Step 4: My Finished Product

I connected the switch on the door with 4-wire telephone wire and extended it down the hall I left the connections intact so all the switches I'm going to make will have a male telephone connector and I'll add extra female connectors to the alarm. I will only be limited by how many wires I can hide before my girlfriend gets annoyed.

Please post any comments if you have questions I'll try to answer them promptly. Make your homes safe, and have fun.

UPDATE: I soldered the completed project to a 2" by 2" perf board connected a black toggle switch and placed it all in a small project box. This was my first actual project that I soldered and am having some issues.
The alarm gets randomly triggered, It went about 24 hours, reheating the joints fixed this temporarily This time it didn't false trigger for 2 days, I added more solder hopefully this time it works permanently. If anyone has any help on this please comment.
Hello Delany, great job and idea. I saw this instructable and it gave me an idea. I have a wireless doorbell. Would it be possible to trigger the doorbell using a device like this (the magnetic strip, not the alarm) once the door was open?
Anythings possible. if you want it to be a magnetic trigger you would need a normally closed reed switch and then place the magnet on the door to the magnet opens the switch, when the magnet moves DING-DONG.
Very cool! Ive often wondered how to make a latch like that but never got around to looking for it. One thing i would suggest is using the small watch batteries and putting them right in the case with the electronics, this wall they cant just rip out the power cord or cut them.
I placed the alarm outside my bedroom door across the entire house from the door which triggers the alarm. I'll get to the alarm before "they" do. ; )

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