Picture of The papercraft Creeper From Minecraft

-Decided to update this since my crappy 13 y/o grammar is super cringey. 4/23/15-

I'm a fan of Minecraft so I decided to make this share it with you! I'm not good at papercraft so mine will have a lot of white, but when you make it; it will probably look really good.

you will need the following:

1. Printer
2. Photoshop (for resizing)
3. Scissors
4. Glue

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Step 1: The Head!

Picture of The Head!
creeper MC.jpg

Save the picture below and take it to PhotoShop, resize it and print it (Cardstock, I suggest)

Cut out the paper and fold it accordingly.

Step 2: The Body!

Picture of The Body!

Ditto, cut of the body and glue it to the bottom of the head.

Step 3: Front Legs

Picture of Front Legs

Cut the legs out, fold them up, glue all four together, then the bottom of the four legs to the bottom of your body.

Step 4: Back Legs! (Your done!)

Picture of Back Legs! (Your done!)



ya lo hice y le coloque papel contac por si le cae agua.
alex23453 years ago
i found the same image on google... it results in an epic creeper. very nice.
Atlas Portal 2 (author)  alex23453 years ago
thanks that just made my day