Picture of The annoying Knex machine
Hey guys, so for a while now I havent posted anything, or been around on Ibles much, but now Im back and to start off again, Im going to post this cool little device I made.

Its not much, but its annoying. How it works: As you turn the handle of the top of the box, 3 gears connected to each other spin, and there is an arm touching one of the gears, and as the gear turns, the arm clicks on its teeth, creating a super annoying sound.

Here is a video of it in action:

So you like what you see do you? Well that's good to hear! So without further ado, proceed the next next step, gather the pieces, and let's get building! :-)

Also please rate, comment and subscribe... Thanks! :-D
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Step 1: Parts list

Picture of Parts list
here is all the parts you need to make the annoying machine:

Grey- 0
Red- 0
Yellow- 1
Blue- 3
White- 34
Green- 36


Purple 3D- 36
Blue 3D- 6
White- 6
Green- 1
Orange- 3


Medium red cogs- 2
Small blue/grey cogs (picture)- 1
Blue spacers- 7
Silver spacers- 2
Very small rubberband- 2
Y Connector- 1

Got those? Then lets get crackin'!

Step 2: The base

Picture of The base
This is the base of the machine...

1. Build this
2. Another view
3. Another view

Put that to one side, and head on to the next step!

Step 3: The interiors

Here are all the little bits and bobs that go inside the machine...

1. Make this, more pictures to come
2. Wrap a small rubberband around the Y connentor and green connector
3. Clip in that white rod
4. Slide a silver spacer on the white rod
5. Make this
6. Get the other pieces shown
7. Get 9 white rods (there are only 8 in the picture, sorry!)
8. Get these gears
9. Get a small rubberband
10. Get 2 blue spacers
11. Make these

Thats the interiors done... lets move onto the next step
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