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Introduction: The Behemoth 1.0

About: I like to build a lot of things, as you can see, but if you want me to build something specific, just send me a message.

This is a launched knex coaster I made last summer. It was launched with 7 rubber bands I cut into strips. I stopped because I ran out of basement space! behemoth 2.0 coming summer 2012!!!



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    I don't know, I have a busy life and space is diminishing in my house (the room where this was in is now a storage room with my computer (the one im using now) so its iffy...

    I hope to eventually tho...

    We need better pictures or a video to be honest. I can't really give an opinion at the moment.

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    I know but these are old pics, and I have only pics. Besides, Neither ibles nor youtube will accept my vid format >:-(

    thnx! I hope to rebuild it this summer! I made a video, but instructables didnt accept the format >:-(