a few things I'll come back to this, well the thing I'm making might end up part of the project...
junits156 years ago
do i have to use the gas resiwar from a jet lighter? can i just use one from a stick lighter?
killerjackalope (author)  junits156 years ago
Yeah that's fine, you may need to turn it up a little higher though...
and is this the correct steup? the square thing in the back is the gas nozzle and the pointy thing in the exit gass nozzle
is this right.jpg
killerjackalope (author)  junits156 years ago
That looks about right, if it's not mixing very well then I'd suggest trying it with the venturi to see how well the nozzle shape works before trying to get the mixing perfect because it's difficult to get the holes right.
it works a little better with the venturi it makes a flame stoot out of the exit nozzle then it pops and stats to whoosh real loud, so i think it is an issue with the holes
killerjackalope (author)  junits156 years ago
Well the woosh sounds about right, if you can get the holes to mix the air and fuel well then it'll be great...
also if i make the exit gas hole smaller will i achive more thust?
sweet because that all i have
Kaiven7 years ago
i need an engine, but with thrust... this looks cool though.
junits15 Kaiven6 years ago
make the hole for the exit gasses smaller it will give more thrust
tizzy7 Kaiven7 years ago
if u wont thrust you have to ad a better air flow an more fuel its the only way
Steamdnt tizzy76 years ago
Wrong, this type of engine is called a Ram-jet engine, the only time it gets enough thrust to move is about 200 kmph. At that point is the only time when there is enough air running through the engine to produce thrust.
pulsed Steamdnt6 years ago
No its not a ram jet not even close.You "armchair propulsion experts" get somewhat annoying after a while.
killerjackalope (author)  pulsed6 years ago
Hey pulsed, just noticed you've been waging war a little here...

It's annoying but hey, to their credit it's just about a jet engine and no more, not much of one either, working on better stuff but have little tools and materials and being sans cash at the moment...

It's not a million miles away from being workable as a ram jet, it'd just need far more fuel, proper air intakes and a completely different... nah it's not a ram jet...

By the way armchair propulsion experts, you just won phrase of the day...
Ha thanks its not my original phrase though its Eric becks actually it was first used because a dude called a pulsejet a ramjet! and i apologize to do not incinerate but you really cant go and say someones wrong unless you know what you are talking about i mean you could of at least said it a little differently like "i think thats a ram jet engine" or something like that the way you said it sounded like you were trying to look like some sort of expert.
killerjackalope (author)  pulsed6 years ago
Aye you get a lot of that on the internet so it's hard to tell who's being the armchair experts these days... I can understand why he'd say it though, of the "standard models" it's function looks most like a ram jet so it's not completely unreasonable to guess at it, one thing is never to think you're an authority on anything, unless you're hawking or the like because people like proving people wrong... Props to Eric Becks on that one...
Ha yeah hes a cool guy and makes fantastic jets! have to get one one day my sheet metal welding skills are terrible! but i can do it.I dont think im an aouthority but people need to stop acting like they know what they are talking about when they dont ive done it a few times for sure but very sparsely,when somebody says politley that they think you are wrong than you explain thats not true.But if they SAY you ARE wrong you dont be so nice because its really quite rude and happens to often on the net.But ill say it again im not an authority on this stuff.Larry Cottrill,Eric Beck,Mike Everman,Irving j,they are authority and most of the stuff if not all i know about this subject is from them.
killerjackalope (author)  pulsed6 years ago
Aye, know what you mean, I wasn't saying you were calling yourself an authority either... I think it was larry cottril that wrote alot of stuff I have been looking up, been thinking of a pulse jet build, start with a plumbing supplies jet or two until I get better and understand their foibles more and go from there, thankfully threaded pipe comes in size and angles that allow for a workable lockwood hiller style pulse jet without too much complication, just a few bits of drilling, they're harder to start since they're not a perfect design though... One nice thing is that they tend to be pretty resilient to abuse...
You are talking about the pipewood right?
killerjackalope (author)  pulsed6 years ago
yes i know its a lockwood hiller the pipewood is a lockwood made out of plumbing pipe so no welding i can dig up the plans if you want..
killerjackalope (author)  pulsed6 years ago
Hey man, you got any rough plans for a pipewood, been considering a few ideas but a couple of proven designs would be handy...
killerjackalope (author)  pulsed6 years ago
I hadn't heard the term pipewood before... Plumbwood I have though... I'll invent my own term when I build it... Some rough plans would be amazingly helpful, it'd take a bit of guess work out of this...
Its not that far, you could size down the barrel and tin-smith a new air intake (I think? any help here)
killerjackalope (author)  Steamdnt6 years ago
Well with the design I'm configuring at the moment you could easily go to a ram jet from that but that's not the plan...
Ther would be No way of testing a ram jet anyways, would there? I mean unless you have some way of either blowing air into it for a simulated test, or you would have to accelerate it to the point where there is enough air to create thrust. Any Ideas?
killerjackalope (author)  Steamdnt6 years ago
Probably in a wind tunnel, once the wind is up to the required speed it should start moving towards the source of the wind because it's generating thrust by heating the air passing through it... well that's the theory but I'm not sure how many wind tunnels have that kind of capacity, if any...
What about an air compressor, if you made an adapter that would shoot the air into the intake do you think that will work?I don't think that the compressed air would cool down the chamber much more than outside air.
killerjackalope (author)  Steamdnt6 years ago
Wouldn't be able to measure thrust that way though or tell what thrust is being made at all...
Sure you would, If you had the engine pulling a scale, use a pressure regulator and valve, then you could mathematically figure out the pulling force per Pounds per square inch, heat might melt the scale though..
*Pressure regulator and valve on the air line
pulsed Steamdnt6 years ago
well ramjets produce thrust when it overcomes the force of the air being blown into it so if you attached to a fish scale, a well made ramjet and a 200+ mph air source it would start to produce thrust.This setup was used by Irving j. and I could probably show you the vid if you wanted.
pulsed pulsed6 years ago
"Thrust was tested, but a ramjet is impossible to give a set standard thrust under anything but special lab conditions. Simply, the greater the airspeed, the higher the potential thrust, as it moves toward the blower, (I'm sure you know) thrust is increasing. Its about 1 lb, but only at 1 point on the rail. At maximum theres no real way to define it with setup. Even with a fish scale, until you get more then 200mph air, you may as well not bother measuring thrust."-Irving j
pulsed pulsed6 years ago
Steamdnt pulsed6 years ago
Hmm, Maybe a pulse and ram jet powered car?
Steamdnt pulsed6 years ago
I meant no harm, i was submitting my knowledge for people to build on. By the way, you "Flamers" get somewhat annoying after a while, Plus, I never stated in my above comment that i was said expert.
Hey, how long dose the frame extend from this and can it be used insted of a tortch in fuleing "the hardware store jet engine"? oh and by the way, no offence but this isnt a jet engine, its a jetlighter insde a pen tube, no doubt a cool little toy, but slightly misquoted as a jet engine.
It is a jet,a horribly inefficient one but it is in fact a jet.It draws in air and fuel into a closed chamber and ignites it then it goes out the back yes i suppose you could say its "slightly misquoted" because you could also just call it a "burner" which it also could be.Its just how you look at it.
i wrote frame, i ment flame, lol
Why the heck would you comment to me? This isn't my ible, I've never made one...
killerjackalope (author)  Kaiven7 years ago
I am already working on some other engines...
nice! if you get a good one with easily obtained parts, please message me :D
killerjackalope (author)  Kaiven7 years ago
Will do mate.
1up6 years ago
When are you going to make an Instructable on how to make a jet nozzle??? I really want to make one of these. :(
junits15 1up6 years ago
just go to stop and shop (or whereever) and buy a cheap windproof lighter, they have the nozzle in them :D
killerjackalope (author)  1up6 years ago
Sorry I've had such bad luck with it I've not tried much for a while, after having to carrying a little bucket of ice water with me to the doctors office I decided to avoid it for a while, though I'm not much further on the nozzle making I have a little idea for something much, much cooler...
So you burnt yourself? That sucks. :( Can't wait to see what cool thing you have, though.
killerjackalope (author)  1up6 years ago
good to hear, the only thing is that having your skin charred black is bloody painful and I'm tan anyway... think liquid fuel, think jet, think crazy...
can it power a toy car?
jojoTHEman6 years ago
hey i am doing a science fair project on jet engines i have tried to make the same one you have in this instructable but i cant get it to work so if you could give me some more detailed instructions on how to make it work that would help so much my email is bleedingjojo@hotmail.com so plz help.
killerjackalope (author)  jojoTHEman6 years ago
What's not working about it? It's a pretty simple thing and the only thing that tends to be an issue is too much or too little gas flow, but explain what's going on or not going on and I'll try and help. If you can then do away with the bit of pen as a seal, it's not the best thing in the world...
The ed7 years ago
I did it quite a few times, what you said worked though not all the time.
killerjackalope (author)  The ed7 years ago
It can be fiddly and the fact that all the components are pretty rough guides makes it harder to have a definitive way of getting it every time... Maybe try a different tube...
The ed7 years ago
Ok, I'll try and see
The ed7 years ago
I made an engine, but it does not burn like shown in the videos and pictures posted, it burns at the mouth of the barrel. Is this right? if it's not, can someone help me please?
killerjackalope (author)  The ed7 years ago
If you lower the gas a little until you hear a pop and the flame is inside the barrel then go full blat again it should stay in the tube...
Kohler7 years ago
I got one idea. You know you could get that thrust from computer cooler prop. Put one of those end of large can.. then hole from top and add fuel from there.. so we are getting this pulse jet engine. So there needs to be an chamber(larger can) where fuel and air burst to air. Then we need a long pipe.. Smaller than chamber but not an tiny one. So now i think,we could have working pulse jet engine.
killerjackalope (author)  Kohler7 years ago
Could be a possibility...
Ohh and can you give me instructions on where to get the parts? Just post another comment and i'll print it out
Hey killerjackalope! By the way where did you get that metal pen barrel? It looks a lot fatter then mine, mine is alot thiner and came out of an airgun, where did you get that metal pen barrel and the other parts?
please see this video of my invention!

