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This is my favorite plane!! it can fly really smooth if you build it right.

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you need to get a whole piece of paper and fold it along the middle.

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u know what to do. u do this on every plane! fold the corners

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take the top and fold it down.

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fold top corners to the point

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fold to tip over the middle.

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( this step is optional)

i recommend not doing this step cause it will stall... but if u throw it hard enough it will do a loop. if u turn the plane up side down you'll find a pocket in the wing. take your index and middle finger and slip them under the flap. round it as much as u can.


ubloke (author)2009-07-02

this plane is cool! you rock

halomaster007 (author)2008-01-05

This plane is normally called the Vulture. It won the world record 21 times in a row!!! It flies very well. If you add elevators and rudders, you can make it do many stunts, flips, and dives. I know, because I'm the one who created it!!!

oh cool. though can u prove that u created it???

i also created the screamer and tornado. what proof do you want?

that u created that plane that won 21 world records.

it did? I mean just what proof?

prove that our just saying that u made it to make u sound special

mattface (author)2008-02-03

This plane is frickin awesome. I've been trying to get one into the garden of the people across the street from my attic room but havent made it yet - it's easily capable of it though! Will keep you posted... p.s Littering is bad mmkay?

lol. the plane could make it i bet.

I managed to get one into the garden - the others were either lost (Note: dont fly planes at night - it's dark!) or ended up on the roof. Several made their way into the drain and played a role in blocking it up! : s Housemates were not impressed

i like it wen its dark! the monsters might come out


Rajan da pie (author)2007-08-28

I know this plane its simple but effective i like it but i can make the worlds real best plane so i dont make this very often

i just gave it that title to attract people. How do you build your plane???

ok just type in "how to build the worlds best plane" on google lol and another few ones just try im not sure but try ken blackburn paper planes

ellomate56 (author)2007-08-18

It is fine... forget the people below me...

ellomate56 (author)2007-08-18

It is a very good plane! I like it.

Easy Button (author)2007-08-16

eragonsdragon nice plane but by putting it in the launch it group you must have a video for it to qualify for the launch-it challenge make a video and you'll be on your way to win the contest (maybe) thank you!

compkid (author)2007-08-08

But there is nothing on the other side of the plane. :)

eragonsdragon101 (author)compkid2007-08-09

What do you mean?

compkid (author)eragonsdragon1012007-08-09

Haha! Never mind! I got it! this plane is amazing!!!! Hahaha. you rock! :)

eragonsdragon101 (author)compkid2007-08-15


dchall8 (author)2007-08-07

But WAIT! There is more to this indestructible plane (my favorite, too). You have made the easy version. This plane has a secret that you will not know about unless someone tells you. If I made my version and you made yours, they would look the same (almost), but mine would fly much differently. Whether mine flies better or not you can decide. Try it. They're just different. Here's the difference...

Take your same plane and after you get to your last picture, 'uncrease' the wings. Stick your finger into the slot under each wing and run your finger along the hard crease to soften and round the wings. When you are finished there should be a pocket under each wing (when looking at it from the back), and the outside wing creases should nearly disappear. You will have to completely suppress the urge to recrease the wings when you pick it up.

Low speed aerodynamics are not well understood. For some reason when you open up that pocket under the wing, the plane gains a lot of lift. And when you learn more about aerodynamics, more lift automatically means more drag. The pocket plane will fly a little slower and will fly much differently. Experiment with it.

This plane also has a very deep 'keel,' that gives it good directional stability. The keel underneath acts like a top mounted vertical fin. If you want the plane to turn, experiment with bending the keel underneath and/or the trailing edges of the wings.

One of my tests for a plane is to hold it as high as I can, pointed nose directly down, and release. I know it has a lot of lift if the plane flies away before hitting the ground. Try that test with this plane with the wings creased flat and with the pockets. You'll see the difference.

eragonsdragon101 (author)dchall82007-08-07

Whoa!!! thanks alot!! it flys better now. how do you know this?

dchall8 (author)eragonsdragon1012007-08-07

Entered aerospace engineering school in 1969 and have had an interest in paper airplanes since forever. When a better design came along, I paid close attention. Most designs are not better than the very basic ones, so I haven't had to remember very much. This plane came to my attention on the Today show about 35 years ago. A plastic version went on the market with the open pockets. The inventor discussed the aerodynamics of the pocket design, and said it was based on a paper airplane he had been making since he was a kid. A couple years later I was in grad school and one of the students made THE PLANE. He won a contest for the longest time aloft. That night I made about 30 of them. I rarely make any others unless I want to demonstrate how poorly the others fly.

dchall8 (author)dchall82007-08-11

Here is a picture of the pockets looking forward from the back of the plane. I used paper that had been printed on one side hoping the photo would show up better. I am squeezing the pockets open. When I remove my hand, the paper will relax, and the plane will be ready to fly. If you crease the edges again, it will fly differently.

eragonsdragon101 (author)dchall82007-08-11

Why does it fly better that way?

dchall8 (author)eragonsdragon1012007-08-11

I don't know why you get more lift like this. It seems to go against everything we learn in school. Low speed aerodynamics on small 'vehicles' is not well understood. That is a sorta academic way of saying there is nobody studying it. Why? Because there is no money in it. Who wants to pay lots of money to study airflow over paper planes? It would have to be someone's hobby. That hobby involves having a wind tunnel that moves air at slow speed and can measure lift. If you are interested in more about the study of slow speed aero, read everything you can find about the Wright Brothers early research into kite flying. They were not necessarily geniuses but were very careful scientists. They discovered things we now take for granted that had gone undiscovered in about 100 years of flying manned unpowered vehicles. You might be able to find some information about how insects fly that would help you understand the situation with paper airplanes. Insects are closer to paper airplane size and speed than jumbo jets, so their aerodynamic issues are more similar. I would suggest golf ball aero, but they fly so much faster than paper planes that the aero is too different. And if you are really interested in this, you are not too young to build your OWN wind tunnel using ideas you might learn from the Wright Brothers.

eragonsdragon101 (author)dchall82007-08-14

I think that the plane has to much lift cause i throw and it doesnt fly as far a it used to.

eragonsdragon101 (author)dchall82007-08-08

I updated it!!!!!

eragonsdragon101 (author)dchall82007-08-07

Wow! i made up the plane by myself but i didnt know that it was already made.

eragonsdragon101 (author)dchall82007-08-07

I will update that part!!!

moomoocows (author)2007-08-09

very impressive

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