The Best Paper Boomerang Every Made!!!


Introduction: The Best Paper Boomerang Every Made!!!

This boomerang can be made using the simplest things present in your house ^^
Please watch :) 



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    Video doesn't work

    how cool is that, my son will love this as he's always trying to make paper planes etc,
    ty, ;o)

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    then ask him to try it ^^ it is really easy to make one..

    I have him trying it out today, he was getting a bit bored with the repetitive folding (he's only 10) so I showed him the video to spur him on, I will post his finished project ;o)

    what a mountain he made of that.... as he folded them he glued in his pieces (from A4) but he needed 17 pieces to close the circle which he was convinced was wrong so he wouldn't let me take a pic, perfectionist, and to top it all by the time he went outside with it it was getting quite windy so couldn't fly it successfully...... one stressed out 10yr old that day :o(
    Never the less, two days of wind & rain has meant no outdoor play & he has re purposeded it into his in house 'death star frisbee', with not a lot of throwing space/ height every one is a

    His friend also made one (17 pieces glued into place) and his did fly & return successfully ;o)

    that's nice ^^ and by the way you need not glue the all the A4 size papers .. you just cease it a bit hard and then attach all the pieces using a adhesive tape so that they all stick together and they don't get out when you throw it.

    I believe you may want to show your son some of my projects too... :)

    I showed him your aeroplanes and his response was 'WOAHHHHH, THEY'RE WICKED' , he is addicted to paper planes so I am confident he will have a go at every single one of them... lol