Step 8: Knex Break action shotgun

Picture of Knex Break action shotgun
 I'm a sucker for break action and shells. I havent made it but i've gone off the comments people have left.  Credit to owen-mon-82397
whats break action
a break action is where after firing it, it needs to break open to reload

best example Double barrel shotgun where the back is "Broken" open to reload
An Villain5 years ago
so am i, and is that an airsoft something or other in the corner?
ant ant 33 (author)  An Villain5 years ago
 dont know, might be a smoke machine like the ones people use on stage, not sure :S


ant ant 33 (author)  An Villain5 years ago
 ask the guy who made the gun, its not my photo, type the name of the gun into the search bar, it is owen-mon-*then a load of numbers* comment and ask the guy :D
i know who made this i have made and modified it several times.
ant ant 33 (author)  An Villain5 years ago
 oh, congratulations
Thank you...
ant ant 33 (author)  An Villain5 years ago
 i modified it a bit too, what sort of stuff did you do to it? i extended the barrel lots and made extra layers on the side to make it stocky.
i added a telescoping stock and changed the handle.
ant ant 33 (author)  An Villain5 years ago
yes it is.