is it actualy a jet engine or just a combustion chamber?
killerjackalope (author)  greenwing hero7 years ago
Somewhere in between, it works like one but without thrust...
ok, sounds pretty cool.

i might have to give this a go sometime =]
Do you think dicast would work as a metal pen barrel?
killerjackalope (author)  koolsk8ter1117 years ago
I think so, steel brass, copper though if you see smoke from brass stop and open windows, find something else...
dicast metal pen barrel:)
I think mine is dicast
forgetit I got it out of the airgun it said in your pocket jet engine parts section. But it has no hole, it has A thing that looks like A screw head on one side. How do I cut it?
killerjackalope (author)  koolsk8ter1117 years ago
I didn't write the 'ible on pocket jet engine parts, another user saw mine and substituted parts with better results than machining them properly worked for me, Aluminium is a very soft metal in things like that, a dremel will drill it with a metal bit, however the hole you're talking about isn't completely essential, build it up and play with it, put holes in it, fiddle the gas flow, it's like a test bed for every dumb or dangerous idea you can think of...
Where do I get the metal pen barrel and other matirials for this project?
hornbadoing7 years ago
when will u make the Instructable on making a lighter jet attachment
killerjackalope (author)  hornbadoing7 years ago
It depends, I have no materials at the moment, wrecked all the bits of brass etc. I had for this and have a lot going on, if I get a chance to work on it I'll be able to build the liquid fuelled one in the next few weeks....
Sebboco7 years ago
Could you add a second nozzle connecting to the middle of the jet tube "injecting" more fuel or oxidizer? Just a thought
u could get a mason jar fill it with peroxide and drop a piece of chicken liver in it(chicken liver has certain enzymes in it that break down hydrogen and realese oxygen) and rig a tube through the lid to lead to the engine
killerjackalope (author)  Sebboco7 years ago
You can if you want it makes it more interesting... I'll rebuild soon once I get some bits...
The ed7 years ago
Is the jet lighter nozzle replacement ready for us yet?
killerjackalope (author)  The ed7 years ago
The liquid fuel version is coming along better, the replacement's on hold till I find more things to drill holes in...
octavian2347 years ago
by a lighter resoivor can it be off a cheesy bic lighter or does it have to be a specific lighter?
killerjackalope (author)  octavian2347 years ago
Best of using one from a proper lighter, since there's no easy way to connect a bic up and you can't adjust the flow...

so should i use a lighterlike this|====
killerjackalope (author)  octavian2347 years ago
I'm not sure what that meant but you can see how it's hooked up, find a way to connect a butane tank to the nozzle or wait for the liquid fuelled version
Just to put my two cents in... if you want a more powerful jet, remove all the butane from the lighter, and refill it with Kerosene or even Diesel would probably work... then, before lighting the jet, place a fan in front of the intake,(to help the fuel air mix) and squeeze the fuel resivoir a little to get the fuel into the combustion chamber... and ignite! it should produce a fire spewing beast of an engine. The problem with Butane is that its energy density is waaaaaaay too low for a jet engine. Kerosene and Diesel dont ignite well, but they have an extremely high energy density (so you get more bang for your buck) which means that once ignited, it burns hot and fast, and very stable, perfect for a jet engine, unlike Butane, were it burns hot and fast, but is also explosive. Just a thought...
killerjackalope (author)  spayum7 years ago
Teh point this ittle thing is more just a little demonstration, as said before, about the only things you could realistically use in this are LPG propane and butane. If you made amazing components for a tiny pulsejet you could actually have something this size running on acetylene and it would go quite well, by exploding... I am now working on a liquid fuelled jet but it's difficult, so for I've had to stick to volatile fuels because in a small engine you need very high speed atomization...
try using heat put a copper coil in the combustion camber that the fuel will run through crimp the end of the tube slightly and start the engine with compressed air or a leaf blower.Or you could use a pressureized fuel system i could hook you up with an outstanding fuel nozzle from a guy who makes the talon series of pulsejets.
killerjackalope (author)  pulsed7 years ago
Ah now you're in my territory, I'm currently building a coil based atomizer for a small liquid fuelled jet... Running on naptha...
you could try unregulated propane like the setup i use for pulsejets.
killerjackalope (author)  pulsed7 years ago
Hmm, at the moment I'm trying to get the fuelling design to the point where it could be used in a very small pulsejet, heating the coils with a torch generally gets it up to a heat that it'll self sustain the flow of fuel, plus the mixing times would be very low in comparison to a liquid spray...
How small are you talking? any smaller than about a foot and a half and you need acetylene or mapp.Liquid fuel in something that small might be possible with a liquid like ethyl ether or nitromethane but liquid fueling in pulsejets takes a whole different approach than heat vaporization.
killerjackalope (author)  pulsed7 years ago
Ah it's a cheat round it, like using a very volatile gas, not making vapour but actually heating it up to gaseous levels, naptha or lighter fuel in gas form is incredibly volatile, ever take a glass bottle, stick something on top and heat the bottom with a little lighter fuel in it? it's pretty crazy... But it would still be a reasonable size. I think until I get the fuel bit down I'll be sticking to gas though, to get a decent design then switch it to liquid after all the tweaking...
Liveratum777 years ago
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killerjackalope (author)  Liveratum777 years ago
This site maye be of interest to you, it has forums for all kinds of jet engines and hundreds of blueprints to look at, it also has a calculator for planning the engine so it will run.

It also has turbo-jets and much more.

Also there is this instructable which is about making a bigger and more powerful jet engine out of parts from old cars.
difflock7 years ago
Nice :) Because of this instructable I have built one! I used a piece of old extending aerial for my jet body. I then bent the shape of it so it forms a small inlet, a combustion chamber and a tapered exhaust. When you slow the fuel input down a bit, you can actually see the flame "pulsing" down the jet. Be safe, and cant wait for the liquid fuel version! Also, how are you getting liquid fuel into the jet? small pump and a syringe needle?
Dipankar7 years ago
Is it not dangerous to play with fire? You may blow up your own house, take care.
killerjackalope (author)  Dipankar7 years ago
I'm in the process of filming a video you may wish to see, it involves my house...
If it doesn't have much thrust...

