Step 5: Ideas for Serving Your Apple Pie.

Need some ideas on how to serve your apple pie? Well, we will give you some of our favorite tips.

After dinner, a slice of apple pie is just what is needed. Adding a sprig of mint will help add color and elegance to any dessert.

One of the best accommodations for a slice of apple pie is a scoop of vanilla ice-cream. It adds a coolness to a warm slice of pie. Whipped cream could also add flavor to this treat.

Adding nuts or fruit will always add something to a blank plate and make your dessert more flavorful and attractive.

You can decorate the table using your uncut pie. 
My wife and I make apple pie, but we use 1/2 tart and 1/2 sweet apples with less sugar, and a <u>lot</u> more cinnamon.
soaking the apples helps the cooking process and eliminates the crunchiness of the apples. If you don't soak them, they stay crunchy. I know, I eliminated that step due to being able to slice them up so fast that they didn't turn brown. And since then every pie was crunchy. :-/ So back to soaking!
lol i had to experiment many times to make it taste like the pies you get at a restaurants.
Обязательно попробую и испечь такой пирог. Yum Yum - уже слюнки текут...
Yum, Yum...
Lovely! Looks great :D

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