Picture of The boredom preventing Backpack!
This backpack and its contents will prevent you from being bored while riding the bus, sitting in waiting rooms, in between classes or while on long car trips.

Things you may need
- A large backpack with many smaller pockets.
- Primary portable game system. I used a PSP
- Secondary portable game system. Gameboy advance SP
- Games for both systems (multi and single player games)
- Cases for games and systems (so they dont get broken or scratched)
- USB chargers for both systems
- Cell phone and USB charger cable
- Small, rechargeable USB battery
- USB car charger
- USB wall adapter
- Headphones (multiple pairs)
- Flashlight
- Spare change for Vending
- Toothbrush and Toothpaste (just in case)
- Electrical Tape (smaller than duct tape for easier travel)
- Pens and Mechanical Pencils (mechanicals don't need sharpeners when broken)
- Notebook or paper
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Step 1: Game systems

I chose to pack my PSP because i have many good games for it, it can play music and videos, as well as playing games off of the memorystick. But, if you really want to get the most out of your PSP, put some custom firmware on it. Mine (at the time i am typing this) is at 5.50GEN-B. since it is CFW, it can be charged via Mini-USB, making it very universal. i would HIGHLY reccomend you put this in a case, because it is shiny and you don't want it to get scratched while bouncing around in your bag. and, if your UMDs aren't in a case, you're asking for trouble with scratches. i have a neoprene sleeve for the PSP and a hard plastic case for all of my UMDs.

For my secondary system i chose my GBA SP because it holds a charge for a very long time, it has a bunch of great games (the last good pokemon games as well as classic mario games brought to the GBA from the NES and SNES) and it can be charged via USB if you make a cable for it. you *technically* don't need a case for it, but it keeps you more organized. i used an older case for this one.

Step 2: Toothbrush, Toothpaste, USB chargers, Headphones.

Picture of Toothbrush, Toothpaste, USB chargers, Headphones.
You're probably thinking "why would i need a toothbrush and toothpaste in my backpack?" Well, the answer is quite simple: you never know when you are going to have to spend the night somewhere. i am constantly going over to friend's houses and staying the night without planning ahead. so i decided to be proactive and pack a toothbrush and toothpaste wherever i go.

I also decided to put my USB chargers (Car and outlet adapter) as well as my USB battery in this large pocket, because of the many smaller pockets

Step 3: Spare Change, Flashlight, Tape

Picture of Spare Change, Flashlight, Tape
These are just a few things that are smart to be carrying around with you. spare change can save your life if you're dying of thirst, tape can fix things (nuff said) and a flashlight can help you see in the dark (no REalLy?). just trust me when i say: you NEED to keep these in your bag.

Step 4: Pencils, Pens, Notebook

Picture of Pencils, Pens, Notebook
These simple items are great if all of your batterys run out. not to mention sending notes and doodling during class. okay, you could take notes too.... i GUESS.

this leaves the two big pockets in your bag open for other things, such as: laptops, books, larger game consoles (my buddy brings his ps2 slim everywhere with him) and other things.

Step 5: What about the PHONE?

Picture of What about the PHONE?
well, i normally keep my phone in my pocket, just because it is the most convenient there. i only took a pic of it because it can be charged off of my mini-USB cable as well.

i actually use my phone for listening to music as well as texting and making calls. that is why i did not include an ipod or something of that nature.

Step 6: Final notes

Picture of Final notes
well, you now have a fully-loaded backpack, to keep you entertained whenever it is needed. all the devices in you pack should all charge via USB (which is available almost everywhere these days) so you dont need to bring 2 chargers for every device (one for car and one for the wall). you may want to add a few more things to your pack. some suggestions may be: a spare ipod with music on it, a flash drive, a laser pointer, an old laptop, a portable DVD player, some more money (cash maybe), an old cell phone for emergencies and swapping SIM cards (if your on GSM), a first aid kit. the list is endless

EDIT: i have since recieved an iPod Touch. i keep it right next to my phone..... and i still have spare headphones in my bag.
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zman12046 months ago
I love it I use this pack all the time I also like to keep a change of clothes in it
zman12046 months ago
I love it I use this pack all the time I also like to keep a change of clothes in it
Jarheadicus8 months ago
Now this is my kind of bug out bag

Maybe like a pair of gym shorts for surprise basketball games. They also make great pajamas at said surprise sleepovers. And a change of clothes and a hoodie.

