Why are you BUYING speaker wire?

Step 1:

You will need a wire stripper

Step 2:

You will need a side cutter (wire cutter)

Step 3:

Chances are that every other day you see a cheap vacuum cleaner disposed of in a dumpster. Vacuum cleaners have a cord that is generally 20 to 25 feet in length. Salvage it with your wire cutter.

Step 4:

Snip off the plug with the wire cutter

Step 5:

Strip the ends with the wire stripper

Step 6:

Plug into the terminal connections of your speaker and stereo. It is a heavy wire that really looks professional grade compared to the clear plastic zip type speaker wire you can buy.___

Excellent idea.<br>I see vacuums all the time but never thought about their long cords.<br>Great job!
<p>I like this, its a great source for wire for any project!</p>

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