If you ever get cut or get hurt very badly, dont buy a product full of chemicals, you can just make this very simple wound remedy and it is 100% natural and it will heal your wound. It is a remedy made of plants and it does help your wound in about a week. It can also prevent any kind of infection. I got cut and i tried antibyotics. It did not work as well as this. Plus, it all aloe vera! Here are the ingredents:

Step 1: The Materials.

This is what you will need to make a great wound remedy:

-Aloe Vera
-Knive or scisors(I use scisors but a knive works too)

Step 2: Aloe Vera

Now take your aloe vera and cut a piece about the size opr your finger and the width of 2 fingers.If this is for your leg, than take a piece the size of 2 fingers stacked on each other and the width of 3 thumbs (if you think that the sizes are too big or too smal, feel free to comment.

Step 3: Mixture

Now, take the aloe Vera and cut it open. Shave of the white goo and pour it in the cup. Take about 1 tsp of water and pour it in the mixture. If you fell like there should be more, please comment. Mix until it gets all mix up together.

Step 4: Finished!

Now you got your aloe Vera wound remedy!


- when you apply,apply for 5 min - you can use the skin of the aloe Vera to mix the mixture - ENJOY!!!
Also, honey is a good anesthetic.
It is wonderful for burnings, too. <br> <br>It is useful also for infected wounds, but in this case I suggest to use another antiseptic if you have it. I applied a little piece of aloe vera pulp attached over the wound, overnight. At the morning, all the white infected skin had dissapeared.
Good advice! Thanks! Il try it! Tihi

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