Picture of The best match rocket ever!!
For this instructable it will only cost you about $5 and most of the tools needed will be found around the house and it will only take you about 10 minutes to make.

2 kebab skewers
roll of duct tape
8x2 inch of aliminium foil
container of any sort
a pair of scissors
a firework fuse
25 matches

Step 1: Step 1

The first step is very easy, all you have to do for this step is to tape the two skewers together with the tape you have at the bottom and top.
a better idea than a rocket, crush match head stuff from enough matches to fill half a ping pong ball, and pour it into a small hole in the ball, seal with electrical tape with a small enough hole for a fuse, light it throw it and run
Irock1484 years ago
would it burn if you crushed it
chamster4 years ago
there's an instructable that shows u how to make a engine and it's just like that except whithout the skewer
chamster4 years ago
how do u make a homemade fuse? Could u dip it in lighter fluid and let it dry? Or mix match head powder in it?
xiaosijun5 years ago
i made a even better match rocket. email me if you are interested. xiaosijun@gmail.com. trust me. i will surprise you
xiaosijun5 years ago
so you bought the fuse instead of make the fuse by match head powder
ilpug6 years ago
ilpug6 years ago
i think that this type of project would be better applied in making fireworks instead of rockets... the explosive force of the match fuel is not well directed by the flimsy foil body... more likely to blow up.
baba sehgal6 years ago
this isnt good thats all i have to say
shinbon6 years ago

uhave made this posible ||
Does this rocket really fly, I think that its to heavy...
Illamadi (author)  littledragon7 years ago
yes this match rocket does fly but only around 10feet which is quit a lot considering that two boxes of matches were used
i know an instructable that uses 2 matches and flies 12 feet
this instructable stinks! I followed the instructions exactly except I used a homemade fuse (some cloth) and the phosphorous just fell out of the rocket. The second time it blew a holle in the side of the rocket!!!
i kno mine to i think its tooo hevy
still good instructions and clearish photos however it doesnt work -1.5*
filiprey6196 years ago
great rocket but too much matches
Illamadi (author) 7 years ago
nah its a match rocket and i no the difference between bottle rockets and match rockets got any ideas on how to improve it
My only thought would be "does it need two skewers?"

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Kiteman Kiteman7 years ago
Actually, I have another thought - a video of a launch would be brilliant.
it would
Illamadi (author)  Kiteman7 years ago
i did it b4 it went about 22m
Illamadi (author)  Kiteman7 years ago
ok by de way im doin a survey wer do u live
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Illamadi (author)  Kiteman7 years ago
ok thanks
bigfootduck7 years ago
very good instructable! you have good, clear photos. The instructions are extremely easy to follow. Everything makes sense. 5*
i.see.fish7 years ago
I made a mini RPG style barrel to launch it
liny7 years ago
It is useless and childish to say you copied me. I eat breakfast, does it mean you copied? I breathe, does it mean I copied the first one to breathe? It is just useless.... by the way, good instructable. Well explained and good use of photos.
Illamadi (author)  liny7 years ago
thanks ,were abouts do u live im doing a survey for school
liny Illamadi7 years ago
Umm, if you mean in USA, I do not live in USA...
Illamadi (author)  liny7 years ago
if you dont live in the usa it doesnt matter because i live in the UK
liny Illamadi7 years ago
Then well, I live in Peru. South America.
dentsinger7 years ago
Now I remember how I became enamored by matches as a little boy. ;)
Illamadi (author) 7 years ago
no it's a match rocket
Ach, semantics - it's huge (by match-rocket standards) and it's built the same way as a bottle-rocket (motor at the top end of a long stick), and the stick goes with it when it's launched. (Sudden thought - unless "bottle rocket" means something else to you?)
Kiteman7 years ago
So, this is a match-powered bottle-rocket?