Step 5: Ideas for serving your apple pie.

Picture of Ideas for serving your apple pie.
Need some ideas on how to serve your apple pie? Well, we will give you some of our favorite tips.

After dinner, a slice of apple pie is just what is needed. Adding a sprig of mint will help add color and elegance to any dessert.

One of the best accommodations for a slice of apple pie is a scoop of vanilla ice-cream. It adds a coolness to a warm slice of pie. Whipped cream could also add flavor to this treat.

Adding nuts or fruit will always add something to a blank plate and make your dessert more flavorful and attractive.

You can decorate the table using your uncut pie. 
CoreyCoop1 year ago
My wife and I make apple pie, but we use 1/2 tart and 1/2 sweet apples with less sugar, and a lot more cinnamon.
Обязательно попробую и испечь такой пирог. Yum Yum - уже слюнки текут...