Picture of The best bait of the world - minnow plug

Step 1: Body

Picture of body
find the piece of linden (dry)
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how well does it work?

Where do I place the hook?

jules153 years ago
you, sir, are awesome
jnauert3 years ago
how did u shape the wire????
sgraydon4 years ago
do you have to use a special paint?

bleeper4 years ago
wonderful. nothing puts fish on the dinner plate than floating minnows..bob
one thing to keep in mind BE CAREFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I wasn't now my deck is cherry red
wow i get it cherry red from blood
zume5 years ago
nice work guys oh one thing did the guy who cut himself skip the part about using wood??? a lesson in its own. read carefully. And it is unfortunate that one needs to learn this way!
FewAcres5 years ago
Thanks for posting this - love it ... 
I am going to make a bunch while I watch the ice melt :)

Happy fishing
playmoboy5 years ago
Nice, i been carving wood for a while and a tip is to start with pink foam insulation. Doing that will gill you something to look at while carving the wood.
scavanger5 years ago
 Great post, a good simple solution and a money saver too!
I thought you might want to know that I included your Instructable in a recent blog post I wrote.

Hey everybody don't forget to rate this Instructable, click the little stars up above and show your appreciation!

Thanks again, great job
Hi,I have made these during the break on the work using balsa wood,silver paper from cigarette packets,colours and flatting. I have more then 70/80 of baits,but i have dismissed to fish !!! Greetings from Italy..............CIAO !!!
Those look pretty nice. I make my own swimbaits and crankbaits also.
Ben-buddy5 years ago
I made one today, but for step 3 i just drilled a hole thorugh it (carefully).
And I didn't paint it well because I'm not arty!  Cheers from New Zealand
in step 3 how did u make the insions
sp33dstix6 years ago
Nice sized perch you got there =D
You have any tips on making spinner baits?
try wire, a soda can, a hook, feathers, and water proof glue
look on my profile soon i will have some how-tos on that
i cut my finger up using an exacto knife trying this.
Always cut AWAY and not towards yourself, much less likely to cut yourself that way.
Also, I should add, don't be stupid when you have sharp stuff in your hand. A lot of people seem to skip this step
learned this many times, and the times i did cut myself i was thinking"should i be doing this becuase in boy scouts i member no to cut towards me" ends up with no skin on my pinky lol
i just did too :(
covey126 years ago
the bottom left one looks best good job on those
covey126 years ago
also it is very important to make the eyes large and big pupils, becuase small pupils normally mean its a prey fish, large pupils are the food
covey126 years ago
holy crap thats a very smart way to make lure bills, i had always used pieces of sheet metal from home depot called gravity caps, i tink there for chimneys there onlye 18cents for a 6in. square
rrowsome6 years ago
Great video and Instructable in general. Well done! I am definitely going to try this.
how do you get a clear cd? and how do you cut it?
The clear CD is usually the CD on top of a spindle of cd's It is used to protect all of the existing ones. You could also trying using Acetone (nail polish remover) on the top of an existing cd. I think acetone should work.
the best way to cut a cd is to put it in hot water, and when its moist, cut it with scissors
stonefly6 years ago
great job thanks
dude! i am soooo doing this!!!!!
dsaavedra7 years ago
dont forget to put 2 coats of clear epoxy over the paintjob so that it wont wear off.
zuneman7 years ago
can you use douglas fur or pine for the lure?
jjay107 years ago
where can you get linden if you don't know what does the tree look like
whiteoakart7 years ago
I have so much linden growing on my property, it is a nuisance. The trees have shallow roots and tend to blow over in storms. If anyone wants a chunk, let me know by email. I will send you some for the cost of shipping. Might be cheaper to buy it for bigger pieces, but for a small piece to try it out, I would guess the postage would be a couple of bucks for most of US. I am in Michigan and it is true, there are loads of bass here.
lordkenyon7 years ago
In Step 7, how did you attach the front treble hooks to the other models you made? Nice project.
msolek (author)  lordkenyon7 years ago
I added picture with that (step 7 )
Thanks! Looks great. I'm anxious to try and make a few of these.
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