Arendos1 year ago
The boredom preventing kit:
1. A book.
I quite like this idea. Nice job PSPerson!!
Although, can anybody help me or point me to an instructable that can help me hack my PSP?
It is a PSP 3001 with software version 6.37
It just seems that anytime I actually find a tutorial that might help, it turns out to not be for my system or just be complete crap.
A1v1n13 years ago
Matches are fun enough :P
Jaltruth5 years ago
Whats the electric tape for ???

tape fixes everything! :p
PSPerson (author)  Jaltruth5 years ago
whatever you might need it for. smaller than carrying duct tape. duct tape is my #1, electrical is my #2
You can just make duct-tape strips with wax paper and duct tape and stick em in your wallet ;)
etaf74 years ago
How about a deck of cards and a harmonica? That's usually what I take and no one seems to mind me pullin out my harmonica every now and then :)
UMD's lol, piracy is the way to go. jk, that would be illegal ;-]
PSPerson (author)  TheCheese99215 years ago
lol. if i had a bigger memory stick, i would put all my umds into isos and save space and prevent scratching.
jotism PSPerson5 years ago
ye, "prevent scratching" u know ur not allowed to sell those games if u do that, and trading them is also a no no. OBV i would NEVER do anything like THAT.....
PSPerson (author)  jotism5 years ago
yeah. i know. i'd leave them at home.... on my shelf, like they are right now.
 what about trading a system with a friend? I did that!

PSP Phat 2000 <~~> Star Wars Special Edition PSP Slim
oops sorry psp 1000
and I am in love with it! ♥
Leemister4 years ago
This is all cool but, what does all this stuff cost?
Here's my boredom preventing kit:
1) iPhone
2) A match
I have you beat:

My boredom prevention kit:


:D I love ADHD. Dust can entertain me! :D
PSPerson (author)  A flyin muffin4 years ago
I'd be plenty entertained with a match. Hahaha.
Yes ... You read my Mind
lorddavis65 years ago
that does look fun but i would never feel safe being in public with all those electronics. id get jumped over a cheapy prepaid phone.     That being said i also carry my laptop to watch movies and my portable HDD  with all the movies in it
I had something like this, and still had enough room for lots of other stuff.
i added then contents of my
black market kit and am still not out of room! www.instructables.com/id/How-To-Start-a-Black-Market-in-School/
Lowney5 years ago
This is all I would need (+chargers obviosly, and earphones). My phone is in my pocket:
scott! Lowney5 years ago
THE GAMEBOY MICRO!!!! I completely forgot about that thing! They sold it for like 2 months, then the DS came out!!!
Lowney scott!5 years ago
lol, it was released in 2005, same as DS, but DS wiped the floor with it sales wise: it completely flopped! But I love it :)
Great thing is, games are like £1 these days!
the ds was technically released in 2004 but who cares!
Nastan Lowney5 years ago
I remember I wanted one of those so badly when I first heard about them but them I forgot because of the DS and I think it was this year that I remembered about it...
Lowney Nastan5 years ago
Haha, I got the camera from instructables ya know, won it in the Forbes Teach Me Fast contest! :-D
mason01905 years ago
 My secondary system is a DS, and I only have 2 games.

<>Cooking Mama (I told mom o get rid of that while cleaning the garage!)
<> Pokemon Pearl
mason01905 years ago
Colonel885 years ago
Lol f your electronics phail then you're screwed.
nise, but Threadbare's anti boredom kit is more portsble.
PSPerson (author)  redsoxdrummer5 years ago
yes it is more portable, but it does not have space to spare. i take my backpack everywhere i go, and i'm thinking about investing in solar panels for it. i would rather have this than a tiny, boring kit that would just waste my time building.
you can put difernt stuff in it...
fire-is-fun5 years ago
Nice Instructable. I too have a backpack like this and its one of the most useful things I have.
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