The Best Bait of the World - Minnow Plug





Introduction: The Best Bait of the World - Minnow Plug

Step 1: Body

find the piece of linden (dry)

Step 2: Shape

like this:

Step 3: Wire Incision

make 2 incisions and mount wire

Step 4: Weight

make weight hole

Step 5: "wheel" ?? :-)

make "wheel" from old CD, glue weight, wire and "wheel" ( sorry my english) :P

Step 6: Painting


Step 7: Test

and my little production

Step 8: Finisch

Good Luck



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    44 Discussions

    how did u shape the wire????

    do you have to use a special paint?

    wonderful. nothing puts fish on the dinner plate than floating minnows..bob

    nice work guys oh one thing did the guy who cut himself skip the part about using wood??? a lesson in its own. read carefully. And it is unfortunate that one needs to learn this way!

    Thanks for posting this - love it ... 
    I am going to make a bunch while I watch the ice melt :)

    Happy fishing

    Nice, i been carving wood for a while and a tip is to start with pink foam insulation. Doing that will gill you something to look at while carving the wood.

     Great post, a good simple solution and a money saver too!
    I thought you might want to know that I included your Instructable in a recent blog post I wrote.

    Hey everybody don't forget to rate this Instructable, click the little stars up above and show your appreciation!

    Thanks again, great job

    Hi,I have made these during the break on the work using balsa wood,silver paper from cigarette packets,colours and flatting. I have more then 70/80 of baits,but i have dismissed to fish !!! Greetings from Italy..............CIAO !!!

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    I made one today, but for step 3 i just drilled a hole thorugh it (carefully).
    And I didn't paint it well because I'm not arty!  Cheers from New Zealand

    look on my profile soon i will have some how-tos on that