*put a small propeller wheel onto a small toy motor
*wire the small toy motor up to another small toy motor
*gear the second motor up some and add a wheel
*put the pocket-sized jet engine below/next to/in front of the first toy motor
*make four
*glue to a base

Viola! A thecnically jet-powered car!
killerjackalope (author)  YummyPancakes7 years ago
That would be the wheeled equivalent of a turbo-prop, though I have a special idea, that will be some time in the making, it could however be pretty damn useful, first I have to try building a few more engines, my next project's the liquid fueled version, then comes a pulse jet and once I have the bits I plan on making a turbo jet, a slightly different one though...
blckthng7 years ago
so basically it dosent do anything more than looking and sounding cool??
killerjackalope (author)  blckthng7 years ago
The last version I made produced a tiny amount of thrust, the problems are simple, you're working with a very small amount of energy compared to most, say I added a minuscule turbine and everything it still wouldn't be that much better...

The reason being that a lighter reservoir of butane doesn't have enough energy to do serious work with...

By the way there's a reply button in the bottom right of comments to reply direct to comments otherwise people wont know you did...
about the comment i kinda forgot....... so basically to create a tiny amount of thrust we need a stronger fuel and a much more rapid intake of air.
killerjackalope (author)  blckthng7 years ago
Well it's exponential, Ie the more you put in the more it increases... this design could be adapted to make a ramjet...
blckthng7 years ago
does this generate even a tid - bit of thrust? nice 'able btw
killerjackalope (author)  blckthng7 years ago
Not really, sadly... However I'm building something better and will do a rebuild of this one aswell...
recyclebin7 years ago
does yours have any thrust? i just built one and it dosnt
killerjackalope (author)  recyclebin7 years ago
I'm building a liquid fuelled one with thrust, this one needs a huge amount of tinker to develop thrust, I did get a little in the end but only after ramping up the gas supply to insane levels and using an augmentor style arrangement, though it wasn't enough to do much... These can move boats and things if the end of the exhaust is in the water.
pulsed7 years ago
I got some mapp gas today and made my micro pulsejet SCREAM! it was beutiful i have never heard that high of a frequency that loud.Im posting an instructable today!
killerjackalope (author)  pulsed7 years ago
Aww great, I got my liquid fueled one up and running, I'll tinker a bit and post...
Braeburn7 years ago
the reservoir and tip look like stuff I saw in a butane soldering iron today. hmmm...
killerjackalope (author)  Braeburn7 years ago
Way ahead of ya... I got a few plans for that, the only thing is I'm not sure what to make the tip out of, thanks to almost mutant nerves and muscles I can just file it out but I was thinking either aluminium or steel because brass, though good for heat conduction would break down at points and copper would stick too much...
ilikebombs7 years ago
i treid to make a jet using my own stuff lol but i used propane in a soda bottle instead of lighter fluid so its more like a flamethrower XD.thank god I had a cutoff switch because i worried about that.
killerjackalope (author)  ilikebombs7 years ago
You have propane you say... maybe make a nozzle, I'd suggest something that gives a good spread through a combustion chamber of some sort, make yourself either a pulse jet, which isn't complicated compared to others or build a ramjet, something similar in design to this, except it works better the faster you go... Of course take a bit of pipe, a gas line and drill the right holes, make yourself one big eff off torch
firemanfu7 years ago
mine didn't work so i turned it into a ghetto super lighter

