The Best Refridgerator Magnet Money Can't Buy





Introduction: The Best Refridgerator Magnet Money Can't Buy

Using the magnets from a dead 3.5" HDD and a piece of wire, I made a super strong refrigerator magnet. When I say super strong, I mean this thing will hold up anything I ever wanted to put on my fridge.

Step 1: Find an Old Hard Drive, and Take It Apart

For this job you'll need some torx drivers of various sizes (5.5, 8, and 10 were what I needed). Just keep taking out screws and peeling back labels until it's all in pieces.

Step 2: Make a Little Wire Handle

I used some 18 gauge solid core wire I salvaged from a vacuum cleaner motor... you can use what you have on hand.

Step 3: Stick Stuff to the Fridge!

Speaker magnets work well too, but I got tired of trying to clean the metal shavings from the rivets off the magnet. Does anyone know a better way to take speaker magnets out?



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    If you have a non-functioning microwave, there is an incredibly strong pair of magnets inside. I think the part is, oddly enough, called a magnetron. If you do decide to harvest them, please be very careful. I'm sure there are electrocution hazards within the microwave.

    Don't touch the pinkish ceramic stuff in the magnetron (especially if it's broken), it's toxic.

    what is this stuff called

    Beryllium oxide. It's mainly found in older microwaves. I think Wikipedia has some details on it. (Wikipedia was pretty small back when I made that first comment!)

    dude, for some reason, that kinda scares me, that a pinkish ceramic solid thats potentially toxic lives inside the one device i use to cook with....

    A good reason for it to scare all of us, too...

    Ya, I did this, I had a drive fail on me just a couple months ago. That isn't no lie that magnet is a pain to pull off the fridge. It sure does hold up a heavy calendar with out sliding down.

    you can do it by usin various magnets and making a grid that you can hot glue on some fine plywood an prépare the four holes on it to support you TV =)

    tv on fridge.jpg

    you might have trouble with the tv because of magnets

    you would have if it was a CRT one but with LCD and TFT, why ? for the reception ? normaly, until the magnets don't move around, it will not change too much ! (in case that the TV as an internal antena), but if connected to wall, what problem can you find ? please tell me i am curious ! really !