Picture of The papercraft Creeper From Minecraft
So Im a BIG fan of Minecraft so I decided to make this and share it with the rest of the world! Im not good at box craft so on mine you will see a lot of white, but when you make it it will look awesome!

you will need the following:

1. Printer
2. photoshop (for resizing)
3. scissors
4. Glue
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Step 1: The Head!

Picture of The Head!
creeper MC.jpg
Save the picture below and take it to photoshop, resize it and print it (HARD paper I suggest)

So then when you have it on paper cut out the head and fold it so it looks like picture 2

picture 3 is the game design

Step 2: The Body!

Picture of The Body!
take the body and fold it so it looks like the one in the picture, and glue it on to the head Like below ________

Step 3: Front Legs

Picture of Front Legs
Form the legs and glue to look like mine

Step 4: Back Legs!/DONE!

Picture of Back Legs!/DONE!
now do the same to back legs and therea your VERY OWN Creeper

ya lo hice y le coloque papel contac por si le cae agua.
alex23452 years ago
i found the same image on google... it results in an epic creeper. very nice.
Atlas Portal 2 (author)  alex23452 years ago
thanks that just made my day