A couple of month ago Mr. Longwinters  send me some plasma (NEON) bulbs wit European E-27 windings.
Mr Junophor offered me a big peace of mahagony wood. So I had the basic material for a steampunked binary clock.
The clock is driven by a CControl micro controller and some solid state relais.
A small Basic program reads the internal clock (controlled by a DCF signal), converts the values to binary format and sets the bulbs.
A 5V relay is used to simulate the ticking of a clock.

Step 1: The Wood and Materials

Here are the materials and the parts for mounting the NEON bulbs to the clock.
Hey those lamps look very familiar great job putting them to work
Oh yes! Thank you for sending the lamps to us :-)
Holy! You're on a roll! Just a bit ago this one of yours made Hack-a-Day! <a href="http://hackaday.com/2013/06/10/a-binary-clock-that-uses-bulbs/" rel="nofollow">Here</a> it is by the way.<br> Have another &quot;Congratulations&quot;!
Ah... &quot;Illumination&quot;! Wie cool is das denn? <br>Ich h&auml;tte da volldoof wohl einfach &quot;Licht&quot; oder &quot;Beleuchtung&quot; geschrieben... <br>Aber Illumination ist der Oberhammer. :)
Fantastic!! Your pieces of art are changing the Steampunk world! <br>Thank you for sharing. <br>Cheers The Chocolatist
Very impressive <br> <br>Really fantastic work <br>Yours Aeon Junophor

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