Step 3: Draw Your Moustache

design your own moustache on a piece of paper.
make it according to your own likings.

1- trace over the piece of plexiglass, so you knew how big your moustache can get.

2- draw a circle 25 mm wide, this is going to be the inside of the moustache. this is the part wich grips around the bottle neck. draw this in the center of the traced rectangle.

3- draw a bunch of help lines to make the moustache even thick everywhere.

4- draw the moustache freehanded,( i wanted a sort of french moustache. And i think it looks like a french moustache.)

5- put your piece of plexiglass on top of your drawing, and just trace all the lines with a black marker.
I've got some 1/4" thick black craft foam I'm going to have to use to make these for my daughter & friends, who are off at University. Thanks for sharing. Brilliant in its simplicity. :)
I forgot the pic: http://beardowear.ca/product/beermo-bottle-mustache-6-pack-mix-colors
That is the BeerMo! http://beardowear.ca/product/beermo-bottle-mustache-6-pack-mix-colors
He He! I love this! :D
this is cool
I really like this, there just something funny about it and that main picture... Your english is better than most native speakers...
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thanks for the site ( i'l post a link in the instructable)
Yeah when I first saw this that came up. Well this Instructable is how to make one yourself...
exactly, i forgot to mention in my instructable that it originally wasnt my idea. thanks !

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