Picture of The becoming of a bonded hand
Not quick, but dirty!
Here you get a step by step intro, how to weld a static-robot-extremity and how to plan a simple stand from solid wood.
Enjoy and remake it if you like.
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Step 1: Planning the construction

Picture of Planning the construction
a) Strain your brain and think about the part you want to shape:
- Think about the time you want to place on the project
- The size is not the proper point
- The more details you want, the more time will be needed

I decided to model my left hand, because I'm righty and the left hand is rather easy to measure.
Pic1 shows the amateurish figure drawing

b) Think about an adequate stand for the blob of iron:
In my case I wanted to have a smooth swing in a solid block of beech-wood
Take in mind:
- Straight is easy
- A dome is also easy and feels just fine when it's smoothly grinded
- The inward curve sucks! The smoothing is really hard going and not advisable for quick stands.
Pic2 shows some sketches for the stand

Step 2: Cut and bend the steel panel

Picture of Cut and bend the steel panel
I used a 0,5mm steelsheet. It's easy to bend and fine for welding.
- Draw the cutting lines on the plate and cut them.
- Think about your fingers curve and cut some pieces as shown in Pic6
- Cut small pieces for the fingertips
- Bend it and hope for a good shape :)
After each step compare the fingers with yours and the already done ones

Step 3: Go ahead for welding

Picture of Go ahead for welding
Here's my sequence:
- fingertips
- single parts of the fingers
- knuckles (consider the right curve of all fingers)

- the palm of hand is a little tricky to do. Take care to get a realistic shape with some cuts and slight hammer strokes
- put both parts together and bring it to the right form

- add the grinded fingers and weld everything together

--> almost done :)
rashed11 year ago
Did you use a arc welder ?
Sinacio5 years ago
This is a real artist work. Congratulations!!
I was wondering what the numbers in your sketch meant. are they measurements?
nejo0017 (author)  Bacteriologic6 years ago
I'm sorry for the virtuosic drawing, but it wasn't planned as an instructable... The outer number means the distance from one knuckle to another and the inner number represents the outer line of my fingers. The drawing is just a concept. The main work was done on the fly by comparing with my hand and cutting the rest :)
Geoffrito7 years ago
that's really cool.... is it for anything, or is it just art? coolness either way =)
nejo0017 (author)  Geoffrito7 years ago
I'm a poor guy who wanted to give something very special for my sisters birthday. The becoming was very impulsive, but in the end I was rather confident with it. I spent one evening with a glass of wine for bending, one evening with a bottle of wine for welding and one evening with another bottle for the stand. --> costs: 2euro for the steel plate and 8euro for the wine :))
thegamist7 years ago
(removed by author or community request)
now THAT was a useful and constructive comment... O_O go learn stuff, it's much better then complaining about people being able to do things you are not able to.
lol geez dude. this is the biggest show and tell. he's showing and telling. it doesn't have to be somehting everyone can do. otherwise, there wouldn't be as many great i'bles as there are today! great instructable nejo0017. hahah it looks really well done!
or maybe, it's an april fools joke?
unspecified7 years ago
Very nice!
jakee1177 years ago
lol cool like papercraft with metal!
wow this is awsum!looks great coz the rough parts of the welding and bending look like wrinkles n make it a better effect. also metal+wood+welder+saber saw=pure man project lol
Thorax7 years ago
sehr geil gemacht! very well done ;)
CameronSS7 years ago
I dislike this! I shall close this window and never return! Just kidding. This is great! Are you a "real" sculptor, or just a having fun?
nejo0017 (author)  CameronSS7 years ago
I'm just a hobbyist with great sympathy for handcrafted presents. You can buy smooth things everywhere, but to make something with your hands is much more satisfying and unique!
gmjhowe7 years ago
Nice job, nice combo of metal and wood!
LinuxH4x0r7 years ago
This is really great! I want a welder even more now! +1