Step 6: Enjoy!

Picture of Enjoy!

wait for the victim use a shower and enjoy their screams
Is it easy to fix the shower head after prank is done?
cosarara (author)  instructabeginner3 years ago
After all the paint comes out you don't need to do nothing more
Okay :D
jlind53 years ago
I wonder if I put food coloring in here or water coloring if it works too that way I dont clog the shower head. Also what about chicken bouillon cubes in there lol
cosarara (author)  jlind53 years ago
food coloring is dificult to clean of your skin, this is faint for fingers, 100% wather soluble.
starfox3843 years ago
do it with red paint
cosarara (author)  starfox3843 years ago
this will be scary xD
Airth3 years ago
Jolly Ranchers are awesome too! If the shower head is big enough, put one (or bits of one) into it and wait. During the shower your victim(s) will only smell apples or grape or whatever one you used and not notice anything odd. When they go to dry off, though, they'll be super sticky! Most shrug it off and try to take another shower...
mrmerino3 years ago
Ooh: or boullion cubes.

Yeah. I watch Scrubs.
i did that and it made my friend's shower smell like chicken.