Here it is, it's simple, easy, takes a little time, but not to much (about 20 min, but it's easy enough, that you can be prepping your other food while it's cooking). Instructions for the best hashbrowns I've ever had.

Have fun, try not to create a potato shortage.

Step 1: Ingredients



garlic powder
onion powder


cutting board


thank you for the instruct. it helped me make my first successful homemade hash browns.
this is a very good Instructable and I plan on making it with some eggs tomorrow morning, but I would appreciate if you could make your note boxes on your photos bigger for people on mobile
Make perfect family hash browns each with every moment with my foolproof recipe that your relatives will love all time you serve it! the best quotes attach also I have ever attended. <a href="http://www.quotesable.com/best-quotes" rel="nofollow">best quotes</a>
the microwave and water is the trick here - just made them for sunday breakfast, added fresh onion and peppers and paprika .. delish! <br />
My mouth is watering! Thanks, I am going to make some right now!
Came out great, Thanks!<br><br>P.s. I like it with bacon salt
Next project... DIY percutaneous coronary intervention procedure.
I've been making hashbrowns and homefries for years, I think I've even posted a couple &quot;ibles&quot; on them, but, I have to say this is a great procedure! I've never been able to get a good crisp using a nonstick pan, however, your method seems to do so easily! <br> I'm not going to retire my castiron skillet anytime soon, but I will definately give this a try ! and your correct... the french toast and hasbrowns ARE making me hungry !

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