Step 8: Knex Break Action Shotgun

 I'm a sucker for break action and shells. I havent made it but i've gone off the comments people have left.  Credit to owen-mon-82397
whats break action
a break action is where after firing it, it needs to break open to reload <br> <br>best example Double barrel shotgun where the back is &quot;Broken&quot; open to reload
Dats called an Elephant Gun.
No, an Elephant Gun was a anti-tank sniper rifle. And to clerify &quot;break action&quot; it means that a guns barrel is on a swivel connected to the stock. When the parrel is pulled down, it resets the gun, and activates the firing pin/hammer. Look up a vid on &quot;break barrel shotgun.
no an elephant gun is a 100 year old gun made for shooting...well...elephants
It seems everyone have the same favorites.....
&nbsp;bet u are lol!!!!! it works too probably!<br /> we could shoot all the ppl who use block triggers huh???? l: hahahahaha
i know the motor its the power tower crane motor <br>
What a big slaughter!! But a good deed to the world!
please can you tell me what that program is?
mlcad, you can download it at oblivius post of his gun
i found that out ages ago about the day after i posted that comment which was about 7 months ago!!!
it ok you no know
Best sniper ever! mine is like 2 years old, it survived...
i want to make this thing but how
duz that gun hav mag?
real ww2 springfield: yes. Knex ww2 springfield: no.
you can get the motars at Argos<br /> <br /> from Gun 23
or ebay
i introduce you to, &quot;the box of death that is completely useless and uses millions of pieces!&quot;
&nbsp;i reckon this weapon is the best it is my personel favourite but i like it alot for it's power and range and how chunky it it!!
&nbsp;its not my fave but i know where youre coming from. it is good but i think its a bit OTT in the piece count and i can t hit my brother with it cuz it would probably kill him!!!
<p>*brother opens door and sees barrel pointed at him* you say: &quot;you will die&quot; cannon fires, brother *dies*.</p>
i took the hand guard of as well<br />
im very happy for you
i&nbsp;think this gun is Xtremely overated. its a standard gun, with a removable mag, and some power. its handle is absolutely STANDARD.?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
&nbsp;No chance the sight is great, its extremely accurate, it has some mechs that make it unique you may think its a standard gun but i like it!
well since I&nbsp;can't see inside. and does it have an inbuilt mag pusher?
It has an internal mag pusher.<br />
&nbsp;it is good, build it and u will see for yourself
It's not, it has half a dozen new innovations, including the trigger.<br />
daft? i thought the guard made it look cool, like futuristic, but retro at the same time (star wars esque?)
&nbsp;nah, i dont like it :L
oh well, to each, his own.
<em><strong>&nbsp;yeah : )</strong></em>
<strong><em>&nbsp;i agree fully........</em></strong>
<em><strong>&nbsp;absolutely positively definitely to be sure! do you think this is a bit O.T.T?? (OVER THE TOP) :L</strong></em>
<strong><em>Are you sure?</em></strong>
&nbsp;no lets carry on! see how long we can go for! :D definitely
<strong><em>Are you sure?</em></strong>
&nbsp;no, but I dont care.
oh ok, 900th reply.

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