I was browsing through Instructables and found an Instructable on how to make moss bombs by splnlss.
The project in question is here.

In the comments chain for that Instructable I noticed that people were having problems with filling their moss bombs. One of the steps involved blowing up a balloon full of beer and shredded moss with your mouth. I tried doing the project and I found it kind of gross and messy, and it seems like other people thought the same. To solve this, I made this little filler. The nice thing about this doohickey is that it can fill balloons with any semi-liquid substance, from moss bomb mix, to paint, to water. The principle of this design makes it so the balloon is full of both water AND air, which makes it spray its contents better when it pops, and makes it more likely to pop.  
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Step 1: Parts and tools

For this build you will need:   
-a standard 12 ounce soda bottle
-a normal cheap ballpoint pen (I used a Bic)
-hot glue
-a hot glue gun (Well, where there's smoke, there's fire.)
-a pointy object (I used a multi-tool set on the "knife" setting)

Step 4: Stick it all together

Poke one of the pen tube halves into the hole you poked in the bottle. Make sure an inch or so of pen tube is protruding out of the bottle. Hot glue it in place as shown. Make sure it is largely airtight, although since we are only dealing with balloons here, you don't have to worry about pressure. 
here is my comment from the moss bomb wot, this also is too complicated.

This is ludicrous, moss may be pretty , but it ruins cement. Your paint filled moss bombs look quite disgusting, But perhaps you need the world to look like vomit or diarrhea. Do this in your bed room, sure to impress mummy and dada.

Consider getting your cities to make more green space parks and kill people who destroy them.

Oh BTW , in the summer, since I was maybe 8, we city kids would have water balloon fights. My parents (et al), would flip if we ran the hose too much. We filled a big bucket with water, from it we filled glass soda bottles, (lord I am ancient), we simply inflated the balloon and pulled it (carefully ) over top of a water filled soda bottle to just below crown (no screw tops) then holding the balloon on the neck , inverted them.

Air goes up, liquid goes down. Never had an issue. After 2-3 never lost a balloon. If you want way more air then only put a little sludge water, whatever, and fill the balloon a tad past where you want it. (Newbies will loose air till they get it right)

In later years plastic bottle made it easier, faster too since then they had half gallon bottles.
ilpug (author)  spark master2 years ago
Please rage somewhere else. I didn't have the original moss bomb idea, this is merely a device to facilitate their making. Here is the link to the original how-to.

If you have issues, take it up with that guy.
gserrano7013 years ago
Did you really mean a 12 liter soda bottle? it looks a lot smaller than that. I liked the idea and the instructable. If I could make the bottle to pop up after squeezing it I could probably make a hand pump expanding on your idea.
ilpug (author)  gserrano7013 years ago
Thank you for catching that. It used a 12 OUNCE soda bottle. you would not need to turn the botte itself into a pump because it is designed so that you hook a pump up to it. i guess you could put some kind of a one-way valve in the bottle to make it a pump, but it seems to me that it would make it harder to fill. Anyway, go ahead and try it. I just prefer to tape a small cheap ball pump i got at a discount store to it.
ilpug (author)  valleycrosser3 years ago
why thank you, first commenter.