killerjackalope (author)  firemanfu7 years ago
haha, nice little video... I have a few of the problems originally, the air needs to mix with the gas before entering the tube... Though one of the attempts turned into a freakish beast with a big cone of pure blue flame... Then it went on fire...
yeah the air mix was my problem , although really want to make one that works some i'm going to try again when i get a used jet lighter.
killerjackalope (author)  firemanfu7 years ago
Well soon you won't need anything like that, I've nearly got the liquid fueled one up and running, granted it's caused me second degree burns in experimentation I'll get it perfect, after that I'll release it upon you lot, after that comes the turbo jet...
please post it as soon as you can , especially the turbo jet version
killerjackalope (author)  firemanfu7 years ago
The turbo jet will take some work, the liquid fuelled one will be finished soon...
can i use high presuur gas to make a jet or do i need like a nozzle or something?
killerjackalope (author)  ilikebombs7 years ago
The turbo jet involves a huge number of complications, though the one in this was bog standard stuff, just liquid butane...
pulsed7 years ago
Well...I was messin around with some brass fittings and a blowtorch and got a nice low frequency pulse.What surprised me is that the pulses made slight thrust sort of like a pill bottle spudgun.not really enough to do much but it is something I can post a pic if you want.I hate to burst your bubble but put some fan blades in the tube wont work at all turbojets are very very complex to build and it took millions of dollars and high tech cnc equipment to build one the size of fist.What someone should try is build a ramjet and place a lightweight turbine in the intake but have the propane drive it thus turning the ramjet into a thermojet (what awkrins idea was) but after the flameholder coil the copper propane line to the exaust to the fan so the faster the turbine spins the hotter it gets,the hotter it gets the faster it spins.
killerjackalope (author)  pulsed7 years ago
Well you're right, I was thinking a pulse jet might be easier but with pressurized gas an air motor with a turbine could be running to give the jet compression, actually taking extra power from the fuel and letting it heat a bit to vaporize more... Someday soon I'll build my turbo-jet, You might be easting your words, see Once I'm back in tech I'll have access to a machine shop... Wait until you see the liquid fueled one I'm working on, it had the potential for something... By the way a 4.5" turbo jet costs £4000...
i was talking about the one that is Really small actually you cant buy it sooo yea and i do know you can build turbojets lots of people have but getting a tiny one to work with a normal machine shop would be next to impossible.Anyway i think my pressureized thermojet idea could only run a short while the fuel could autoignite before the flameholder if enough oxygen was present so using a scramjet might be better although more difficult to run due to its slightly higher airspeed requierments.I wasnt trying to be rude or mean even though i probaly sounded that way....just giving some constructive critique i guess=)
killerjackalope (author)  pulsed7 years ago
no i understand, you made a lot more sense than the eejits that say it's no jet without a turbine, some people don't realise a thermal expansion jet can take many forms, like a putt putt boat... I like the fan + Ram jet idea it sounds like it may work... I do have planes for a small and fairly easy to build turbo jet, I'll get a prototype or tow built after the liquid fuelled one...
S_sizzle817 years ago
wow I took some nos from my Honda and I put to and to together and I said to my self " I bet I could easly double the power of the engine". So I ended up doing this and the engine took off like a rocket! The connection between my nos bottle and the pen tube broke and I wasted 126 dollars of nos. The pen tube kinda dented and burnt my wall. All I have to say is that you had to have been there.
killerjackalope (author)  S_sizzle817 years ago
Interesting... So did you feel you learned from this experience or did you try it again...
aww man
theburn77 years ago
hmmmm... "Well there are people making jet engines out of and bubbles" that really makes sense
killerjackalope (author)  theburn77 years ago
the word pens is missing...
when are we gonna get the instructable on the nozzle?
killerjackalope (author)  complexperson7 years ago
When i get it to work... Soon there'll be a new engine, it'll be liquid fueled and from current tests looks like thrust is now a pretty real notion...
jmoudy777 years ago
Great project. Have you thought of making a hydrogen generator and running this thing off of hydrogen?
ak49er jmoudy777 years ago
that would require a pretty decent sized hydrogen generator - and it would have to be pressurized.
jmoudy77 ak49er7 years ago
Good call. I guess you could just supplement the butane with a small generator.
killerjackalope (author)  jmoudy777 years ago
Oh the magic of HHO lol actually that might be a reasonable idea for a bigger setup, a few deep cycle batteries and a tank of water as a power source wouldn't be bad...
ak49er7 years ago
the problem with it being a jet and producing thrust is that real jet engines rely on a set of compressor blades to move air through the engine to produce thrust. The cone of flame is much closer to the flame of an old kerosene blowtorch.
killerjackalope (author)  ak49er7 years ago
Not all jet engines are turbo-jets, I'm kinda tired of hearing about the lack of turbines, it's a jet engine in the fact that it pulls air in, mixes with fuel and expands it out the other end... Pulse jets can have zero moving parts inside and produce alot of thrust, some of the better designs are comparable to turbojets... I'm actually working on a newer liquid fueled one which will actually produce thrust, it still doesn't have any turbines, instead it uses a get around to force air in...
Ok thanks very much for your time and information. what kind of jet lighter is it? cigarette or kitchen lighter? also how did you manage to keep the gas flowing without needing to keep the valve open with your finger just like the normal lighters? thanks, Kyle
killerjackalope (author)  kylemontanaro7 years ago
Look at the photos, I still had to hold the valve open, you wouldn't if you based it off a torch, however it's a pretty good safety measure, that way if you get distracted by something else it wont burn your house down...
Hey, yours is a great idea because although it produces little thrust, I have an idea to improve it. listen, put a little turbine at the exhaust end of the engine. The turbine should be attached to a shaft going right through the engine and attached to another turbine at the intake end of the engine. when you start the engine, the little thrust produced will turn the exhaust turbine, which in turn, turns the intake turbine which draws in more and more air, therefore increasing thrust and it will be a sort of loop which increases the turbine speed. Email me if it works please. sincerely Kyle.
killerjackalope (author)  kylemontanaro7 years ago
Ah can't for now, not until I get more parts, however I need to find turbines capable of hacking the heat, butane will burn at 2000oC in a good mix, this causes me minor problems in looking for components, if the turbine was right before the exhaust I'd probably be able to keep it cool...
ok. By the way, I tried to make one for myself, however I didn't understand the fuel injection part. from where did you get the part which is attached to the pipe which goes inside the pen? I know the physics principle used also in ovens that a moving gas can pull another with it, however, on mine, I did an aluminium nozzle to prevent the plasic gas transmission tube from melting and I still didn't get the powerful blue flame inside. instead a large yellow flame hung to the tip of the jetpipe and another proof was that the jetpipe was still a bit cool. thanks
killerjackalope (author)  kylemontanaro7 years ago
Basically I used a qucik cheat, jet lighters come with a nozzle that will give a perfect air/fuel mix at most flows, basically the nozzle on the front is both the air intake and the injection jet, the second iteration had an overclocked gas tank and a reworked nozzle that blasted it out sideways into the combustion tube, at a certain point you get a bit more power, it'll go from what sounds like spitting to this kind of roaring noise and the fuel tank will start to lose pace, this is the point where it's gong well, unfortunately the butane starts to bubble from the uneven flow and little spurs of backpressure appear, blowing the fuel tube off...
Kohler7 years ago
Now im thinking a larger one with propane..it would actually work,but what i have noticed is that this thing gets lots of heat..so the larger one needs to have an cooler system..it will be damn hard but i got whole summer :)
jmoudy77 Kohler7 years ago
a cooler wouldn't be too difficult. Think normal jet engine. Just mount this entire assembly inside a larger pen tube. As air is sucked in the back of the outer tube (the cooling jacket), part of it flows around the original tube (the combustion chamber) and helps to cool it.
killerjackalope (author)  Kohler7 years ago
Cool Idea, I have been planning and acquiring pieces for my big jets... You can reply directly to comments but using the reply button on the right under each comment...
Like this..thx:)
thedog4587 years ago
hey really good instructable but have you posted the nozel yet because i have all parts except the nozel.
killerjackalope (author)  thedog4587 years ago
look in the top of the related for killmores parts, I'll post mine soon just been very busy.
how it will give thrust??
killerjackalope (author)  chaserlee7 years ago
Umm not very well... It gives out a tiny bit but not anything good, soon I'll re-visit and make a good one...
ok thanks any way
hey i used killmores but every thime i light it the flame lights at the op then gose out why?
killerjackalope (author)  thedog4587 years ago
Right well I'm going to get to work on the nozzles again and make a decent one...
ok cool when you get it done let me know.
killerjackalope (author)  thedog4587 years ago
Ok by the way try playing with the gas flow, that might get killmores going, I'll have to get cracking with this, it's been annoying me...
Now I must ask by any chance did you manage to poison yourself during construction
killerjackalope (author)  Sir-Jackington7 years ago
Err let's not go in to that little mistake...
awkrin7 years ago
what about adding a small computer fan to make it more realistic. if increase the gas flow, it should really propel something.. I mean: sorry for the wrong ratios..
killerjackalope (author)  awkrin7 years ago
That's a great idea, the way it's shown here, until I get a few more bits to work with though I'm outta action on this one... Burnt my nozzles to death... I might be tempted to give this a go with a butane torch, it's a more adaptable design for this kinda stuff...
sorry I forgot to color the inside of the funnel
killerjackalope (author)  awkrin7 years ago
Still I got it and had an idea about using a fan contraption like this, except a torch with no nozzle blos gas into the stream, the end of the pipe is made the nozzle...
look I don't know to much about things like this. I'm just good at sketchup and not good at explaining things with words.. so what u'r saying is that the nozzle won't work because the flame needs to be inside? I just thought of that from an airplane engine...
killerjackalope (author)  awkrin7 years ago
Your idea works, it's just a torch could be used with the fan to have better gas and air flow... I was thinking of making one unit with a built in nozzle to make the thing easier to build... The flame needs to be in the tube of the engine to be expanding the air coming through, though your idea looks good...
Kohler7 years ago
Wohoo..i got it working,the problem was it got too much gas
killerjackalope (author)  Kohler7 years ago
I was about to tell you that it's too much gas, though once it's sitting inside the tube you can give it all the gas you want... I've tested this stuff to destruction and far beyond...
Kohler7 years ago
I have a little problem with this one..my flame comes out wrong..it just an normal blue fire..burning in the end of the pipe and rising up
for igniting i used the peize ignitor out of the lighter it works realy well
killerjackalope (author)  camthefarmer7 years ago
I prefer a second lighter but either works nicely...
but didn't u see a blue flame?
You mean the one in the middle of the barrel? like the picture?
leebryuk7 years ago
Great way to hurt yourself. I wish I'd thought of it as a kid :-)

I don't know if this has been mentioned (I'm too lazy to read all 1400 comments) but this isn't a jet engine exactly as one would commonly think. This isn't an engine you would find on your friendly Boeing 737 on a flight to Grandma's house.

Jet engines cover a huge spectrum of definitions. What you have mostly built is an air breathing rocket. Pretty good job. The benefit of an air breathing rocket engine is that you only need to carry half of the fuel needed. The rest is taken in from the atmospheric air (oxygen). Easy in theory, but hard to make practical.

You could experiment with different shapes of the combustion chamber, air mixing and other fun things.

Jet Engines
chefbrian7 years ago
in the last step it says you used a new nozzle, what did you use for it? also, asfar as i can tell his is't technically a jet engine, a jet engine compresses air an forces it into the ignition chamber and ignites it with fuel under pressure, while this still kicks @$$ from a pyromaniac's perspective (such as the one i have).
killerjackalope (author)  chefbrian7 years ago
Well it does actually work, as in it takes air in, adds fuel, burns it and puts hot gas out the back, just not enough to make thrust in a real amount... They're loads of fun but be careul with it, if you make one, this gets alot hotter than you'd think...
also, when will you give the Instructable on how to make a jet lighter nozzle? I'd like to make a scaled up one that runs on evaporated naptha (white gas/camp fuel) cause it's cheaper than butane by volume (it might run on other fuels too)
killerjackalope (author)  chefbrian7 years ago
Really? I've been tinkering with the same ideas, using a coke can and some bits of tubing and pipe lying around I've managed to have a firing pulse jet for a few seconds, the longest was thrity seconds though I was litterally using a reynst jar style fueling idea, there was a little puddle of naptha in the bottom being evaporated by combustion, it wasn't self sustaining as it couldn't keep enough heat to fuel the reaction or it became far too rich. I'm interested to see what you come up with though the nozzle seems like an odd idea, you'd simply need an injection jet in to the chamber with air coming in just before the fuel jet did, then to start you'd need to hold a torch at one end and blow in to the intake end to get it to start burning in the right direction...
at some point over the weekend i'll post the results of my idea, it may turn out to be a flamethrower, we'll see.
killerjackalope (author)  chefbrian7 years ago
Ok I'll try and find mroe bits of metal for making nozzles, I laid waste to a whole load of it working things out...
so far this thing has een a bust, it;s not airtight, BIG HINT! NEVER USE POLYURETHANE GLUE IN PNEUMATIC SYSTEMS! it is never airtiight, if you do use it put a layer of epoxy resein on it.
killerjackalope (author)  chefbrian7 years ago
Oh I forgot, I used a nozzle out of a different lighter that works differently, it had a small bit on the end the screws on and creates a four direction spray and makes the fuel/air shoot towards the walls of the chamber, thats why the new first pic has much more burning going on, that and ramped up gas flow...
Transquesta7 years ago
Mmmkay! THAT'S clever!
killerjackalope (author)  Transquesta7 years ago
Ora7 years ago
Success once again! I plan on refining this into a more efficient pulse jet then adding a VERY small ramjet behind the nozzle.

