Do you need a prank?

seeking revenge for anything?

That's perfect for you!

just follow the steps in this instructable and enjoy your evil (MUAHAHAHAHA!)

Step 1: Material.

You don't need much material.


Finger paint. ( I used black, but you can also use other colors, red is fun)

Syringe (that's the best, but you can also use a spoon)

Your victim's shower :B

Step 2: Some Paint

Take some paint with the syringe.

Step 3: Unscrewing the Shower Head

unscrew the shower head

Step 4: You Have Paint in the Hole!

Put the paint inside

Step 5: Put the Head in Place

put the head in place

Step 6: Enjoy!

wait for the victim use a shower and enjoy their screams
<p>Rust color paint would be perfect. They might not know they were pranked until the plumber comes.</p>
That would be a very evil thing to do to anyone that has seen the episode of supernatural death in the water
my sister did that to me once
problem is that most people will run the shower for a minute or two to let it warm up, after that time either all your paint will be wasted down the drain or they will see the black stuff flowing out and turn the thing off. would there be a way to set it up so the paint does not flow for a given time after turning on OR so it can be remotely triggered. those would both be highly effective.
Is it easy to fix the shower head after prank is done?<br>
After all the paint comes out you don't need to do nothing more
Okay :D
Ooh: or boullion cubes.<br><br>Yeah. I watch Scrubs.
i did that and it made my friend's shower smell like chicken.<br><br>
hmmm. too bad they don't make bacon boullion.... that would be epic.
They do...
I wonder if I put food coloring in here or water coloring if it works too that way I dont clog the shower head. Also what about chicken bouillon cubes in there lol
food coloring is dificult to clean of your skin, this is faint for fingers, 100% wather soluble.
do it with red paint<br>
this will be scary xD
Jolly Ranchers are awesome too! If the shower head is big enough, put one (or bits of one) into it and wait. During the shower your victim(s) will only smell apples or grape or whatever one you used and not notice anything odd. When they go to dry off, though, they'll be super sticky! Most shrug it off and try to take another shower...
This would not really work for me, because we have to run our shower for like five minutes for it to heat up, but it seems like a great prank nonetheless.
Take a shower before the victim so they know it's all warmed up and can jump right in. My wife and I do this because she hates waiting. She might not like me after doing this though.
good idea.
bonus for a macho man victim + pink dye !
brilliantly evil MUH HA HA HA

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