Picture of The best Knex Guns- My faves
 This is the first Instructable I have posted and is probably really very terribly crap so.....feel free to rate as badly as you like and please only submit appropriate comments. This instructable is just to advise Knexers which guns are the best. Credit to the people whose guns I put on this instructable.
10 of the best guns on this site in my opinion so here goes......

Step 1: Mac .10

Picture of Mac .10
 This is a really cool gun, im gonna keep it and not break it :D hahaha, anyway, entenie-1995 built it so credit to that guy or girl maybe, i found this gun really good after i found the right elastics to go with it, i haven't pushed the mag capacity past 10 grey connectors but that is still pretty damn impressive considering it hasn't jammed or shot multiple bullets by accident. 

powerful (with right elastics)
mag capacity high
mag always works well
comfy handle (though for me i had to alter it a bit)
trigger is cool
it's cool
I AM COOL! lol

took me a while to find the right elastics to go with the gun and had to change end of ram to an A shape 1-slot-grey-connector which i advise everyone else to do also.

10/10 : D
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whats break action
a break action is where after firing it, it needs to break open to reload

best example Double barrel shotgun where the back is "Broken" open to reload
Dats called an Elephant Gun.
No, an Elephant Gun was a anti-tank sniper rifle. And to clerify "break action" it means that a guns barrel is on a swivel connected to the stock. When the parrel is pulled down, it resets the gun, and activates the firing pin/hammer. Look up a vid on "break barrel shotgun.
no an elephant gun is a 100 year old gun made for shooting...well...elephants
didexo3 years ago
It seems everyone have the same favorites.....
knexpeople5 years ago
ant ant 33 (author)  knexpeople5 years ago
 bet u are lol!!!!! it works too probably!
we could shoot all the ppl who use block triggers huh???? l: hahahahaha
i know the motor its the power tower crane motor
What a big slaughter!! But a good deed to the world!
dansdoc5 years ago
please can you tell me what that program is?
mlcad, you can download it at oblivius post of his gun
i found that out ages ago about the day after i posted that comment which was about 7 months ago!!!
it ok you no know
Dr.Squirrel4 years ago
Best sniper ever! mine is like 2 years old, it survived...
david7574 years ago
i want to make this thing but how
RedStark5 years ago
duz that gun hav mag?
real ww2 springfield: yes. Knex ww2 springfield: no.
Gun235 years ago
you can get the motars at Argos

from Gun 23
ant ant 33 (author)  Gun235 years ago
or ebay
i introduce you to, "the box of death that is completely useless and uses millions of pieces!"
knexcthulu5 years ago
 i reckon this weapon is the best it is my personel favourite but i like it alot for it's power and range and how chunky it it!!
ant ant 33 (author)  knexcthulu5 years ago
 its not my fave but i know where youre coming from. it is good but i think its a bit OTT in the piece count and i can t hit my brother with it cuz it would probably kill him!!!

*brother opens door and sees barrel pointed at him* you say: "you will die" cannon fires, brother *dies*.

MegaMetal85 years ago
i took the hand guard of as well
ant ant 33 (author)  MegaMetal85 years ago
im very happy for you
~Aeronous~5 years ago
i think this gun is Xtremely overated. its a standard gun, with a removable mag, and some power. its handle is absolutely STANDARD.?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
ant ant 33 (author)  ~Aeronous~5 years ago
 No chance the sight is great, its extremely accurate, it has some mechs that make it unique you may think its a standard gun but i like it!
well since I can't see inside. and does it have an inbuilt mag pusher?
It has an internal mag pusher.
ant ant 33 (author)  Oblivitus5 years ago
 it is good, build it and u will see for yourself
It's not, it has half a dozen new innovations, including the trigger.
An Villain5 years ago
daft? i thought the guard made it look cool, like futuristic, but retro at the same time (star wars esque?)
ant ant 33 (author)  An Villain5 years ago
 nah, i dont like it :L
oh well, to each, his own.
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