killerjackalope (author)  Ora7 years ago
Nice one, where'd you get the tubing for the lighter, it would be really handy to have more of it, I've resorted to using insulation from thicker wires and stripping long chunks of it off... Need butane aswell, I'm going to dig up that stove and see if I can adapt it as a fuel delivery source, the piezo broken but If I fix it I'll use a spark plug on the end of it for a really handy ignition and fuel in one...
Get one of those long barbecue lighters, take it apart, and you'll get a fuel nozzle, tubing, and a source of butane. Right now the problem I'm having with the butane I got from the lighters is that I can't get enough gas going to get the engine to pulse. When I blow on it to start it, it just extinguishes.
killerjackalope (author)  Ora7 years ago
Yeah try a lighter fuel, butane is a bit heavy for a small pulse jet, or bringing in some air with the fuel... I have a very very different jet coming, pulse jet, small but a design that has been left as a heater for too long...
Are you making a pulse jet with a CO2 cartridge? If so, I'd love to know what you're using for a fuel supply, and a fuel injector. I'm trying to use one of the small cylindrical propane tanks for fuel, but I don't know how I could attach it to the tiny little fuel nozzle I have.
killerjackalope (author)  Ora7 years ago
I'm not doing that but maybe using some bits from a camp stove, I've savaged one now, sadly I need my plumbing supplies, I want to have a go at liquid fuel...
Lftndbt Ora7 years ago
How high have you jacked that lighter up? It would appear to be running standard gas flow. Is that the case or is it just the jet that makes it look like that.?
Ora Lftndbt7 years ago
If I up the gas flow anymore, the valve leaks, which is bad. I'm trying to run it off propane now, but I can't find a way to hook up a standard propane tank(the ones used for brazing) to the tiny fuel injector I have on my jet.
Lftndbt Ora7 years ago
That's were I am up to, trying to connect my mapp gas bottle to my jet nozzle.
i should be able to grab some pics of it in operation soon.
Just need to go back to work (i'm on my weekend at the mo) and get some fittings...

The mapp gas is absolutley nuts!
-Aj-7 years ago
hey mate cool job there. do you think you could mount it vertically on a set of scales and tell us how much thrust it puts out? would be interesting. thanks
killerjackalope (author)  -Aj-7 years ago
I'll do it with the new one I'm making, this one puts out very little thrust...
cocoasauce7 years ago
I just made another one with a pen it took like 5 minutes but its gets really hot. Just need a long bbq lighter and a F-301 zebra pen the nozzle of the lighter fits snuggly in the pen. Barely takes any work at all.
Fully throttlable and its loud.
killerjackalope (author)  cocoasauce7 years ago
Cool, videos?
definately gonna make a bigger one soon

If you have a stainless steel barrel and you clean it with dish soap you get some really nice colors after it gets red hot then cools down.
killerjackalope (author)  cocoasauce7 years ago
Sweet, I'm hitting the plumbing supplies soon to get some parts, going to make a couple of big jet engines, ugh, got work 8-12 in the morning so maybe after that...
cocoasauce7 years ago

killerjackalope (author)  cocoasauce7 years ago
Nice it looks pretty damn cool aswell, any thrust yet? In a couple of hours I'll have the new engine running and documented, no idea what the hell will happen when I start it...
yea it has a little thrust but pretty much no more than my other one made from a pen did but im gonna go to a diy store tomarrow and check some things out im thinking about making a metal pipe with 2 nozzles on the side near the front, an intake in the front, having a small electric fan to push air into the front, and im thinking with enough work i can get it to work like a ram jet
i just did some tweaks and i got about twice the thrust but it comes in spurts its more than i thought it could make tho
killerjackalope (author)  cocoasauce7 years ago
Right gots ta get to the DIT stores and get my machine running...
killerjackalope (author)  cocoasauce7 years ago
Yeah, I'm going down the pulse jet route to start with, going ok, started the experimental up, it kinda ran for a second, seemed to shut down and then had some form of detonation... After that I went back to tinkering, thankfully it didn't destroy itself...
cocoasauce7 years ago
I can't remember but I think someone said something about a tiny turbo for a turbo jet engine and I was looking around and I saw that smart cars turbos are as big around as a soda can thats the smallest one I could find. You can just google it for more info.
cocoasauce7 years ago
I made one of these and it works but it was kinda small so I'm making another. I'm using a Co2 cartrige but you need alot of tools cause its alot thicher than a pen lol. It doesnt work to good but it has a really good sound when it does. If you know where i can buy more tubing that would help.
killerjackalope (author)  cocoasauce7 years ago
I've been looking for it myself or do you mean for the actual thing, I have been working with a C02 capsule aswell, it seems easiest to hacksaw the top end off to make it wider and then drill from above if needed.
yea I cut off the end with a cut-off wheel with me air compressor and then I made the hole that was there already wider with a drill press. the tube I need is the clear flexible kind that connects the lighter to the nozzle.
killerjackalope (author)  cocoasauce7 years ago
Look for El-cheapo BBQ lighters, thank Ora for that tidbit, I thought he had some other source of it, if I find a better place to get it I'll let you know.
i just got my Co2 cartrige jet working but im still gonna go and get those bbq lighters tomarrow i ended up using wire insulation to lol.
killerjackalope (author)  cocoasauce7 years ago
Cool, I have a bigger version of my experimental on the way, should be up and running tomorrow, I can't work on it at night, it'll be a bit too loud... What kind of jet is it puls or similar to this, post pics maybe? I might put a section on my site dedicated to this stuff...
the one of it firing is kinda dark im gonna try and make a video if i can
killerjackalope (author)  cocoasauce7 years ago
funky, mine's the other way round, I cut off the top and made it the size for an exhaust and put the drill through the bottom for fueling...
yea i have a bunch so i figured it try a couple ways
killerjackalope (author)  cocoasauce7 years ago
I thought the capsule was too much effort and looked for a lazier option, I found it, still a secret though, think the absolute opposite to a lockwood-hiller... I think the capsule could be used this other way but really it's too thick for purpose...
Britain7 years ago
do you supposed i could buy a lighter, im only 14, and the dollar store has evrything, it would only cost me liek 3 dollars to build 2 of these.
killerjackalope (author)  Britain7 years ago
Sorry I missed this comment, yeah I used to sell souped up lighters in school when I was 14... try a random market stall in town, you in the UK if so where?
Armyb0y7 years ago
i didnt read all the comments so i dont know where to get the jet lighter, is it a regular lighter or could i get it a a hobby shop. robert, 18 Fl.
killerjackalope (author)  Armyb0y7 years ago
You could make the nozzle, then use a regular lighter for a gas source, killmore made and instructable, it's at the top of the related list on the right, I made one of his and it does the job, also I'm working on an instructable for making a nozzle aswell. you can get a butane torch at a hobby shop which works aswell and lets you make a bigger engine...
Ora7 years ago
Congrats on the #2 pageviews and random drawing prize!
killerjackalope (author)  Ora7 years ago
Woah I didn't know but this is cool, sweet yay wooh! Also if the filter one was excluded why did I get the random, I'm awful confused lol
jtobako7 years ago
Here's a link to someone making a jet in their back yard. I think it's the same guy that got in trouble for creating a homemade "cruise missile".
killerjackalope (author)  jtobako7 years ago
Yeah I've been through that site already, it's quite amusing, I'm working away here, sadly most of my machining is by hand so it's a slow process.
1up7 years ago
Awesome! I've gotta make this. Plus one rating and vote! :D
1up 1up7 years ago
Oh, wait, a jet lighter nozzle? Where can I get one of those? :/
killerjackalope (author)  1up7 years ago
Thanks for the positive comments. You'll soon be able to build your own once I get making them down to a fine art and put up an instructable.
Does it involve metalworking? If so, I don't have the tools for that. D:
killerjackalope (author)  1up7 years ago
Well I'm going to make it as simple as possible, a file, pliers and a drill will probably be the main tools needed.
Eh, I don't have a file, I might buy one just to do this! :D
killerjackalope (author)  1up7 years ago
You might not need it, I'm still working on the plans.
Awesome. Can't wait till I can make one. :)
killerjackalope (author)  1up7 years ago
good stuff I've decided to start figuring out how to make pulse jet too...
i think that al you would have to do to make a pulse jet engine is make a u shaped pipe and add in the components on one un-opened part. see picture \I/
Unfortunately without acetylene and some knowledge of resonation and pulsejet know how this will never be a pulsejet.wether a valved or valveless type with its size the kendancy effect will simply not happen fast enough.The above jet is a lockwood hiller type jet and is valveless. Your best bet is to seal one end and introduce a gaseous oxidizer (such as nitrous oxide or oxygen) and get great thrust from that although it wouldnt be a "jet" anymore it would still be a great achievement. PS.the majority of thrust(on the lockwood at least) comes from the intake.If you would like some more help i would be happy to assist.
killerjackalope (author)  pulsed7 years ago
I already realized the usual size limitation on pulsejets and had already decided the only way to make it work it with a premixed fuel and air mix going in directly to the combustion chamber, I'm just not sure it'll run with resonance this way, but I have the perfect experimentation stuff, basically I hit the jackpot in my giant toolbox, finding tonnes of various diameter stainless steel pipes, even U-bends, I still can't figure out where I should put the actual combustion chamber though, possibly in the middle to compensate for the change in dynamic, without an intake end as such, also I have a turbo jet plan for later down the line, which I'm actually more confident about, I understand these things more...
Oh forgot to say, most jets it's 60:40 towards the exhaust side and only some lockwood hillers reverse this ratio, I have done alot of homework on the subject, so far the tiniest designs I've seen have either been valved or 'cheated' like my idea...
killerjackalope (author)  budsiskos7 years ago
It's a little more complicated than that, because of lots of stuff, that looks to be a valved pulse jet, I was planning on a valveless pulse jet...
The U-bend pulse jet are, as I understand it, usually valve-less. The thicker segment on the bottom of the U is the primary combustion chamber, with the in-rushing air from both segments being enough containment to cause a nice pressure spike as the next fuel pulse catches fire.
killerjackalope (author)  ingvar7 years ago
Yeah, the longer exhaust end give out the majority of the thrust but the intake still does give thrust aswell. Really they're quite interesting things, I really want to make a tiny high speed one I would enjoy the idea of 250pulses a second.
If you left out the pen tube, wouldn't it be a bunsen burner then?
killerjackalope (author)  1up7 years ago
Actually the pen tube just happened to be within the right areas to be an expansion chamber, that and if you fiddle with it as much as I do you'll have to throttle down a bit to get the flame inside the tube then go full blast, 6mm pipe gives you a nice bunsen though...
Ora7 years ago
I made one!

