Step 4: My finished Product

Picture of My finished Product
I connected the switch on the door with 4-wire telephone wire and extended it down the hall I left the connections intact so all the switches I'm going to make will have a male telephone connector and I'll add extra female connectors to the alarm. I will only be limited by how many wires I can hide before my girlfriend gets annoyed.

Please post any comments if you have questions I'll try to answer them promptly. Make your homes safe, and have fun.

UPDATE: I soldered the completed project to a 2" by 2" perf board connected a black toggle switch and placed it all in a small project box. This was my first actual project that I soldered and am having some issues.
The alarm gets randomly triggered, It went about 24 hours, reheating the joints fixed this temporarily This time it didn't false trigger for 2 days, I added more solder hopefully this time it works permanently. If anyone has any help on this please comment.