killerjackalope (author)  Ora7 years ago
Nice one, for some reason yours definitely works differently, maybe tube length but whatever it's cool.
I'm thinking of doubling the tube length and making the open end taper to generate some trust. My cousin might help me convert it into a ramjet.
killerjackalope (author)  Ora7 years ago
I had the sane thought about ramjets but havn't done anything yet...
Ben.land1017 years ago
it probably wouldnt work but if you put a narrower nozzle on it it might get more power
killerjackalope (author)  Ben.land1017 years ago
You can only have so much back pressure before fire starts coming out the airholes but I've got thrust out of it, destroyed a few nozzles and as I write am making a special nozzle for using a butane torch as a fuel supply but with seperate air holes, the new one will have it's own instructable because it's a bit more of a build, also the pulse jet plan is going well which means I'll soon have a couple of more impressive instructables out...
yeah i dont know much about jet engines (if this is even a jet engine) but i just thought it might work. Although i think this is awsome
killerjackalope (author)  Ben.land1017 years ago
The one described here is more like a working model, it barely develops thrust due to it's lack of general power helping elements, it's like the bare bones, basically when the gas is igniting and heats the air and gases towards the nozzle end there can only be so much resistance to the flow of it'll come back out the air holes of the jet nozzle because the air's going in at zero compression, the new version will still take a similar approach but be designed far better and will no longer mean using the jet lighter nozzle, so far the butane torch tests and experiments I'm doing are working, the end fuel source will be something a bit better though, either liquid fuel or possibly propane, butane isn't that explosive but burns at a temperature that means it damages parts of the engine, like one of the pen tubes is now brazed on to an interconnecting part completely... I know that lot doesn't make a huge amount of sense but coming soon will be a bigger better and more adaptable build with household parts (granted my houshold has wierd stuff in it...)
Adapt a remote control plane into using this for thrust, like the radio controls for speed could bet set to adjusting the air intake and fuel intake of the engine. Then after that the army'll probably wanna buy the tech off you. :p
Nowwhere near that stage, besides it's been done and people have 300mph RC planes...
2_wicked7 years ago
dude this thing is sick i am totally going to make one of these
killerjackalope (author)  2_wicked7 years ago
Goos stuff mate, don't get burnt...
killmore2317 years ago
just to help some people out, i found that when you make this a better thing to use than a pen tube is probably an aluminum tube, without paint or anything on it. you can get them from an old airsoft gun you have for free, or you can buy a cheap 5-10 dollar one at the store or online. kinda sad i cant get it to work, as i broke my jet lighter nozzel... :( been messing around with different things and i made one that "works" ok if you really want to mess around with alot of fine tuning. its just part of an old R/C antenna that you flatten the end and i poked 4 small holes around the sides. ill have some pics up soon if you want to see how i made it, a video (nonrunning:out of fluid)and maybe instructable soon
just wondering what your going to use for a valve. thats how they work right? putting air in into the jet, closing it, then igniting it? may be hard to get the fuel air mix right
killerjackalope (author)  killmore2317 years ago
Oh mine, the nozzle's perfect because it came running nicely and I just put widened the flow holes and changed it a bit so it would go towards a rich mix, then I use a lighter at the exhaust end and put the gas on dead low, it pops slightly quicker and quicker until you hit the spot where the flames on inside the tube, then you put the gas wide open, it also works starting at full gas and going down, i just think starting low is quicker...
killerjackalope (author)  killmore2317 years ago
Cool I have been lazy about machining my own nozzles so far but I'm getting clos on the pulse jet design, I think I'll have to cheat there, premixing the fuel and air to get combustion easier, also I think that allows it to fire far faster, I'm using a butane torch as a delivery system either way as it can provide alot of fule for a small jet and still do it, however the butane might not be explosive enough in which case I'll charge the tank with propane...
budsiskos7 years ago
i dont know if id want this in my pocket but still, its very good
PKM7 years ago
OK, firstly I'm really glad you moved the reservoir away from the combustion tube, in my more pyromaniac youth I had been known to deliberately set fire to gas lighters and that's not something you want on your desk right in front of you! I'm a little concerned about the smoke coming off it though- if it's melting plastic fumes then they are bad for you, no matter how nice they smell, and it it's the brass pen overheating.. metal fume fever: zinc oxide is bad for you as well.

I'd still like to know how much thrust it is producing- while it might not be up to a static thrust test, you could mount it on a low-friction pivot, or stick it on a styrofoam takeaway container in the bath :)
killerjackalope (author)  PKM7 years ago
Great ideas, shamefully right now it's in bits but i'll get back together and get some kind of test going, I'm currently attempting my fisrt pulse jet, I'm not sure how well it will go, if it's good then I'll have one amazing project for you lot due in part to the materials being used in it...
CCH3ST3R7 years ago
i was watching junkyard wars they had a jet engine and i thought how i wanted to make one sooo i searched it and saw this but how do you make theeeee uhhhh jet liter nozzle???
killerjackalope (author)  CCH3ST3R7 years ago
Still perfecting that one, sory it's hard work but it might not even be a necessary component soon, I've been playing with this only in spare time and my advances are incredible, I had a quick look at jet history and found that I have basically done ten years of work in these few days, shame it's not already been done...
blizz867 years ago
how did you light it?
killerjackalope (author)  blizz867 years ago
Put a lighter to the end and get the normal blue flame then let off the gas until it's inside the barrel and theres a change in sound then you can put all the gas you want in...
hippojoe7 years ago
What air holes?
and also what kind of pen was it?
killerjackalope (author)  hippojoe7 years ago
It was a random pen from a university pack, it just so happened to be a nice size and be made of brass and steel. The air holes are the two holes going across the nozzle near the bottom, I'll get better photos so you can see them...
ima put this on a f***ing tech deck and have it jump somthing yea lol
Go with rocket motors this is a bit big for tech decks...
golfball7 years ago
you've got my vote this is a truly awsome idea, you are a genious!
killerjackalope (author)  golfball7 years ago
Thanks mate...
um15167 years ago
this is a great little project! but the one thing I must say is it is mislabled. this is a rocket because there is no active turbines inside that define a "jet engine" how much thrust did you get from it?
killerjackalope (author)  um15167 years ago
Actually the only jet engines that have turbines are turbo jets, which are the ones with turbines. That and rockets have the oxidiser inside them already.
Hannibal4207 years ago
Absol-freaking-lutely Awesome. ThANK YOU! Even if you are a killer, jack-elope. ;-)
killerjackalope (author)  Hannibal4207 years ago
Cheers mate, I only kill by night so meh...
Sweeeet! Ive always wanted to make something like this! [=

Wouldnt this be a rocket because it has no turbine in it though?
the BIG diffrence between a rocket and a jet is a rocked carries a fule and a oxidizer, this allows it to run without any air. a jet needs oxygen form the atmosphere to run.
A turbine isn't what makes a jet a jet, the new design is a full fledged jet engine, the original version was more a working version... An example of another jet type is pulse jet which can have zero moving parts in the engine...
zako7 years ago
really cool i voted for you!!!! please, if you think its good enough take a look at might entry for the pet month competition. its the how to look after chickens one, i should still be in first i hope. anyway great idea, going make it now, thanks !!
killerjackalope (author)  zako7 years ago
Great and thanks, be careful though, it gets hot and may spontaneously combust... Well on some pens it might...
Aerospaced7 years ago
So, if you are getting thrust out of it, you could GO OUTSIDE and put it on a toy car and see if it will push it! You realize you may have started something "big" here?
killerjackalope (author)  Aerospaced7 years ago
sadly it's too minute to do anything, hence why I'm working on it, I did a very rough testing with what you said but couldn't tell any real difference, then again that was a very rough test with a copper pipe thereabouts the right size and very vaguely suspended with another bit of pen, it did however change the burn slightly, it seemed to burble more. In current guise it only emits any appreciable thrust in cycles, almost like a pulse jet, at which point it pops and blasts out the jet flame equivalent of a smoke ring, otherwise it's just throwing out very hot air at some speed, I think the actualy weight of the design is what's encumbering the measurement of thrust, I did however sink a toy boat with it...
You could try taking a strip of foil and putting it in the path of the exhaust. Make it long enough so that it will flail about if there is any thrust. Video of the boat would have been fun too.
killerjackalope (author)  Aerospaced7 years ago
You sneaky git! I forgot that thin foil is still flammable, it got hot and went on fire... The boat would have been good video, it went down in spectacular fashion, exhaust first, for a moment it went forward with some speed and I thought it would go well, the expanding gases work really well underwater, sadly the whole thing reached it's peak and for lack of a better term fell over... that said drying took seconds...
I never said it would be safe as houses mate. Did it at least push the foil a bit before it went? I hope it didn't get you.
killerjackalope (author)  Aerospaced7 years ago
Haha excellent news, I got thrust, after stealing a few ideas from pulse jets and using the induction principle I got enough thrust to make it feel like a car heater vent only way hotter from at least six inches, this is really very exciting, now that I've got a thrusting nozzle (couldn't resist) I'm going to work on combustion chambers, and continue avoiding power tools in favour of my trusty square file and a pair of pliers. In case you didn't notice I am just a little excited...
BRAVO! How much does the whole thing weigh now?
killerjackalope (author)  Aerospaced7 years ago
It weighs alot less than before, the aluminium tube used to give thrust is fairly safe as it's not in the thick of it all, if I work out a nice coupling system then it'll be very light, also I have two more jet based projects that have been spawned by the spare parts in this project.
killerjackalope (author)  Aerospaced7 years ago
Ok read the post below this one first, I got thrust for a start but something else big just happened, I took the slide off nozzle off the the butane torch and stuck it through a pipe and lit the end, then took the torch and slowly moved it back to create a small gap in between the two, the result was rudimentary pulse jet, basically a blast followed by a receding flame front while the now evacuated 'chamber' filled with gas and air, the result was definite thrust, mainly because it kept kicking back with each pulse making it really hard to hold at the 'just right' point...
killerjackalope (author)  Aerospaced7 years ago
Nah it's fine, I wasn't really sure about the foil and decided to give it a go anyway, I did however manage to blow a cigarette packet wrapper around my desk, you know the plastic bit around the packet.
altmaker7 years ago
i'm amazed. this thing is AWESOME! i really want to make it, but some of what your saying in the guide is a little confusing; is there any way you could make it easier? I'm Dyslexic Aha. thankyou kindly :)
Well, when i look at your pictures, it all confuses me, like "how did he take the lighter apart?" or "What's a jet gobbledegook?! air holes!?!!?" it was as though the information was being ramrodded at my eyes aha the instructions need structure, is what im trying to say (i think...). if you could make them more informative, like what the pieces your using actually are, for an inexperienced person such as myself, im sure i'd immedietely create one of these things, because i got the general gist of it, and it was mind-bogglingly cool! Cheers for the support (and the quick answer!) x
killerjackalope (author)  altmaker7 years ago
Oh sorry I missed this comment because you put it as a reply to your own, I'm going to rework the instructions while adding the new steps, I'm redesigning the engine after getting thrust, of course the file and pliers shall be my tools and nothing else. Thanks for the feedback aswell, I like be able to improve on my instructables through feedback
killerjackalope (author)  altmaker7 years ago
Sure, if you give me an idea of which bits you mean I'm sure I could explain better, I have some writing troubles so yeah...
the flame looks a lot like the zippo blue lighters (that makes since because both zippo and ur project run on butane)
Also maybe you could modify it to make a cheep Diy mini torch (like the one used in the wave ring instructable (step 4))
I picked up my torch yesterday and started fiddling, I think it's possible to make a kind of jet engine extension for them in the end but for now I'm figuring out how to get more thrust, then I'll make the torch based version, which would be better as it has all the control mechanisms and reaservoir in one place...
Gene Hacker7 years ago
How much thrust if any?
killerjackalope (author)  Gene Hacker7 years ago
not much but I'm working out new stuff constantly, i pretty much havn't stop tinkering since I made it.
mspark4007 years ago
Amazing, but to make it a truly useful jet engine, perhaps an impeller and propeller inside (not tinfoil). This would allow the engine to spin the propeller with exaust and therefore spin the impeller and become much more powerful AND have a viable drive shaft for whatever. keep in mind this is all theory. and ps a pulse jet pocket size is remarkably simple. I would post it but i think i saw it somewhere... oh and +1 AND voted for!!
killerjackalope (author)  mspark4007 years ago
I want to make both, this design doens't lend itself to an impeller and turbine setup so V2.0 will have to come along and save the day on that one... I'm planning a pulse jet anyway maybe a collaboration with two design outcomes?
hondagofast7 years ago
This is quite an awesome accident. The steps are a bit confusing, but still. +1
killerjackalope (author)  hondagofast7 years ago
I am going to rewrite it, a couple have said now so I'll try an make it more understandable.
Whoa! Awesome! Jeez that's cool - my cousin and I were just talking about making a jet engine two days ago... we decided to begin CCM Mark III, though. IT'S COMING! Btw, how's it going?
killerjackalope (author)  T3h_Muffinator7 years ago
Cheers, this is more like a fancy desktop model or demo version until I get a real beast up, I just saw a homemade that produced 85bhp and 110lbs of thrust, enough to make it good for jet bike... It's going alright all a bit slow on it, apart from amateur jet engineering... How about you?
Yeah, we were talking about making a mini one like this, not a huge real-deal one. The real one sounds crazy, though. I think I'm losing my sanity - but in a slightly humorous way. I totally screwed up at states for science olympiad, so that was bad, and my teachers are persistent in terms of make me miserable with piles of work. I do have to say that some of this is due to my lack of effort and enthusiasm concerning actually doing the work. Yep, so I've been pretty meh.
killerjackalope (author)  T3h_Muffinator7 years ago
I did see a tiny pulse jet on my travels and that caught my eye as a good way to make a really small jet engine, pretty much no moving parts is a good bonus aswell... Quickly become enamoured with your studies, you'll end up like me otherwise... It can be hard to get interested in stuff thrown at you by teachers, I remember being suitably unimpressed by my chemistry teachers demonstration of how flammable ethanol is, that was until I constructed my version using some unsuitable equipment, including stuff I had in my pockets, it blew up, she was pissed at me but impressed at my ability to destroy... I dunno... I think doing stuff on your own terms is good, like I'd say If you whipped out a jet engine you made at home in the science olympiad they'd bow down to your superior skills, most people seem to theorize but never do...
Doveman7 years ago
Could I use a shot rifle shell if I wanted to for the body?
killerjackalope (author)  Doveman7 years ago
Yes as I just used one for testing with a really high power craft torch, same temperature but at way higher heat output, It appears a likely candidate for thust testing and further development...
Arbitror7 years ago
Two questions, how long does it last burning, and does it have any thrust? Nice instructable though! (Vote +1)
killerjackalope (author)  Arbitror7 years ago
Not anything much in the way of thrust for now but I'm working on it, it'll go as long as the gas tank will, only it does get up to a very high temperature, sadly I forgot about removing paint first...
There's an easy way to measure the thrust: find some asbestos and a precise digital scale (I suggest it be accurate to 1/10 of a gram). Take the bit of asbestos and put it on the scale, then zero it out. Turn on the jet, and put the nozzle right up to the the scale over the asbestos. This should give you a fairly accurate reading on the thrust.
killerjackalope (author)  wow-amazing7 years ago
Cheers, I've been trying to figure a good way to do this, I'll have a hunt for an accurate scale, until then I'll have to make do guessing, my only way to tell if theres a thrust increase is using a flame to measure how much air's actually being put out the back end...
CameronSS7 years ago
Nice! You're getting more and more like Kiteman... Video?
killerjackalope (author)  CameronSS7 years ago
Ok got some video up, please note, I torched the old tube in to unrecognizable blackness due to the paint so the video show me smoking the new tube's powder coat paint, it's only good up untile about 600C apparently...
killerjackalope (author)  CameronSS7 years ago
On the way, It's quite hard to run a jet engine and a camera
Aerospaced7 years ago
Close, but no cigar.Your gizmo is more of a rocket than a jet. If you put it in a larger tube that is 1/3 longer and 2x the diameter and suspend it in the center you may get some thrust. This would be caused by induction. As the hot air is expelled from your jobber new air would be drawn in from the other end. There should be an increase in volume at the exhaust end from the action of the flame and the air moving through. Imagine a water hose wuth a nozzel under water. Take a tube larger than the stream and put it in line with the stream. The surounding water will move through the tube WITH the stream, increasing the voulme output.
killerjackalope (author)  Aerospaced7 years ago
There is an actual increase in volume by the end, the air is taken in through the nozzle and mixed with the gas before the flame, that and after some modification it's now putting out a small amount of thrust, just about enough to pull the gas line free and tip itself over, nearly setting my desk on fire...
any chance of a vid or sum more instructions? im not quite sure what you mean. also, by 'jet lighter nozzle' do you mean from a lighter that burns blue or green or from one of those blow torch things that use disposable lighters as fuel? thanks, this looks awsum!
killerjackalope (author)  drummonkey927 years ago
Yeah the lighters that burn blue or green, can you give me a link to one of those blow torch things, they sound intersting especially as I've went through two cans of lighter gas in experimenting... I'm working on extra instructions and video, including an afterburner..

here you go:

this is u.k. btw but you could probably get them in the states. theyre preety good for the money, but not perfect since theyr only cheap. they also have a conatner that looks like an empty lighter with them so you can run it on the gass refil
killerjackalope (author)  drummonkey927 years ago
Oh sweet, I live in belfast... So I can run down to maplins for one.
Really nice burner! I had forgotten that I once was thinking about building a tiny jet engine using propane. I never got it to work, but this would have got the project along further.

A possible goal for us 'laymen' to work around: Microturbine powering cell-phones

If this accidental jet could be used to generate enough power to light an LED, or charge a cell-phone battery, that would be awesome!

At the very least, wrap some wire around the pen-tube, using copper and steel wire to make a thermocouple.
It actually makes massive amounts of heat it takes about ten minutes to be cool enough to touch after a 30 second burn. At the minute I'm adding an afterburner and modifying the nozzle, expect updates soon.
gmjhowe7 years ago
Does it give off alot of power? u must find a use for it!
killerjackalope (author)  gmjhowe7 years ago
Soon I will.
lol sounds like ur gonna take over the world!
killerjackalope (author)  gmjhowe7 years ago
As said Soon I will...
I will lend my hand in your plot, if you will simply spare my life when you take your throne.
*goes to finish building that old A-bomb he was working on last year*
A-bomb? surly u mean H-bomb?
A-bomb is short for Atom Bomb.
also known as nuclear bomb, but a nuclear bomb can mean a 'Dirty Bomb' (a simple explosive packed in nuclear waste)
I was meaning that surley a better bomb to make would be a H-bomb, as in a hydrogen bomb. which gives off alot less fall out, leaving the world intact!
well H-bombs aren't nearly as powerful as A-bomb. they do pack quite a punch though.
Actually, fusion bombs (H bomb, thermonuclear bomb, etc) can be over a thousand times more powerful that a fission bomb of either design.Nuclear Weapon Design What kind, gun type or implosion?
I am Your humble slave my master *bows on one knee*
UberPug7 years ago
how much thrust off this jet engine?
killerjackalope (author)  UberPug7 years ago
Very little at the moment, but soon...
Charger_067 years ago
yea what kind of power are we talking about here? This is cool! +1 Rating
killerjackalope (author)  Charger_067 years ago
Not much, I just had a great idea, I'm going to add an afterburner... When I get tiny turbos I'll make a real jet engine.
cowtipper977 years ago
ok so the title says The accidental pocket jet engine,bu what were you trying to make when you made this. oh and very very good job this is amazing, i would make one but my mom would probably not let me :(
killerjackalope (author)  cowtipper977 years ago
I forced my mum to admit she was proud of me for making a jet engine... I was actually trying to make a bunsen burner, which gets complicated at small scales but hey a jet engine does the job...
To be honest, I doubt this puts much (if any) thrust out... ;) a pity... HOWEVER, that's pretty darned awesome! I know I have one of these torch lighters laying around (what is is about filling them and they won't light any more??!?) that won't burn properly, but has everything needed for this. hmm.... It appears to be similar to a ramjet in design... interesting. this reminds me of one of those "readyheaters" pocket handwarmer anybody? :) Too bad butane isn't explosive enough to make a pocket sized pulsejet.
tru but there is no compression so it cant be considered a ramjet or even a jet
Yes but If i scale it up a bit I can add compression to a similar design and keep it quite small, I'm not sure how effective this is as a design but it leaves loads of room for modification.
yea that would be sick and it could defiantly be worked on
I also just changed the nozzle to another one I had lying around that blast the gas/air mix out in four ways perpendicular to the actual direction of thrust, that should give better combustion.
Actually it's still a jet just not a turbo jet, the only compression seen is from the expanding gases from the flame in the tube, basically it's an open flame tube jet.
little to much heat really
killerjackalope (author)  thecheatscalc7 years ago
It does explode when the jet goes between outside flame to inside jet flame.
Kaiven7 years ago
lol i dont know what a lighter reservoir or a jet lighter nozzle :P
killerjackalope (author)  Kaiven7 years ago
The reservoir's just the gas tank and the nozzle will soon be unnecessary as I am working on making them and a subsequent instructable.
a lighter reservior is where the gas is stored in the lighter and an jet lighter nozzle is http://images.google.com/images?um=1&hl=en&q=jet+lighter&btnG=Search+Images
Any way you can make a quick vid of it attatched to a makeshift boat in the sink or something? I just wanna see the power on this thing before I burn my house down in an attempt to make it.
killerjackalope (author)  ChancreScolex7 years ago
if i get the video on my camera working yes. It's not dangerous really just a tad scary the first time it fires up and everything in the pen tube goes on fire.
rimar20007 years ago
Congratulations! This is a great thing!
killerjackalope (author)  rimar20007 years ago
Thank you very much.
Now put it in your pocket.
In a minute...
comodore7 years ago
Cool Instructable!!! That how most discovery's are made,accidentally! :) Please notify me when you make an instructable on making a jet lighter nozzle! (r